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Dance Lessons

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Maybe I wasn't the best behaved six year old on the planet," Cyclops said. "But to become a father at that age?"

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"See, Herr Sabretooth," Nightcrawler exclaimed. "You can waltz!"
The blue furred mutant spun Victor Creed around in a circle and teleported away as the animalistic Brotherhood member slashed at him. Nightcrawler reappeared behind Sabretooth and tapped him on his shoulder before he vanished again.
"Get back here, punk!" Sabretooth roared.
Though he was no physical match for Victor Creed, Kurt Wagner could easily provide a distraction while Charles Xavier mentally calmed the crowd and directed them single file out the nearest exit. If Sabretooth ever felt the urge to claim a human hostage, Nightcrawler was there to teleport them to safety.
"How many more civilians, Professor?" Nightcrawler asked between teleporting.
"We're almost done," Xavier assured.
"Well, we can't have that," Sabretooth snarled.
Claws unsheathed, Victor Creed leapt towards the wheelchair bound man. Xavier faced him confidently.
Inches from striking distance, Sabretooth vanished in a cloud of sulfur and brimstone. He reappeared yards away in the arms of the Incredible Nightcrawler.
"Now, now, liebe," Nightcrawler taunted. "You are my dancing partner, ja?"
"I didn't take you to be the jealous type," Sabretooth grunted as he lashed a clawed hand out at the other mutant.
For as agile as Kurt Wagner was, he wasn't fast enough to avoid the blow completely. As he sprang away, he felt Sabretooth's claws graze his midsection.
"So you do bleed red," Sabretooth noted as he licked a claw clean. "You had me curious."
"I suppose I am just a curious individual." Nightcrawler grinned.
No! Can't die-don't die, please! Daddy!
The smile died on Kurt Wagner's face as the mental cry pierced through his thoughts. His legs gave way beneath his body and on the ground he couldn't decipher the German thoughts from the English that circled in his head. The excruciating ringing, maybe it was an angel's laughter, maybe he was already dead.
"Oh come on," Sabretooth scoffed. "I thought you were going to be more fun than this."
Nightcrawler spluttered out something that was an incomprehensible smattering of German intertwined English. Sabretooth shook his head, unimpressed.
"I was going to dice you to pieces anyway," he said. "I was just hoping you'd put up more of a fight."
"Enough!" Charles Xavier cried.
From his wheelchair, the older man gripped one hand to his temple, but his eyes were filled with a steely determination.
"Can it, cue ball," Sabretooth snorted. "I'll deal with you in a minute."
"If you were wise, you would deal with me now." Xavier smiled coldly.
"Oh?" Sabretooth lifted Nightcrawler up by the throat. "I am dealing with you now, baldy. Let's see what kind of fighting you'll be up for after you watch me gut one of your pets."
Rachel Anne Summers! Xavier commanded telepathically.
Good, he thought. He had distracted the girl's psychic assault. Nightcrawler seemed to be coming around.
"You will not harm Nightcrawler," Xavier decided.
"The hell I won't," Sabretooth sneered. "Who's going to stop me?" Sabretooth pulled his arm back to strike the man in his grip.
"I am," Xavier replied coolly.
And so Charles Francis Xavier invaded his enemy's mind with little more than the will to do so. "Now you are mine," Xavier murmured.
"Yeah?" Frozen in his spot, Sabretooth still had the audacity to taunt. "What are you going to do now, slick?"
"Sleep, kitten," Xavier ordered. "Leave the battle to the adults."
Sabretooth's roar came out a gurgle as he collapsed, unconscious. Nightcrawler gingerly fingered his windpipe as he wandered back over to the professor.
"What was that?" Nightcrawler asked.
"Some of our allies ran into Erik," Xavier replied. "Come. Let's see how they are faring."
Nightcrawler nodded and followed after his mentor.
"Maybe I wasn't the best behaved six year old on the planet," Cyclops said. "But to become a father at that age? Rachel-"
"You're hurt," Rachel scolded. "You shouldn't try to talk. Relax, save your energy."
"But what you've told me makes no logical sense at all," Cyclops protested.
"It does when you consider the fact that I'm not due to be born for another few years," Rachel pointed out.
"How many?" Cyclops frowned.
"Now where's the fun in telling you everything?" she asked. "Don't you like surprises?"
"Okay, so you're supposed to be born in a few years to a woman that's dead," Cyclops said.
"Mom's not dead," Rachel adamantly insisted. "She can't be. I refuse to believe it."
"You weren't there." Cyclops shook his head. "She was just swallowed by that water. There was no possible way any human body could have survived that."
"But that's just it," Rachel argued. "Mom's not human. She's much stronger!"
"Jean is dead," Cyclops said.
"Then why am I here?" Rachel demanded.
"Do you know how long it's taken for me to admit that?" Cyclops asked. "She's dead and she's not coming back. I can't keep pretending."
"I won't accept that," Rachel said.
"You don't have to," Cyclops replied. "But I have and I'm moving on."
"If you weren't hurt right now I'd punch you," Rachel growled.
"Are you two okay?" Nightcrawler asked as he teleported in front of them.
"Cyclops is a little hurt," Rachel grumbled.
"What about you?" Nightcrawler motioned to the lacerations on her arm.
"They're only flesh wounds," Rachel replied. "I'm fine."
"Are you?" Professor Xavier asked. "I don't mean to pry, but you were broadcasting some strange memories through the psi-link very loudly."
"You don't mean to pry, yet you're asking about it," Rachel laughed.
"It's just that I caught an image of me," Xavier said. "And I was dead."
"And?" Rachel asked.
"I'm not dead."
"We all die eventually." Rachel shrugged. "Let's find Magneto."
"You're right," Xavier agreed. "Perhaps you'll talk to me about it later."
Rachel nodded. Nightcrawler helped Cyclops up and the group set off.
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