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A Family Matter

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"I've dreamed of killing you," she whispered in his ear.

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"Senator Creed, follow me, please," A female officer instructed. "I'll protect you."
"Yeah, great," Creed muttered.
"I don't think so."
The officer pointed her gun towards the shadows.
"Come out, you mutie scum," she growled.
"It don't matter what you look like, Mystique," Wolverine replied. "I can smell your filth."
"Mystique?" Graydon bellowed.
"It's sad when a boy can't even recognize his own mother," Mystique chided as her officer disguise melted away.
"And I thought I had a messed up past," Wolverine grunted.
"This doesn't concern you, animal," Mystique warned.
Wolverine stepped out from the shadows and unsheathed the claws to his right hand. "I take it I ain't one of your favorite people, darlin'," he said as he exposed the claws to his left hand.
Mystique licked her lips. "I'm sure we'd get along just fine, you and I, if only we were on the same side," she said.
"You ain't my type," Wolverine replied.
"Oh, I could be any type you wanted." Mystique smiled viciously. "Besides, don't you have a thing for redheads?"
"Are you going to kill her, or am I going to have to do it for you?" Graydon demanded.
"I see he takes after you," Wolverine noted.
Mystique sighed and turned to her eldest child. Her leg flew up with a dancer's grace and connected with Creed's chin. Spittle flew from Graydon's mouth as the force from his mother's kick propelled him backwards.
"I'll deal with you in a moment," she promised her son.
"That's some maternal instinct." Wolverine smirked.
"For one who knows so little, you seem to say much." Mystique threw her first punch.
Wolverine dodged her right hook. "Enlighten me, then."
He grunted as her left hand made contact with his kidneys.
"He is an abomination to his lineage," she hissed. There was a light sheen of perspiration on Raven Darkholme's skin, but her breathing remained steady, her hand-to-hand combat precise and deadly.
"Coming from a family of freaks, it's a small comfort to be the black sheep," Graydon spat as he fingered his injured chin. "Of course, not even an X gene could protect your other son from your Medea complex."
"I will cut the tongue from your mouth," Mystique warned as she evaded Wolverine's claws.
The woman drilled her knee into Wolverine's solar plexus. As the air was ripped from his lungs, Mystique cracked her fists over the base of his skull. Bone was no match for adamantium and the shapeshifter snarled as pain radiated in her hands from the blow she landed.
"So you make a habit of killing your kids?" Wolverine forced himself up to his knees in time to watch Mystique's foot crash into his face.
"I would have done anything for that child!" Her voice was level, but a smoldering rage was apparent in her yellow eyes.
Wolverine's healing factor and adamantium skeleton kept him from any serious harm, but the woman was simply too fast for him. If a foot didn't connect with his ribs, a fist was aimed for his windpipe, temple or groin.
"I was presented with a choice." Mystique planted a kick into Wolverine's chest and waited for him to crash into a wall before she continued. "I chose."
"You chose to save yourself at the expense of an infant," Creed laughed.
"I could have died that day along with my son, or I could have sacrificed my son and escape so that I could come back and make those humans pay," Mystique growled. "I saw to it that they suffered as I had."
Wolverine roared and lunged at her. Mystique's stamina diminished, she could easily block Logan's berserker strikes, but she lacked the needed energy to guard against his attacks while also trying to land a hit herself.
She took a chance with an elbow into the bridge of his nose. Wolverine countered with an uppercut. As she hit the ground, Mystique smiled up at the Wolverine who loomed over her.
"You're done," Wolverine decided.
No! Can't die-don't die, please! Daddy!
The pain seared at the base of Logan's skull and spread to encompass his entire brain. The raw emotions coupled with the strength behind such thoughts were enough to bring the powerful man to his knees.
"Shit," he grunted.
The pressure Wolverine applied to his temples wasn't enough to alleviate his agony. Laughter bounced off of his eardrums and through his blurred vision he could see Mystique standing before him, triumphant.
"Shit," Wolverine repeated.
Mystique wasted little time in kicking him across his face. Wolverine fell to the ground and didn't get up. Mystique brushed her hands off and grabbed her son by the collar.
"I've dreamed of killing you," she whispered in his ear.
His smiling political mask stripped away, Graydon Creed radiated nothing but hatred. "You should have killed me years ago," Creed snarled.
Mystique shrugged. "How was I to know that a twelve year old English speaking boy would be capable of surviving in Russia? I'm here to correct my mistake."
"Let's get this over with," Graydon dared.
"Oh, we will," Mystique promised. "I just have one last thing to tell you first."
"And what's that?" Graydon hissed.
"I don't regret," Mystique said. "I didn't regret abandoning you and I never regretted what I did to your brother. Especially since I recently discovered something. He's alive and well, which is more than I can say for you."
Rachel Anne Summers!
Rachel snapped her head up, ignoring the snot that dripped from her nose.
"What?" she asked frantically.
Child, your thoughts are too powerful, Professor Xavier warned. You're going to damage Kurt's and Logan's minds through our psi-link if you do not calm yourself.
"But Cyclops-" she blubbered.
But what? Xavier demanded. Search through the psi-link, Rachel. Find Scott's thoughts.
"You mean?"
He will live, Xavier confirmed. Now, calm down. Kurt and I will be there as soon as we take care of the mob down here.
"Daddy?" Rachel whimpered.
Cyclops groaned and started to push himself up into a sitting position. He coughed uncomfortably as Rachel scrambled over to his side. Cyclops cocked his head to one side and gave the girl a curious look.
"Are you alright?" he asked.
Rachel's bottom lip quivered as she threw herself into his arms. Her pitiful cries of, "Daddy," were interrupted only by hiccupped sobs.
Cyclops weakly patted her on her head and back.
"Shhh," he urged. "It's going to be okay. Everything's going to be okay."
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