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Essay on The Used

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my essay I had to do on The Used. its really crummy

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"What Have Bert, Quinn, Jepha, and Branden created they have created a type of music that could change peoples minds forever.", well according to their manager. The Used, hailing from a small town in Utah have created a poetic tragedy and proved the music industry wrong.
The Quartet, made up of only men, includes Bert McCracken(vocalist), Quinn Allman(guitarist), Jepha Howard(Bassist), Branden Steineckert(drummer). All boys were inspired to play music by their fathers. The band originated in a small town called Ohem, Utah. The small town could not spread the word of the band, so Quinn started sending EPs and demos to a music producer under the name John Feldman. John heard the demos and thought they were a fantastic band. He decided that he'd help release their first record and get them into the mainstream of the hardcore scene. John helped them and The Used got signed to Warner Brothers, Reprise Records.
After getting signed, The Used Released two successful albums and is having another one on the way. "Maybe Memories" was their first released single, which was on the track list for the first album The Used. The Used also included other great singles like: "Box Full of Sharp Objects", "Taste of Ink", and "Buried Myself Alive". The Used released the album In Love and Death about a year later and sold over a million copies. This album featured songs like: "Take It Away", "I Caught Fire", and "All That I Got". Now after about two years of hiding out and touring old material, The Used will be releasing an album on May 22, 2007. This album will be called Lies for the Liars. The singles Reprise has selected are now released and the line up is "The Bird and The Worm", "Handsome Awkward" and "Hospital".
The Used have been on many tours with many different bands. Some of the tours include, Rockstar The Taste Of Chaos and Vans Warped Tour. Taste Of Chaos has been a essential tour for The Used. They have done touring for Taste Of Chaos since the very beginning, about three years ago. During Vans Warped Tour '05, The Used were brought in fresh compition by a band called My Chemical Romance. My Chemical Romance formed a special friendship with The Used and decided to release a cover for the song "Under Pressure" by David Bowie. Two years later, My Chemical Romance and The Used had a falling out due to the addiction Bert had to drugs and Alcohol. Both these tours have brought The Used many fans and even more popularity to the hardcore scene but The Used are still the same boys they were in the beginning of all of this.

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