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Act Three:Fix Your Sorrows NOW

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Morticia faces the ghostly voice

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This time I ate my fear and turned to look this thing in the face. I couldn't see much, it was ducked in the shadows and hair fell across its features. I could tell enough from the voice and the way it stood that it was a man, I could not guess as to how old. "I don't want you to do that." He spoke with malice.
"What gives you the right to tell me anything?" I asked whispering, not sure of myself or if I should really be arguing.
"I have more right than you think." He said quickly, defending himself. "You do not know of me and have no right to judge me. Don't be so quick to think youre so smart; give me a chance to say."
I looked curiously at what I could see of him. He spoke as if I were accusing him; he was quick to defend himself. His voice was hoarse and deep, emotion was leaking from him as if he had never experienced it before.
"Im sorry" I spoke, trying to calm him. He confused me and I was very curious. "What are you doing here? As far as I'm concerned this is my house and you really shouldn't be here."
His head jerked to look at me, his body clenched and he stood impossibly straight. "As far as youre concerned, exactly! Go and let me be, you and your father don't even like it here. I have been nice to you, but don't expect it for much longer."
I became scared of him, I had no idea what he was capable of, and I had yet to see his face.
"Once again I am sorry!" I repeated with more terror in my voice stepping back to the window.
"No, I'm sorry," He said lowering his head, I guessed in shame. "I haven't dealt with an actual person in a long time."
"Oh...if I may long?" He lifted his head but his hair still stuck to it.
"I've lost count, a long time for sure."
"Can I ask why are you here?" I asked it more carefully this time.
"Its a misunderstanding, you see, I didn't really do anything, anyone said I did... I 'm completely innocent." He spoke defensively again which caused me to fear him.
"I didn't murder anybody; it wasnt his blood on me. I did nothing! But who would listen to me? Nobody! They made me do it, I had to hide somewhere!"
My face showed adamant terror and I backed up as far as I could, and clutched my hands against the splintering wood.
"No, I'm sorry! I told you I haven't been around a person for a while."
I didn't dare say anything; he frightened me beyond what I had imagined.
"Please, I'm lonely, I haven't seen something so beautiful in so long, I'm sorry."
I didn't mean to blush, but I wasnt called beautiful often.
"My name is Morticia."
"Morticia." He mimicked. "That is a beautiful name."
"What is yours?"
"My name? My name is Ger-Gerard?" He paused in questioned.
I wondered, had it really been that long since he thought of his name?'
"Gerard, step into the light." I told him, I was quiet and my voice shook. "Step into the light." I repeated with more confidence.
He slowly stood under the moonlight that was shining in through the absent boards. I gasped as his appearance laid itself before me. He was pale, skinny, nothing much but flesh and bones, but his face was so beautiful. Dark hair fell to the sides of his face, curling at the edge; it was greasy and dirty, but he was just so beautiful. He shied away from my reaction and stepped back into the shadows. "No, no." I said eagerly. "I-don't do that."
I couldnt tell if he smiled or not. From what he spoke earlier I didn't think he had smiled in a long time, and probably forgot how. Either way he stepped back into the light and walked near me until he stood right in front of me, only a foot away. I smiled to see if he would return the gesture. His face moved into an unfamiliar expression, and then it turned into a small smile. He was so skinny; I could only imagine how long it had been since he had eaten. "What do you eat up here?"
"Nothing you would want to know about," he assured.
"It's late, maybe I should-"
"No! Don't leave me!" He gave a shy expression.
"I mean you can, but I would like you to stay." I nodded and sat on a box that sat on the floor, while he stood across from me.
"I'm sorry if I scared you, but I was curious. No one has been here in so long, not since-well, not for a while."
I didn't say anything; now that he was calm I liked to hear him talk. He had a strangely entrancing voice.
"I was the one who sang to you, I've been alone so long, I wasnt sure how to communicate anything else."
For once I smiled at the thought of the mysterious singing voice.
"I lived in this house growing up, until the bank took it away from my parents. There used to be a lot more trees, but people have come and cut them down. I was younger than, everyone called me Gee, not Gerard that was too grown up for me."
I smiled and nodded as he continued about his childhood. He was so happy to be talking that he wasnt sure when to start or stop. His English was cut off and confusing sometimes but I went along with it anyway, watching color and emotion explode on his face. His eyes lit up at parts and darkened at others. In the span of a few hours I saw him laugh, smile, and cry. He had a really beautiful laugh, it must have put me at rest because my eyes soon felt heavy and his voice became fainter.

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