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Post Bellum

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Bellatrix sees Barty again. (Bella/Barty)

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The first time Bellatrix saw Baremius Crouch Jr. was during the 1967 celebration of Merlin's Birthday, which was a major event as he would've been fifteen-hundred years old exactly, according to most accepted wizarding resources, so most everyone of note (and some of lesser note) was at the celebration.

Of course, Bellatrix found the entire thing both dull and absurd because she was sixteen, and Barty found the whole thing exciting and awe-inspiring because he was four. Bellatrix only remembers him from that party because he was running about like a little madman and managed to trip the Minister's wife. Which Bellatrix found amusing (because the Minister's wife was a mousy little half-blood), but which Barty's father seemed to find significantly less amusing. His head turned turnip-colored, and he caught Barty by the arm and dragged him away. Later, the elder Crouch returned to the party alone.

The last time Bellatrix had seen Bartemius Crouch Jr. was just after the trial. He was nineteen years old and shaking and crying as they dragged him out from under his father's (triumphant, Bellatrix thought) glare.

She hissed "stop it" at Barty, as they were led out of the courtroom, inevitably toward Azkaban. When he looked at her with big, wet eyes, she added: "Pride."

They were separated before they reached Azkaban proper, but when she saw him last, he'd stopped crying.

But it was the Barty in between she remembers best now. The one who'd just escaped from his father's house. Barty who was rebellious and reckless and blindly, unwaveringly loyal. Always smiling in those few in-between years, his pale cheeks always flushed.

He was always eager to do what he was told, and she should've found that maddening. He was as devoted to her (if not more) as he was to the Dark Lord, and she should have found that infuriating. He was different with her after he saw her perform the Cruciatus the first time, and it should have amused her.

Bellatrix told her husband that she was fucking Barty because they needed to keep him loyal; he was so young, and the young are fickle sometimes. She knew somewhere in the back of her mind that she never had to do anything to keep Barty on her side, but she fucked him anyway.

She remembers how young he looked the first time she had him (smiling, cheeks flushed, scared to death). He was seventeen years old. He said he hadn't done anything like that before, and she believed him. He'd been hers since he was a kid. Since he'd been old enough to remember her, since before he was old enough to know about sex. So, of course she would be his first.

He said, "I remember being at some sort of party, and my dad was angry at me. I saw you glaring at him instead of at me. Like he was the one who was wrong. I think I already loved you."

She only smiled as if she was too tired to really be listening to him. He never said he loved her directly, only in that way, only as an established fact that didn't need to be reaffirmed. She never said she loved him at all, because she didn't. He was such an awkward, willing little thing.

Rodolphus was noble and worthy. She loved her husband.

Rodolphus is grabbing at her shoulder now, when Bellatrix sees Barty again in the dim light filtering through the broken stone of Azkaban, almost thirty years since she first saw him. The Dark Lord has returned and they are going to join him, as she had promised at her trial. She had also promised Barty (shaking, wide-eyed) when they were first caught.

His eyes are wide now too, but they're empty. No annoying eagerness or pitiful fear or idiotic humility.

Only a thin face, lined around the mouth. His body naked and filthy and all of his joints knobby like an old man's.

Some of his straw blonde hair is gray.

Bellatrix grits her teeth. Muffled, her husband shouts her name angrily, impatiently, and she keeps hearing the words kiss and useless intermixed. She doesn't listen to him. She scoops up Barty's frail little body, and she holds him like a bag over her shoulder as the Dark Lord's Dementors (she imagines one of them has Barty's soul in its belly) lead them out of the prison.

Bartemius Crouch Jr. was one of the loyal ones, Bellatrix will say later. That is the only reason that she would not leave him behind.
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