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"Boy, who beat the bejeezus out of you?" she asked.

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"Scott! What happened to you?" Scottish accent. Moira's voice.
Scott blinked. "Dr. MacTaggert?"
"Boy, who beat the bejeezus out of you?" she asked.
"Don't know," he mumbled as he grazed a hand over the goose egg at his temple. "Some Cajun kid."
"Cajun?" Moira scowled. She pushed him into a sitting position. "We have no Cajuns currently employed here, what happened?"
"I introduced myself." Scott groaned as he rested his head against the wall. "Then he cracked me over the skull with a bo staff."
"Well, I'll get Hank to look at you, make sure you don't have a concussion." She shook her head. "I'll give Sean a call, have him do a sweep of the place, make sure nothing's missing."
"I need some coffee I think," Scott muttered. "Then I've got to make a few phone calls. Make sure Ororo got my note, make sure she knows I left Cairo."
"Good idea." Moira helped him to his feet. "I don't want you falling asleep until Hank says you're okay."
"Where's your phone?"
And just like that, the lights went out.
Moira swore. "Sean promised me he'd look into that," she said. "Wait a minute, the generator should come on."
The power came back on in a wave, only to shudder out again.
"Is this normal?" Scott asked.
"No, it isn't," Moira replied. She headed to her desk and began to flip through papers. "Did that boy give you any clue as to why he was here before knocking you out?"
"None. Why?"
"Doesn't really matter, I suppose," Moira muttered. "But with the power to the facility gone, the containment cell for Mutant X is also gone."
"Moira! I thought you said-"
"It's not important," she interrupted. "Not right now. If that happens, the children are in danger. Everybody is."
"I think it's important," Scott murmured.
Moira threw open her closet door, she pulled out a shotgun and tossed it to Scott. "I'll answer for everything, but let's not waste time now arguing about it." She claimed a semi-automatic for herself. "Understood?"
"You sure you can go through with this?" Scott asked.
"I have to," she replied. Moira opened the door.
Scott nodded. "Understood."
They stalked out of the office and Moira immediately started in the direction of the dormitories, Scott guarding her rear.
"Forge, Logan and the large boy, Peter, should be safe," Moira said.
"We find the kids first," Scott said.
"Of course," Moira replied. "You think I'm some sort of monster?"
"That's yet to be seen," Scott grumbled.
Together, they quickly located Bobby, Kitty and Rogue. In their dorm room, Kitty was absently flipping through a magazine while pretending she wasn't eavesdropping on Bobby and Rogue who were talking quietly on the bed.
She raised an eyebrow and tossed the magazine aside. "Mr. Summers? I thought you were in Cairo. And you're hurt and what are you doing with a shotgun?"
"Remember self-defense class?" Scott asked. "You can't always use your mutant power."
"Quickly, there are others still missing," Moira said. "Child, do you know how to fire a gun?"
"I've played Counter Strike with some of the boys once or twice." Kitty shrugged. "I don't think that really counts for much."
"You'd think right, child," Moira snapped. "Just stick close to me and Scott."
"Wait, what's going on?" Bobby asked.
"Interesting how when I say 'quickly' everyone has questions all of a sudden," Moira said. "Move it. Stay close to Scott or myself and I'll talk as we locate the others."
"Who are we missing?" Scott asked.
"Top priority goes to the little girl, Lorna," Moira said as she started back down the hallway. "Then Sean and Kurt."
"Wait a minute, what about Peter?" Kitty demanded. "Where's his priority?"
"Peter's trapped in his metal form," Moira replied. "So he's in absolutely no danger whatsoever."
"That doesn't make any sense to me," Rogue spoke up.
Moira stopped abruptly. "Are the children normally this chatty, Scott?"
"No, actually," Scott said. "Normally they're pretty good kids."
"Then listen, children." Moira shot them all a dark look. "This is a very dangerous situation and you are very distracting. So shut up and pay attention to anything Scott or I may say. Got it?"
The three teens nodded.
"Good," Moira said. "Follow close. Lorna should be in the lab with Peter and Forge."
"How are we doing today?" Melody grinned as she set the food tray down on a table by Jean's bed.
"Alright." Jean forced a smile to her lips.
"That's good to hear," Melody said. "And can I get your lady friend anything or did she eat out?"
"Her lady friend is fine," Ororo said.
Melody's smile widened at Ororo's narrowed eyes. "You look like a tea drinker to me," the nurse said. "A nice herbal decaf, maybe? I know you're stuck here for hours on end and I know I'd appreciate it if someone tried to make my stay more comfortable."
"Perhaps some other time," Ororo replied.
Melody started to frown and then shrugged it off. "If you ever change your mind, I'll be around."
"You've made that quite obvious, thank you," Ororo said.
Melody made to leave, but paused at the door. "The gentleman, Mr. Summers, would he like anything while I'm around?"
Ororo forced a polite smile to her lips, but a slight quiver at her brow betrayed her. "No. He won't be here, today."
"Oh?" Melody crossed her arms. "That doesn't sound like him."
When Ororo's nostril flared, Jean placed a hand on her arm. "It's alright," Jean said.
The two friends exchanged glances and Ororo relented. She turned to Melody. "Scott won't be here today," she repeated. "But thank you for your concern. If we need anything, we'll let you know."
"Sure thing." Melody nodded. She directed a stern look to Jean. "And you better eat up, Mom. Take care of that baby."
"He's fine," Jean said, her hand absently stroked her belly.
Melody blinked. "He? I didn't know that you were having a boy."
Jean raised an eyebrow. "Didn't you know I was psychic?" She smiled. "Let's just call it a hunch."
"Oh..." Melody fumbled for the door. "I- I, well, congratulations. I'll be back around lunchtime, okay? Take care of yourself until then." She hurried out of the room.
"Well, that was odd," Jean commented.
"Yes." Ororo sighed. "Jean, you should know, I found an odd note from Scott..."
"He's gone, isn't he?" Jean asked. A box of juice from the food tray floated over to her hand.
"It seemed so sudden to me." Ororo plucked an orange from the tray and began to peel it. "Out of character. You'd tell me if something happened between the two of you, wouldn't you?"
"If Melody gives me apple juice one more time, I'll scream," Jean said. "It's my favorite, but sometimes a variety is nice."
Ororo set the orange down. "Jean, I'm worried. Talk to me, please."
"I can feel him." A quick flicker of smile happened across Jean's lips and was gone. "I can feel everyone." She pointed a finger to her temple. "In here. You, the professor, my parents, the students... But Scott, he's so beautiful, bright, strong, blinding. And if that wasn't terrifying and wonderful enough to deal with, through it all I can sense this enormous bird burning and telling me that everything will be okay."
"You're not making any sense." Ororo placed her hand on her friend's forehead. "You must be tired still."
"You smell like oranges." Jean giggled. "That's strange, I always figured you'd smell like rain."
"I'd like to," Ororo whispered. "I thought that Logan was the one with the nose, not you."
"Logan is spice and blood," Jean replied. "Like a funeral pyre. Hank is sugar and cinnamon and the professor... what does sadness and determination taste like?"
"I don't know," Ororo murmured. "I've never experienced that combination before."
"Oh?" Jean's eyes gleamed. "What has the storm experienced?"
"Love," Ororo said. "And fear. Anger and benevolence. What about Jean Grey?"
"I don't know." Jean paused. "But I'd like to feel everything."
Ororo laughed. "You say that now, but wait until something unpleasant arises to agree to experiencing it. You may feel differently, then."
Jean shook her head. "It's life. It's living. I think I'm ready for that, now."
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