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"The DNA didn't match," Essex said. "Excuse me," Scott murmured.

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"You should try the salad," Ororo suggested. "It's delicious, but I'm positive my breath is going to be horrible afterwards."
"That's okay," Scott said. "I'm still trying to figure out how to eat this, pigeon I think it is, without making a mess."
Sick of the food available at the facility, the two had ordered out. Ororo insisted that they try native Egyptian cuisine and finally won that argument when she pointed out that the chance of Egyptian style deep dish pizza resembling Chicago style deep dish pizza was highly unlikely. While tasty, Scott found extracting the meat from the small game bird a trial and made a note to stick to chicken and other larger birds in the future.
"Once Jean's well enough to move around, we should treat her to one of the kebab stands," Ororo said. "I think she'd really like it."
"Yeah," Scott agreed. "We'll have to do that before we leave Cairo."
"What is Dr. Essex doing with her, anyway?" Ororo asked.
"He said it was just a routine examination," Scott replied. "To see if the baby's developing like it should."
"How were your test results?" she said between a bite of salad.
"It wasn't anything that I didn't already know," Scott said.
"You look troubled," Ororo noted. She set her fork down. "Did anything happen when you were alone with Dr. Essex?"
Scott gave up on his fork and began to pull the meat off the bones with his fingers. "He must have done more than blood work," he muttered. "Essex kept bringing up my brain. He noticed the damage in the midbrain and he said he could fix it."
"What do you think about that?" Ororo asked.
"It's lunacy," Scott answered. "People don't just get brain surgery because they have a problem, it's usually a life or death situation. Besides, if I was going to get operated on, it would be by a certified neural surgeon."
"You'll find that Dr. Essex is a certified neural surgeon," Melody commented as she sauntered down the hall.
"He told me he was a geneticist," Ororo stated crisply.
Melody raised an eyebrow. "He is. Dr. Essex is a rather determined man."
"Is there a reason why you decided to join us?" Scott asked.
"Dr. Essex is done with Ms. Grey for the moment." Melody smiled. "You're free to visit her, if you'd like."
"Thank you," Scott said.
"No trouble at all," Melody replied.
Ororo shook her head as Melody trotted away. "You know, growing up in the Serengeti Plains, we only wore clothing to combat the elements," she said. "Nudity wasn't the taboo it is to Westerners."
"What made you think of that?" Scott asked.
"Oh, nothing," Ororo muttered, her eyes locked on Melody's mini skirt as the nurse rounded a corner. "I just wonder sometimes if Westerners wear more clothing than necessary because of the thrill they get in taking them off."
Scott swallowed. "Let's go see Jean."
The two disposed of their lunch remains in a trash can. They headed down the corridors of the facility, Ororo's heels making audible clicks on the tile floor. Jean was sitting up in her bed, a magazine in her lap. She smiled.
"Enjoy your lunch?"
"Yes," Ororo replied. "Maybe next time we'll get to take you."
"Sounds good," Jean agreed. She tossed the magazine aside. "Maybe I'll be ready for it tomorrow. And if not, I'll let you sneak some food in to me."
"That should be fun." Ororo smiled and took a seat beside Jean.
"How's the baby?" Scott asked.
"Everything's going according to plan," Jean replied. "Perfectly healthy."
"That's good," Scott murmured.
"Dr. Essex said that my due date is in two and a half weeks," Jean said.
"That soon?" Ororo exclaimed. "We're hardly prepared. What kind of crib would you like?"
"It's taken care of," Scott said. "The last time I talked with Professor Xavier, he was making arrangements for a nursery. All we need to do is tell him what color we want."
"Do you know if it will be a boy or girl?" Ororo asked.
"I like surprises," Jean answered. "Good surprises, anyway."
"I suppose that means blue and pink are out." Ororo smiled. "Maybe yellow or green?"
"Jean, I was thinking," Scott said. "If it's a girl, Rachel would be a nice name."
"What made you think of that?" Jean asked.
"You don't like it," Scott muttered.
"No, I think that's a great name," Jean replied. "But what about if it's a boy?"
Scott chuckled. "I hadn't thought about that."
"What happens when I give birth to a son, then?" Jean laughed. "We name him Rachel?"
"Well, my father's name was Christopher," Scott suggested. "Or we could name the baby after the professor..."
"Or perhaps after the doctor who delivers the child?" Dr. Essex slipped into the room soundlessly. He offered Ororo a gratuitous smile before he faced Scott.
"Is there anything you need, Doctor?" Scott asked.
"I was wondering if I could have a word with you, actually," Essex said. "In private."
"Sure." Scott bent forward and kissed Jean's forehead. "I'll be back in a little bit."
Scott followed Dr. Essex out of the room and waited as the other man shut the door. Essex motioned for Scott to join his side as he walked down the corridor.
"What's this about, Doctor?" Scott asked.
"Well, in all honesty, it's a difficult subject," Essex admitted. "One that I'm not entirely sure I should be discussing with you."
"What do you mean?" Scott stopped walking.
"Please, I'd rather say in my lab," Essex said. "I want the evidence in front of me."
"What evidence?" Scott demanded. "What are you talking about?"
Dr. Essex headed over to the door to his lab. He shot Scott a hesitant glance as he typed in the lock's password. "How well do you know Ms. Grey?"
"I've known her for years," Scott said. "I'm going to marry her."
"Come in, make yourself at home," Essex said as he sat down at a table. "So you know Ms. Grey quite well."
"Of course," Scott replied. The chair he pulled out from the table made a loud grating noise against the sterile floor. "Why?"
"Has she ever been known to have dalliances with other men?" Essex asked.
"No!" Scott snapped. "What kind of question is that?"
"I'm just trying to put all the facts together," Essex replied.
"Facts about what?" Scott demanded. "What are you getting at?"
"When you fainted I took a blood sample," Essex said. "To be positive that you weren't suffering from any sort of ailment. But out of curiosity, I compared your DNA to that of Ms. Grey's fetus to see if I could predict if the child would be a mutant. And if it was a mutant, what its abilities would be."
Scott stood up and walked to the door. "I don't want to hear this, do I?"
"The DNA didn't match," Essex said.
"Excuse me," Scott murmured.
"I'm sorry."
"I have to go." Scott stepped out of the lab and disappeared down the hallway.
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