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"How did this happen?" Jean touched her swelling belly as if it didn't belong to her. "You've been asleep for a long time, Jean," Scott said.

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"Welcome back, Slim."
Scott blinked. "My head... What happened?"
"Easy now," Melody urged. "I heard a scream and when I ran in I found you face first on the floor."
"Jean?" He bolted upright in the cot. "How's Jean?"
Melody put her hand on his chest and tried to push him back down. "Jean's doing fine." She winked. "I promise. But you've got quite the goose egg on your forehead. Dr. Essex had me run some blood work on you while you were out to make sure everything's normal."
"Normal?" Scott chuckled. "When do the results come in?"
"Not until tomorrow," Melody said. "You don't have a concussion or anything, so you can leave whenever you like. But if there's nothing you need, I've got some work I have to do." She headed towards the door.
"The woman I came with," Scott said. "Ororo. Do you know where she is?"
"Last I saw her, she was on the phone with somebody named Hank," Melody replied. "Not that I was eavesdropping or anything."
"Right," Scott muttered. "Thanks."
"No problem."
He watched her leave and when he was certain that Melody was truly gone, Scott stood up and stretched. Jean was one cot over and he pulled a chair to her bedside.
Her breathing was regular and her face had a healthy flush to it. Scott began to nervously straighten her bed sheets. Any day, he told himself. She could wake up any day and then everything would be alright.
Her fingers twitched under his touch and Scott froze. Did she just whimper? No, a giggle.
"This isn't the white hot room." Her voice was hoarse from lack of use.
"Jean?" Scott pressed her fingertips to his mouth. "I'm here, Jean. Just open your eyes."
And she did. Her lashes fluttered lazily, but her smile was firmly in place. "You're here." She touched his cheek. "I'm missing pieces but somehow I knew you'd be here."
"The world could have been ending and I still would have been here," Scott replied.
"I know." Her smile died. "You look awful."
"Just exhaustion," Scott said. "I've been through worse."
"I'm sorry."
"No, no, it doesn't matter." He buried his face in her shoulder. "It's over. It's all over with. You're here and I'm here and it doesn't matter."
"We have company."
Scott straightened in his seat by the bed. He followed Jean's gaze to the door. Melody was leaning on the doorframe, a beaming smile on her face.
"I thought you said you had work to do," Scott said.
"I did," Melody replied. "But you looked so pathetic in there; I thought I'd bring you some coffee before I went back to work." She cleared her throat. "I'll leave you two alone, but Dr. Essex will want to know that his patient is awake. I also told Ms. Munroe that you were looking for her."
"I'll leave now." Melody looked cemented in the doorway.
"Okay," Scott repeated.
"Oh, yeah." She blinked and scurried away.
"How did this happen?" Jean touched her swelling belly as if it didn't belong to her.
"You've been asleep for a long time, Jean," Scott said.
"Jean?" She sunk back into her pillows. "Sounds so strange to hear you say that. I just feel strange, I think."
"I can't even begin to imagine what you've been through," he said. "But you know I'll be here for you."
Jean smiled. "I know. I can feel you in here." She pointed to her temple. "You're very strong."
"That's not true," Scott muttered. "I thought you were dead and I gave up. It was better to be numb than to come to terms with anything."
"Very strong," Jean murmured.
"But I'm not-"
"Say thank you and drop it." Jean closed her eyes as she smiled.
"I'm so happy I was able to find you," Scott said.
"I know."
"Can I come in?" Ororo knocked on the door.
"Door's open," Jean replied.
Ororo slipped in and joined Scott at Jean's bedside. "How are you feeling?"
"Strange," Jean said. "Tired and very, very confused."
"Well, I think that's natural." Ororo smiled at her friend. "I was trying to work on a bit of confusion myself. I just got off the phone with Hank."
"What did Hank say?" Scott asked. "Is he coming here to examine Jean?"
"No," Ororo replied. "He has his own business he needs to take care of on Muir Island. But I asked him about suspended animation."
"Suspended animation?" Scott said. "I don't understand."
"Dr. Essex claims that he placed Jean in suspended animation until he could heal her," Ororo explained. "Personally, I don't trust him. This entire facility feels odd, like my connection to the Earth is dulled when I'm here. I keep expecting the ceiling of this place to cave in on me and I don't like it."
"But Dr. Essex saved Jean." Scott pulled Jean's hand into his.
"For what purpose, I wonder?" Ororo argued. "When I found out you were alive, Jean, I cried I was so happy. But this Dr. Essex knows we're mutants, he's classified you as an omega level mutant and that has me worried."
"And you think his nurse is odd, don't you, Scott?" Jean noted.
"I never said that," Scott said.
"No, you didn't," Jean replied. "Sometimes it's easier to hear other people's thoughts than it is to hear my own."
"Jean, you're a doctor, I trust you," Ororo said. "Is it safe to move you in your present state? I want to get you out of here."
"She just woke up," Dr. Essex said as he walked in. "I think it's crucial that we monitor her and make sure everything is alright. We should also allow the patient to relax, of course."
"And just what will you be monitoring Jean for, doctor?" Ororo asked.
"Why, everything," Essex replied. "To make sure all her systems are functioning correctly and to guarantee that my procedure was successful."
"What exactly was this procedure of yours?" Ororo asked.
"Confidentiality, Ms. Munroe," Essex chided. "Now that the patient's coherent and can make her own decisions, I shouldn't go flashing her medical records about. Without her permission, of course."
"Jean?" Ororo gave her friend a pointed look.
Jean sighed. "I'm really tired right now. This can wait until the morning."
Ororo was about to protest, but received a scowl from Scott. "Of course," she said. "I hope you feel better." She stiffly turned and left.
Scott watched closely as Jean drifted off to sleep. When he was satisfied with the steady rise and fall of her chest, he turned to Dr. Essex.
"Yes?" Essex raised an eyebrow.
"I was told you ran some blood work on me," Scott said. "I'd like your results as soon as possible."
"Absolutely," Essex assured. "I just wanted to make certain that your little fainting spell was a result of exhaustion or low blood sugar and nothing serious."
"How soon can I expect your results?" Scott asked.
Essex smiled. "Why, Mr. Summers, I was just about to start on them now. Would you like to come with me?"
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