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First Act- Depouille

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Estate Depouille De Bella Muerte was inheirtance gift to Morticia's Father. Morticia moves from London to New Orleans to live in the house her Father's Great Great Great Grandmother left for him bu...

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I moved all the way from London to come to the United States to live in a house in New Orleans, Loisianna that my father inheirited from his great great great grandmother, Geraldline. I was not fond of the idea but I have to admitt that I needed a change in my in London was not the best thing in the world. I knew things weren't going to be well her. I would be staying in this house all the time. I would even get home schooled.
On the journey there I had tried to escape the sorrow of leaving my friends in London. My father partically kept me occupied with information about the estate I was about to spend most of my time in. My father had told me it was a plantation and once had, had coffee beans grown there. My Father told me the name of the plantation. It was called "Depouille De Bella Muerte". I had no clue what it meant but I seriously didn't care what it meant. I was too worried about my mother, down int the threshold...also known as hell, being furious with my leaving London. She said that there was no point at all to leave London for any reason.. My mother hated the world. thats why the world took her life the way they did. My father on the other had thought we needed to start over with life after my mother's death. My father had never been the same since my mother was murdered. He always seemed uncomforable and paranoid. Eh...I don't blame him.
As for me, Morticia...Im fine with the concept that my mother had been murdered. I though the concept of her death was beautiful. Death is beautiful
I always seem to dream of death coming for me every always came to me in the form of love. The man of my dreams would take the live of A thousand Evil Men for me to return from the dead to be with him once more. I just never knew exactly how I died. I stoped my thoughst and looked out the window and saw /Depouille De Bella Muerte/.
It was beautiful. So Iccolated and mysterious..."Full Of Death, Filthy in Blood" was the thought that formed in my head.

I got out of the car and slowly made my way into Depouille De Bella Muerte.
The plantation was covered in long, stringy vines and was a bit damp of moisture from all of the vegatation around the plantation.
It was fantastic...It was so beautiful
I waled into the mansion. It was it was gloom from dust and dark. I opened the curtains and turned around to see a fully furnished palace. Itwas full of victorian furniture and things. All of this reminded me of how a rich vampire would live.
My father was nowhere in sight, so I decided to go upstairs and pick out a room to call my threshold. I wondered around to see beautiful rooms and paintings along the wall of people who were probably long, down the line relatives. Then I reached a room at the end of the hall right by a window, outlooking the side of the estate. It was perfect, the room was almost like a guest room because it was half living room/enterance and half bedroom complete with a bathroom. All was furnished as well. I put my ipod down on the table located near the enterance in the room and threw myself on the bed and closed my eyes for what I thought was a couple of seconds but when I opened my eyes everything appeared dark as night. I only had enough light to notice a red envelope with a gold seal on my nightstand. I stared at it until my eyes were about to pop out of there sockets. I wasnt sure if I should open it. I leaned over and grabbed the envelope and opened it...there was writing on there that seemed to be written in a feather pen but was in french and of course I had no clue what it said so I threw it on the floor and then fell back into bed and stared at the ceiling. I heard a door open. I inferred that it was my father.
I was still very tired so I closed my eyes to sleep again. During my sleep I heard voices...almost like they were singing. It was man singing and playing paino.... It was loud and then it went very faint until it was gone.
I was terrified because I knew my father never could sing or play the paino... thats when I saw a shadow enter my room...

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