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The Beginning

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They say that true love is something that you look for all your life, and only some people ever find it. For me, I guess it was always there; I just never saw it, never took the chance.

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They say that true love is something that you look for all your life, and only some people ever find it. For me, I guess it was always there; I just never saw it, never took the chance.
And now, driving in my car on the way to the art show which two of my pieces were to be displayed, I reflected on this. What would've ever happened if I had stayed with Gerard? What would it feel like to be Mrs. Gerard Way?

Stop, I thought firmly. Regretting the past will do nothing for you, Leila, except make you depressed on the way to an art show.

Yeah, my name is Leila. It's weird, but that's what my parents named me. Leila Shanahan.

I whisked a strand of sandy blond hair out of my face and slowed to a halt at a red light.

Without really meaning to, I started thinking about my last year of high school...

Leila's Seventeen Year Old View

I bent over my newest piece of artwork intently, my hand making gentle, sweeping lines with the brush. This was definitely the best thing I had done in a while.

I blew a few stray bangs of blond hair out of my face, not daring to place my paintbrush down. It seemed that no matter how neatly I pulled my hair back, there was always a few pieces falling into my face. That idiot Jasmine had called me emo for it the other day. But I'm not emo. I don't even wear that much black. It's not my fault I have a few rebellious pieces of hair that absolutely refuse to go where I want them to go.

Dimly, I heard Ms. Murray's quiet, little voice.

"Excellent, Gerard. It shows such...passion. And aggression."

I glanced over and saw Gerard glance up at Ms. Murray, give a slight nod, and then continue carefully outling his drawing in pen. I knew without having to look that he was drawing another comic picture. I didn't think he ever drew anything else. But he really is quite good at it.

A few strands of shaggy brown hair fell into his pale face, and I resisted the urge to get up and push them back.

Yeah, I know, it's pathetic.

I've got a huge crush on Gerard Way, the strange boy who draws comics. And nobody knows.

I've had a crush on him since the third grade, and I haven't ever told anybody. Now, in my senior year of high school, the secret was weighing heavily on my mind. What would he do if I told him? Probably nothing, really. I barely know him. He only sees me as his little brother Mikey's friend. With a small sigh, I turned back to my artwork.


I fought with my locker, struggling to pull the army surplus bag that I used as a backpack out of my locker. It was stuck in a weird angle, and I was pulling on it while the rest of the world wandered by, ignorant to my little plight.

"Stuck?" said I low voice I barely recognized.

It was Gerard.

I stopped abruptly, blushing a little.

"Yeah," I said lamely, looking at a scuff mark on the floor, my shoe, anything but him. He smiled a bit, and stepped forward. He twisted the bag and then pulled it out. He gave me a smile, his beautifully warm brown eyes shining at me. I opened my mouth a bit, closed it, and then looked away, feeling my ears turn pink.

"Um, hey," he said slowly, and I was slightly relieved that now Gerard was the one who was in an awkard position. "Mikey has mentioned that you're really good at writing papers and, well, I've got this paper due on Monday..."
"The one for Mr. Hill?" I said quietly, barely managing to get the pathetic little whisper past the huge lump in my throat.

He stared at me for a moment, and then gave a slight smile. "Yeah. I've done a bit of research and stuff, but I don't really know how to write it, and....I was wondering if you could help."

I nearly fell over, or melted, or something. Helping Gerard would probably mean getting to hang out with him over the weekend! Sure, I had seen him at his house plenty of times over the weekend when I traipsed through with Mikey, but this would mean specifically hanging out with Gerard.

Then, realizing that I had been standing there without saying anything, I hurriedly nodded. "Oh yeah, sure," I said, blushing a bit because I had made myself look like a total idiot in front of him. Gerard flashed me a look of pure relief.

"Thanks!" he said, sounding like he actually meant it. "I'll drop by your house sometime."

"You know where I live?" I asked quietly, although my mind was thinking, YES! HE KNOWS WHERE I LIVE!

"Yeah, of course. Mikey hangs out with you all the time, remember? I drove him to your house a couple of times before."

Feeling a bit downheartened, I said quietly. "Oh. Yeah."

"So, see you soon," he said, and Gerard Way, the Gerard Way who I knew I had absolutely no chance with, flashed me a final, slightly crooked grin and became submerged in the stream of teenagers hurrying down the hall, leaving me alone with a mixture of feelings and a school bag that was now drooping on the floor.

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