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They wanted Mission as collateral.

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What can I say? He was my dad. He wasn’t the best dad ever, but he was my dad. So it kind of sucked, but it was also just kind of weird, him not being around. Sometimes, even now, I feel like I’m going to turn around and he’ll be there to kick my ass for something I did wrong.

We were given time for a funeral before all the loan sharks and area powers came in to start making demands and threats. Of course, I don’t think I was ever really cut out for that kind of lifestyle, so I didn’t stick to protocol. I scraped together as much money as I could find, hocked some of the old man’s stuff, then took a one way trip off planet with the kid maybe five hours before the funeral was scheduled.

It felt like Mission cried the entire way to Coruscant, but I like to think the old man would’ve understood.

I stand behind that decision. There’s not many crime bosses that can extend their power beyond a single planet and even fewer that would be loony enough to waste the resources it would take to track down a single hack of a Twi’lek and his baby sister. Not to say that I’ve never been caught in nasty situations, mind you, just that it tends to be because of my own sloppiness rather than any thoroughness of whatever mob or yakuza that’s around at the moment. I’ve found that if you have to take or borrow from any of those groups, a good rule of thumb is to only take what you absolutely need, because if you have to inevitably skip town, a handful of credits is easier to overlook than say that numb nuts that thought he was slick enough to rip off Zordo the Hutt of his entire fortune and spend it all at the local cantina buying drinks for everyone.

That doesn’t mean I’ve never been up to my neck or beyond in debt, that seems to be my default, actually. But you borrow from that sweet hearted dame that still cries when she hears that one story about the puppy with the horrible, debilitating condition (it varies planet to planet, but there’s always a puppy and there’s always a disease and there’s always tears,) or you borrow from that thickheaded guy who wants to be a hero so bad he’ll hand out credits before thinking to ask if the reason you’re out of money is because life’s handed you a bad hand or if it’s because you pissed it all away on glitterstim. You start borrowing from local crime syndicates, you might as well start chewing on a thermal detonator because it does the same thing to your life expectancy.

I still miss Coruscant. For as much as it could smell down in those sewers, there was always something going on. Shows, races, fights, anything and everything a person could think up, it was there. Hell, I don’t think I ever managed to climb past level thirty while I was there, so it always makes me wonder what I didn’t see on that planet.

It was easy enough to find work. Picture it: a lanky young guy on the run looking out the best he could for a hungry toddler. Mission was pulling tricks back then and didn’t even realize it. All I needed to do was bring her with me, let her flash those big blue eyes of hers and I’m telling you, if the sent had a heart, it melted.

There was this line cook, Lal, who thought of himself as this universal father figure. He’d always belt his pants too tight so his enormous gut would roll over the waist of his pants so much it made me wonder the last time Lal had seen his feet. Anyway, he got me a job as a dishwasher for this greasy dive and all the waitresses would spend their breaks fawning over Mission, so I inadvertently got some free babysitting on top of it all.

The big problem with being a dishwasher, was that it came with a dishwasher’s wage. I don’t know about you, but me, I’ve got expensive taste. It’s part of being a classy gentleman. You can’t really attract a worthwhile woman with a stained t-shirt and holey pants. No offense to Lal or anything, but his woman looked part Hutt.

So I had to get myself into trouble again. I wish I could say that I did it all by myself, but really it was more of a being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I had just gotten off from work and headed over to the cantina next door for a quick drink while Mission was still being entertained by this one waitress, Minnie. I didn’t mean for anything to happen, wasn’t looking for anything. All I wanted was some Corellian spiced ale. I’m beginning to think a lot of stories start that way.

She was hot and that should have been my first tip off. I mean, come on, look at me. As much as I hate to admit it, there are finer Twi’leks roaming the galaxy than me. But I was young and cocky and she was amazingly hot. Super, fiery hot.

Human, too. It was a food chain thing again; the whole why buy a hot Twi’lek lady when you can get a hot human chick for free. You’ll notice I stick to other Twi’leks anymore; I like to think I’ve learned my lesson.

Rina was too inviting. It was almost like she had expected me before I had even entered the cantina. She liked that I didn’t know all the rules and I was too busy staring at her cleavage to pick up on the fact that I had just been turned into a mark.

I can’t really blame her for what she did. She was in a bit of trouble and an easy way to pull yourself out of some trouble is to simultaneously throw somebody else into it.

We were going to take over the entire Blue Sector in level eighteen. According to Rina, anyway. All we needed to do was pool our credits together to get resources.

In all honesty, I can’t even tell you what was so great about the Blue Sector anymore. Anytime I tried to find that out or point out that maybe what she was doing wasn’t exactly well thought out, she’d sulk. Sulk and invariably would strip down to nothing in front of me so that she could, “think things over” in the tub.

Now, I can relate to a good think and soak, but let’s be realistic and agree that there was absolutely no thinking happening in that particular tub.

Really, I think there were no plans for the Blue Sector at all. I think all Rina wanted was enough credits to get off planet. She seemed to have a knack for trouble and maybe that’s what attracted me in the first place, because if Griff P. Vao isn’t escaping off planet somewhere, it’s probably only because he lacks the credits to do so.

She didn’t get her credits in time. Whatever powers that be, thought that it was convenient that she had an idiot Twi’lek of a boyfriend that could stumble across her corpse so there was an easy suspect to cover up for their weak alibi. So much for Coruscant.

Lal understood. Hell, the fat idiot even forced me to take credits I knew he didn’t have. Little things like that make me miss him. Of course, it wasn’t like Lal was swimming in credits, so I still needed more. Here’s the part where I’m a completely worthless piece of dresh.

Remember what I just said about involving yourself with crime syndicates? Yeah, well, here’s why.

I involved myself in a card game of a particularly dubious nature, but I had nothing to offer in the event that I actually lost. But I don’t lose at cards, right? I’d never offer up anything that I couldn’t afford to lose if I really stood any sort of chance at losing.

They wanted Mission as collateral. And I said sure.

It made sense at the time. And I still stand by my previous statement. I don’t lose at cards. I don’t. But anyone will lose when an organization has rigged the game for its own benefit.

Now I really needed off Coruscant. And fast.
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