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Wake Up

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I wanted nothing more than to continue to lay with Gerard, so peacefully in his arms. But the peace was broken the incessant vibration of my cell phone. I reached into my pocket and answered it not bothering to look at who it was that was calling me. "...hullo?"
"Where the FUCK are you?" I pulled the phone away from my ear due to the excessive volume of Frank's voice. This woke Gerard up. He looked at the phone, looked at me, took the cell phone from me and took out the battery.
"Go back to sleep baby," he whispered in my ear, pulling me closer to him.
There was sunlight streaming into the room and I was sure I wouldn't sleep much more. I played with his hair and studied his face. His features s were so kind, his eyes always so caring, his smile so warm.
I heard a commotion downstairs; a door slam, beer cans clinking together, yelling. Frank's booming voice.
"Gee please wake up," I said, shaking him slightly.
His eyes opened slowly, "Why? What's going on?" He slowly sat up on the edge of the bed, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. I sat behind him and wrapped my arms around him. "I think he's here Gerard,"
"It'll be okay, he can't hurt you, not here,"
I moved beside him, "But he can hurt you,"
"He won't, he's my friend. We just have to have a sit down with him and talk about everything," he tucked a piece of wayward hair behind my ear and pulled me into a gentle kiss.
The next events were such a blur; the door flew open and I quickly pulled away from him, knowing the person who was standing there. I looked wasn't Frank, it was a monster.
Gerard stood up and tried to speak calmly to him, nothing he said was working. Frank got really close to him and his fist collided with Gerard's jaw. The sound echoed like a gunshot through the room. Gerard recovered from this, telling Frank he probably deserved that. He didn't. He didn't deserve to be put in the middle of this. So I got in the middle of them and tried to talk to Frank, tried to calm him down. He pushed me aside and I lost my footing. I remember a sharp pain, then being engulfed by black and nothingness.
I watched Evan fall and hit her head on the night-stand. I rushed to her and tried to wake her up. No response. She felt like dead weight. I pressed my fingers to her neck and upon finding a pulse, I continued to try and wake her.
A sudden anger replaced worry and I stood up and faced. "I may have deserved it, but she did nothing. How can you just...treat her like a punching bag?" I asked, not giving him time to answer and instead sucker-punched him in the nose. This seemed to cause him little pain. He didn't even wipe at the blood dripping down to his lip.
"That bitch isn't worth this. Fuck you. Fuck both of you." he spat, turning on his heels and walking away.
"She's not a bitch," I mumbled to myself, returning to her side, "Evan? Evan can you hear me?"
I turned her head to see if there was any serious bleeding. There was blood caked in her hair .Mikey walked into the room. "What the hell is-" he stopped at the sight of her lifeless body on the floor. He gasped, "Is she okay? What the fuck happened??"
"Frank happened," I replied, picking her up and laying her on the bed. "She's breathing, but she won't wake up."
"Oh...he give you that too?" he asked prodding my cheek, sending pain flowing through the whole left side of my face.
I hit his hand away, "Yes and it still a bit tender,"
"Sorry," he replied, retracting his arm, "You keep trying to wake her. I'll get some ice."
I kept repeating myself over and over, not telling her, but asking her to wake up. I felt the salty sting of tears forming in my eyes.
"Baby, you have to wake up." I said again, "Please,"
Her eyes slowly opened as she came to, but not long as she fell back asleep. I shook her more roughly than I had planned. "Evan you have to stay awake you probably have a concussion!" I yelled. I scooped her up and pulled her to a sitting position.
"Can you stay awake?" I asked.
She nodded, fatigue weighing down her eyes.
"Come on, have a cold shower. Anything. Just please stay awake," I blubbered, starting to cry again.
She looked at me, shocked by this capability to show emotion, "Its okay," she said, her voice hoarse. She wiped away a tear with her thumb, "I'm awake,"
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