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"Are they still working with Peter in there?" she asked. "Is Kitty still pacing through walls?" Bobby replied.

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"Hey." Rogue sat down next to Bobby.
His eyes locked on his frozen hands, Bobby barely acknowledged her. "Hey."
"Are they still working with Peter in there?" she asked.
"Is Kitty still pacing through walls?" Bobby replied.
"You've been really quiet lately, ya know that?" Rogue said.
"Should I start singing and dancing for you?"
Rogue shifted away from him on the bench. "That's not what Ah meant," she said. "Ah'm worried about y-"
"You should worry about yourself," Bobby interrupted. "I haven't been the only quiet one, have I?"
"Ah know it's been difficult." Rogue gripped the edge of the bench tightly. "But maybe we should start with one problem at a time an' go from there."
"Why does it have to be my problem first?" he demanded. The look he gave her made Rogue turn her face from him.
"Because you're scaring me."
"I'm scaring you?" Bobby laughed. "I'm only changing physically. What about you?"
"If you're only changing physically, then why are ya acting so different?" Rogue asked.
"Maybe I've always been this way and you've changed," Bobby said. "Did you ever think of that? This is about Rachel, isn't it? She's still circling in your head, isn't she? Right along with Logan and Magneto-"
"And you!" Rogue cut in. "You're in there too and you're not acting like the Bobby in my head."
"Are you so sure?" He directed his gaze back at his hands. "How do I even know it's you talking? Maybe it's one of the other voices in your head."
"How could ya even suggest something like that?"
Bobby sighed. "Look, I'm sorry. Forget I said anything."
"Ah need to check on Kitty." Rogue brushed herself off as she stood.
Bobby watched her leave silently.
"I don't mean to interrupt-"
"But you're going to, anyway." Bobby gave a hollow laugh. "How can I help you?"
The first thing that Bobby noticed was the man's pronounced nose. A rather strange thing, considering that he had metal prosthetics in place of his right leg and hand.
"I told Dr. MacTaggert that I was going to stop by," he said. "Do you know if she's busy right now?"
"Well, she's always too busy to see me," Bobby grumbled. "So I wouldn't know."
"Is she in her office?" the man asked.
Bobby shrugged and pointed towards an examination room. "She's there."
"Thank you."
Instead of a reply, Bobby turned back to his hands and began to pick at a chunk of ice.
The dark haired man followed Bobby's vague directions and smirked as he heard Moira's voice through the walls. He knocked on the door.
"I could have sworn I installed sound dampeners here," he said as he entered the room.
"I'm sure you did, Forge," Hank greeted. "But even the heavens themselves are loathed to silence our dear, Dr. MacTaggert."
"Hank, you're doin' yourself no favor," Moira warned.
"Yes, Ma'am."
The two doctors stood around the hulking Piotr Rasputin with steel hammers in their hands.
"Do I even want to know what's going on?" Forge asked.
"Mad scientist stuff, I assure you," Hank said. With that, he banged his hammer over Peter's chest. Hank grinned at the dull clank it made. "Solid. We have no Tin Man here, ladies and gentlemen."
"Hank, please," Moira chided. "We're at our wits end, Forge. We decided to test how similar organic steel is to regular steel before we even try to attempt something serious."
"Good thing I brought a prototype," Forge said. "How long have I kept you waiting?"
"Enough time for Hank to sing through the entire Heavy Metal soundtrack."
"I've got it!" Hank exclaimed. "Maxwell's Silver Hammer next!"
"Honestly, Hank McCoy," Moira groaned. "Your mother must be a saint."
Peter cleared his throat. "Excuse me, but I believe your friend said he had a prototype."
"Peter is absolutely correct," Hank said. "Forge, I'd be delighted if you'd explain."
Forge chuckled as he shook his head. "And here I was worried that your transformation would have an effect on your personality."
"I'm made of stronger stuff than that," Hank replied. "Why, I'm positive that the only thing that would have a chance of changing me is if I had grown up in an alternate apocalyptic timeline. Now, down to business. What is this device of yours?"
"Simply put, it's a power enhancer," Forge explained. "It works perfectly too. It just needs a battery."
"What type of battery are we talkin', Forge?" Moira asked.
"I was thinking along the lines of a fellow mutant," Forge answered. "Preferably one with magnetic powers."
"Have you lost your mind?" Moira demanded.
"If I did, I have it backed up on a computer in my home." Forge smirked. "There's more than one telepath in the world, statistically I doubt Magneto's unique."
"And statistically speaking, what's the chance of having a magnetically inclined student at Xavier's mansion?" Hank asked.
"I was hoping that you could answer that, actually," Forge said.
"Just because I keep alphabetized and color coded files on all the students, it doesn't mean you just assume that I have this information," Hank sniffed.
"But you do," Forge said.
Hank grinned. "Absolutely. I'll call Charles. There's one promising girl, I'm just afraid that her age might make things problematic."
"How problematic?" Forge asked.
"She just turned nine, three weeks ago," Hank said. "Unless she's an early bloomer, we're going to be out of luck."
Hank ambled out of the room, leaving Moira and Forge staring at each other.
"Why don' you check up on your girlfriend, Peter," Moira suggested. "I'll be none too pleased if she damages some of my equipment by phasin' through it."
"Okay." Peter nodded and left.
"It's been a while, Forge," Moira said.
"It has," he agreed. "That boy, Peter seemed bright. Do you honestly believe he thought you were doing anything other than wasting his time with those hammers?"
"I don' wanna worry the children anymore than they already are," Moira said. "Besides, it was more for Hank than Peter."
"You know how he gets when he cannae come up with a solution to a problem," she replied. "I just wanted to make sure his hands were kept busy."
"What have you been up to since I was here last?" Forge asked.
"You know the usual." She sighed. "Met a boy, married out of convenience, left said boy only to discover I was two months pregnant. You?"
Forge smirked. "I took part in a war that the country doesn't even know happened. Lost a couple limbs in the process; built some new ones. The usual."
"I think we've got our work cut out for us," she said.
"Then we should probably start working," Forge said.
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