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"Let me get this straight," Logan cut in. "Fearless leader's got brain damage?" A smirk quirked across his lips.

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"Is that really you, Henry Phillip McCoy?"
"Indeed it is, Ma'am." Hank grinned. "Dare I say that you've grown more beautiful since last I saw you?"
"Boy, you know that flowery nonsense don' work with me," Moira MacTaggert chided. "Now, get over here and greet me properly."
Hank obliged the older woman and was smothered in a hug. As her arms tightened around his ribs, the façade of a man faded away to reveal Hank McCoy's true form. Moira stroked a tuft of blue-gray fur that was poking out of her friend's collar.
"So what I had heard wasn't just a rumor," Moira murmured in her thick Scottish accent.
"A mad scientist until the end, my dear," Hank replied. "The image inducer is Forge's handiwork. I used it on the plane to avoid any unpleasant reactions."
"Charles called to say that you were on your way, but he felt that you should be the one to explain the situation," Moira said. "So introduce me to your friends."
"Of course." Hank cleared his throat. "The gentleman at my side is Logan, also known as the Wolverine."
"Hmmm..." Moira raised an eyebrow and stared at Logan critically. "I dinnae think a man with your reputation would be so pretty."
Logan snorted.
Hank giggled and stepped between the two adults. "The students we brought with us are Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Bobby Drake and Peter Rasputin."
"I see." Moira's face softened as she walked towards Peter.
Only nineteen and the boy had already faced battle. The hulking Colossus stood over seven feet tall in the steel plated form that he was currently trapped in. Moira grazed a hand over the melted glob of metal that was his right cheek.
"What fool did this to you?" she asked.
"He calls himself Pyro now," Peter said.
"I'll call him dead idiot if he thinks to come near my facility," Moira promised. Moira slowly circled the boy, eyeing him critically. "What's the assessment, Hank?" she asked.
"Peter's stuck in his organic steel form," Hank answered. "I asked him to try to revert to flesh and blood, but he couldn't. Perhaps if we find a technique to repair his steel plates..."
"So, do you think we could melt his steel again and redistribute it correctly?" Moira frowned.
"You don't sound pleased with that plan of action," Hank noted.
"What I'm not pleased about is the fact that we're blathering on in front of the children," Moira said. "We should discuss all the possible options privately and when we figure out what's best, then we trouble the children with our findings."
"Yes, Ma'am." Hank swallowed.
"Come on, we can talk in my office." Moira turned and began to walk away. "Do you drink coffee or tea?"
"Dr. MacTaggert!"
Moira turned around to face the small group of teens and Logan. "Yes, Bobby, was it?"
"Yeah." Bobby took a few steps towards the doctor. "You guys spent all your time talking about Peter, but I've kind of got a problem myself."
Slight lines crinkled around Moira's eyes as she smiled. "So you're the ice boy, are you?" she asked.
"Iceman," Bobby corrected. "But that's just it, I'm turning into ice." Bobby tugged off his black leather glove to demonstrate the fact. The hand revealed wasn't flesh and blood, but living ice.
Moira walked over to Bobby and took his hand in hers. After looking at it for a moment, she sighed. "I know this isn't what you wanna hear, but I'm going to tell you the truth," Moira said. "Peter has a serious injury and as such, he has top priority. What you're displaying on the other hand, looks to be an extension of your mutation. With training you'll be able to control it."
"Just like Rogue can control her powers, huh?" Bobby replied bitterly.
"Bobby!" Hank exclaimed.
"It's the truth, ain't it?" Rogue spoke up. "Not just me, either. How long has Mr. Summers been training? He still needs a visor."
"Scott's a special case," Moira explained. "As a child, he suffered severe head trauma and as a result, injured that part of his brain."
"Let me get this straight," Logan cut in. "Fearless leader's got brain damage?" A smirk quirked across his lips.
"You wouldn't be stupid enough to think brain damage is the same thing as mental retardation, would you, Logan?" Moira replied.
Logan snorted, but said nothing.
"I dinnae think so," Moira said. "For all you know, your lack of memory is a result of a damaged brain. Any more questions or can I speak with Dr. McCoy in my office?"
"Just one," Logan said. "Is this entire facility smoke-free?"
"'Fraid so," Moira replied. "Down the hall there should be a man with strawberry blond hair. Name's Sean Cassidy. He can give you a tour and show you where to have a smoke."
Moira left her guests with Hank following on her heels. She closed the door behind Hank and offered him a chair. Still conscious of his recently gained bulk, Hank gingerly sat down and only ventured to breathe when he was positive the chair would support him.
Moira plugged in a hotpot on the table and pulled out two cups. "Tea alright with you?" she asked.
"Do you have anything other than Earl Grey?" Hank leaned forward and plucked a picture frame from Moira's desk. An old photo of Moira grinning like a fool, her arms wrapped around a young boy.
"Oolong then?"
"Lovely," Hank murmured. He set the picture back on her desk. A bit too quickly, he had yet to become accustomed to his new abilities. The photograph toppled forward and Hank winced as he heard the glass of the frame shatter.
"You haven't been here for thirty minutes, Hank," Moira laughed. "And already, you're making a mess of the place."
"I'm sorry," Hank said. "I'll replace it."
Moira walked over and handed Hank a cup of tea before she sat behind her desk. She picked up the broken frame and shook her head. "He really was a beautiful boy." She sighed.
"Was that--?"
"Aye." Moira set the frame down and looked at Hank. "I'm worried about your student."
"Peter?" Hank asked.
"To be honest, both of your boys," Moira replied. "Bobby looks like he needs help, but nothing I'm qualified for."
"You think he needs counseling?" Hank spoke over the lip of his teacup.
"It's my professional opinion that everyone does at one point or another." Moira smiled warmly. "But Peter... We're gonna have our work cut out for us."
"You sounded hesitant earlier when you mentioned melting his plates back into shape," Hank noted.
"For a couple reasons," Moira replied. "To begin with, when you heat metal its molecules separate."
"And after one anneals metal, the only way to make it hard again is to hammer it repeatedly," Hank finished. "Which I'm sure Peter will think is utterly delightful."
"That wouldn't be so horrible," Moira said. "But how do you administer anesthesia to a metal man? Injections are out. Would gas work? And if gas does work, say the procedure is successful and he reverts to human form; he still has the amount of gas needed to knock him out in his metal state. It's not safe."
"So if we're to use this option, Peter will not be able to have any anesthesia," Hank concluded. "That is troubling."
"I wonder, does organic steel have the same magnetic properties as regular metal?" Moira asked.
"I believe so," Hank said. "Do you think we could use magnets?"
"I have no idea how successful it would be, but at present it sounds the safest," Moira replied. "I could call up Forge and have him build a machine for it."
"It sounds like a long shot," Hank murmured.
"It sounds like all we've got right now," Moira said.
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