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Chapter 12

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Daniel has always wanted to be an archeologist right? Wrong! Daniel is keeping a secret from SG-1 know about. What will they do when they find out that Daniel is really someone by the name of Harry...

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Disclaimer: I do not own either Harry Potter or the Stargate fandom. If you recognize anything in this story, then it probably doesn't belong to me. I make no money off this story.

I would like to thank DMG for her help in betaing this story. Without her help, it wouldn't flow as well and Jack wouldn't be able to keep his voice. I thank her so much!

By Marietsy



Daniel grinned nervously. "Er...hi, Sam," he greeted.

"Hello, Daniel or is it Harry?" Sam asked as she cocked her head.

"Well, that depends," Daniel replied.

"On what?" Sam asked.

"If you're angry at me and don't want be my friend any more," Daniel answered hesitantly.

"Daniel, you're my friend. We've been through things that most people couldn't imagine. I'm upset that you felt that you had to lie to us, but you're still my friend. I just want to know about your former life. I mean, does magic really exist? What about the shield around that castle? Is there any more Ancient technology that was used when you lived there?" Sam asked, excitement lighting up her face.

Daniel was stunned. He figured that Sam would be angry. She hated being lied to. She was the one he thought wouldn't believe in magic, what with her being a scientist. He shook his head. He realized that he had been afraid of nothing. His friends didn't hate him. He knew that they had to be upset about his lying, but that was it. He felt full of emotions as he realized what good friends he had.

"Carter, as thrilling as all this is, we really..." Jack began.

Sam turned towards Jack with a small glare. "But, sir, this is very important," she replied. "Daniel needs to know that we're not angry with him. We're not, are we, sir?" she asked hesitantly.

Jack rolled his eyes. "As if we could stay angry at Daniel for long. No, Carter, we're not angry with Daniel," he replied mockingly.

"That's good to know, sir," Carter smirked.

"You know that you can't tell anyone about this, right?" Daniel asked urgently.

Sam looked at Daniel with surprise. She shook her head. "Oh, no, Daniel. You're our friend. We stick together. Nobody will learn anything from us," she answered.

"Indeed," Teal'c intoned. He bowed his head slightly. "You are my friend. If you do not want anyone to know your secret, then they will not learn it from me, DanielJackson."

"What about you, Mitchell?" Jack asked.

Mitchell grinned and shrugged. "Hey, it's all good. I've come to expect the unexpected from the SGC. The fact that there is such thing as magic and that Daniel Jackson isn't really Daniel Jackson, well, color me surprised," he said drolly.

Jack snorted with amusement as Daniel glared. "Hey, I'm really Daniel Jackson," he protested.

"Really?" Jack asked archly. "And were you born as Daniel Jackson?"

Daniel frowned. "Well, no, but I'm still very much Daniel Jackson and no one is going to change that," he said petulantly.

"Of course we're not," Jack replied soothingly.

The rest of SG-1 began to snicker while Snape sneered.

"Dr. Jackson," Thor began.

"Yes, Thor?" Daniel answered, his laughter dying off.

"Do you really believe that the shield around the domicile is Ancient technology?" the grey alien asked.

"I don't know if it's actual Ancient technology or something based off of it. As you said before, it's an offshoot of Ancient technology. It was something that you couldn't quite identify. I was wondering if maybe Merlin combined magic and technology. Of course, that's supposed to be impossible," Daniel mused thoughtfully.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

"Muggle technology and magic don't mix. You can't use your technology in Hogwarts or any other part of the Wizarding World," Snape replied.

"All right, then how were able to use Thor's communicators in Hogwarts?" Jack asked suddenly.

Daniel looked surprised. "That's right. I never even thought about it. Not only that, but the Zats shouldn't have been able to work inside of Hogwarts, either," he said.

"Maybe it's just human technology. You have to admit that Goa'uld and Asgard technology is way beyond what humans would've had whenever Merlin visited Earth. He probably wasn't thinking of the other races when he was here," Sam said.

"That makes sense," Daniel replied.

There was lull of silence as they were lost in their thoughts.

"I have to go back," Daniel said suddenly.

"What?" Jack yelled. "Those people kidnapped you, thinking you were Harry Potter," he said, then paused a moment. "Ok, they were right, but still, they kidnapped a stranger on the hopes that you might be Harry Potter. They were holding you captive when I got there."

"Actually, we were having tea," Daniel quipped.

Jack blinked. "Right, whatever. However, do you really think they are just going to let you go, Daniel? You've hid this long, why would you want to reveal yourself now?" he asked.

"I don't, Jack. But you have to understand. Hogwarts is the only safe place to be in a battle," Daniel said.

Jack crossed his arms and smirked. "Right, and the guys in the red dresses that we defeated were part of the school?" he asked.

"Robes, Jack. They were wearing robes," Daniel stated wearily.

"Robes, dresses, whatever. They were still the bad guys," he retorted.

"True. Either they have a way to get past the wards, or the wards are beginning to weaken. In either case, I have to let Dumbledore know what's going on. There are children in that school, Jack. They need to be protected. They shouldn't have to worry about someone trying to kill them while they're in school. Trust me, that is not something they need," Daniel said, a strange look on his face.

Snape snorted with amusement as he and Harry exchanged wry looks.

Jack frowned thoughtfully. "Is there something you're not telling us?" he asked.

Snape chuckled. "There is so much Potter isn't telling you," he answered.

"Daniel?" Jack questioned

"Jack," Daniel answered.

"Daniel," Jack warned.

"Jack," Daniel replied with a grin.

"Daniel," Jack whined

"Jack," Daniel surrendered, answering wearily. "There's a lot that you don't know. I don't really have time to tell you all of it, either. One day, soon, we'll all sit down and discuss my former life, but until then, I have things to do. I promise, Jack. You'll know everything later."

The older man sighed. "Fine, but I'm holding you to that promise."

"I know you will," Daniel replied with a smile. "Thor, do you think you can beam me back to my apartment?" he asked.

"Yes, Dr. Jackson," Thor answered.

"Why are you going there?" Jack asked.

"There are some things that I need to get," Daniel replied.

"What things?" Jack asked.

Daniel sighed. "Jack."

"Right, sorry. I'll back off. For now," Jack replied.

Daniel rolled his eyes and walked over to Thor. He talked to him for a few minutes and looked up when he felt eyes on him. Snape was watching him - or more correctly, his fascinated gaze was directed towards Thor at Daniel's side. The archeologist smiled. He knew it wouldn't be long before Snape approached Thor. He just hoped he was there for the conversation.

"Dr. Jackson, take this communicator. It will let me know when you are ready to beam back to the ship," the grey alien said.

Daniel took the small communicator and placed it in his pocket. He gave a nod to Thor and disappeared in a flash of bright light.

He reappeared in his apartment. He looked around briefly before heading towards his bedroom. Making his way to the closet, he opened the door and walked in, heading towards the back, where he moved aside some of his clothes. He tapped part of the wall, and it moved aside. In the space revealed was a small safe. He punched in the code, turned the handle and opened it.

Reaching inside, he pulled out a small, long box. Looking at it briefly, he placed it on the shelf next to him and reached back into the safe. Pulling out several more items, he closed the safe and moved the wall back into place. Gathering his items, he waved his hand over them and they shrank to a size much easier to carry. He walked out of his bedroom and down the hall to his liquor cabinet, picking up a couple of bottles. Waving his wand over them, the glamour making them appear to be expensive wine vanished, and their labels reverted to their original appearances.

"I think Snape might need a drink or two," he mused thoughtfully.

He walked back into his living room and looked around, trying to decide if there was anything else he needed. He noticed that the light was blinking on his answering machine.

Walking over the table, he pressed the button on the machine and listened to a series of telemarketers' calls. He frowned. He really needed to leave. He bent to erase the message when the next message caught his attention.

"Dr. Jackson, this is General Hammond. I've just found out that SG-1, along with General O'Neill, have disappeared. I'm leaving this message on all your machines, hoping that at least one of you will hear it. I need someone to get back to me, A.S.A.P., and let me know what in the Sam Hill is going on. There's an informal investigation being called into your disappearance, and I don't like being the last to know when my people disappear. I hope you're getting this message, son, and if so, call me as soon as you do."

The message clicked off and Daniel grimaced. Everything was snowballing out of his control. Now that Hammond knew they were gone, he was going to do everything in his power to find them. The Wizarding World was in danger from more than just a new Dark Lord. With a heavy sigh, he pulled the communicator out of his pocket and tapped it.

"Thor, I'm done here," he said.

"Acknowledged, Dr. Jackson," Thor replied.

Daniel disappeared in a flash of bright light and reappeared back on the ship. He looked for Jack and found him and Snape glaring at each other. Shaking his head, he made his way over to his best friend.

"We have a problem," he said.

Jack perked up, his face becoming serious. "What is it?"

"Hammond is looking for us," Daniel replied.

Jack sighed. "You had to know this was going to happen."

Daniel nodded, a frown on his face. "I guess I did. I know he has to think of the security problem, but damn it, Jack, if he continues to look for us, then the NID will also begin their own search. There is no way in hell that they can find out about the Wizarding World. Do you know what they would do if they found people who had the powers that witches and wizards do? There would be chaos and panic in the Wizarding World. That can't happen, Jack," he stated firmly.

"I understand, but what do you want me to do about it?" Jack asked.

Daniel shrugged. "I don't know. I'm not the General," he replied sarcastically. "Maybe you can tell him we are on a mission for Thor?" he suggested hopefully.

"Mmm...I could do that, but that'll only keep him happy for so long," Jack warned.

"I know, but at least he won't be looking for us in the meantime," Daniel said.

Jack sighed. "Fine," he muttered.

Daniel smiled brightly at his best friend. "I knew that you would," he said happily.

Jack sighed. "The things I do for you, Danny boy," he said with resignation. "You know, you're so going to owe me for this. I'm thinking a nice, big, juicy steak at an expensive restaurant. Think you can handle that?" he asked.

Daniel snickered. "Yeah, considering I make more than you, I'm pretty sure I can do that."

"Yeah, about that," Jack said with a mock glare. "We need to have little talk when this over. I think someone screwed up somewhere. There's no way that you should be making more than me. I'm a General, damn it!" he stated.

"I'm an Archeologist," Daniel replied.

"I run the SGC, Daniel," Jack retorted.

"I opened the Stargate," Daniel shot back.

"I run the SGC," Jack reminded him.

"I'm the foremost expert on Ancient knowledge and most of our Allies like me," Daniel said.

Jack frowned then sighed. "You win," he said before turning around and walking away.

Daniel grinned smugly as he watched his friend walk over to the small, gray alien. He heard snickering and turned to see what was so funny. His smirked when he saw Sam, Teal'c, and Mitchell staring at him with amusement. He also noticed that Severus was frowning, his eyes gleaming with confusion.

"You know you're going to regret that, don't you?" Sam asked, mirth shining from her eyes.

"Maybe, but it was so worth it," Daniel replied with a grin.

Mitchell looked at him thoughtfully. "So, how much do you make?" he asked idly.

Daniel grinned. "Let's just say that I could spring for Jack's steak dinners for a year and still not have a problem with it," he answered.

Mitchell's eyes widened. "Wow, I think I want to become an Archelogist. All I get to do is shoot and blow things up and insult aliens," he said, then paused before shrugging. "Never mind," he chirped brightly.

Daniel and Sam began to laugh. Teal'c looked stoic, but there was laughter in his eyes.

"Did you get your wand?" Snape asked abruptly.

Daniel looked at him curiously. His old professor's tone was a little cool. He wondered what had happened in his absence. He gave Sam a questioning look, but she shrugged her shoulders in confusion. Whatever was wrong with Severus, it had nothing to do with any of his friends. Maybe things were coming to a head. There was so much that Severus had learned today, maybe the man just needed time to assimilate it.

Daniel grinned, nodding. "I got my wand. Plus, I got something else that I think you might enjoy." He pulled out the shrunken items from his pocket, grabbed his wand, and waved it over the small pile. With a muttered spell, he enlarged the items. Placing the two bottles on a console, he handed Sam a photo album.

"I thought you might like to see what I looked like before I left the Wizarding World," Daniel explained shyly when Sam took the photo album out of his hand. "That album has pictures of me, my friends, my godfather, even my parents. I know you're probably curious about what I was like before. Please be careful with that. Those are the only pictures of my real parents that I have," he explained.

Sam nodded absently as she opened the photo album. She nearly dropped it as she looked at the first album, prompting a snort of disgust from Snape. "They're moving!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, yeah," Daniel winced. "I forgot to tell you that. Pictures from the Wizarding World move. You'll get used to it," he shrugged, remembering his own reaction when he was eleven and new at Hogwarts.

"Okaaay." Sam looked dubious. She turned a couple more pages and stopped, her eyes wide. She glanced up at Daniel curiously. "Is that you?" she asked, pointing to the young man with the glasses.

Daniel walked over to her and glanced down at the picture. Colin Creevey took the picture the day before the Golden Trio had graduated Hogwarts. They were sitting on the front steps of Hogwarts, robes off, relaxing in the warm summer day. Ron was sitting behind Harry, his hands on Harry's shoulders, grinning widely. Hermione was seated between Harry's legs, his arms around her waist. They were all grinning with excitement at the prospect of graduating. It was one of the few serene times between the friends, where the weight of the war wasn't hanging over their heads.

"Yeah," Daniel answered softly. "That's me. The redhead was my best friend, Ronald Weasley. The best guy you could ever meet, thought a Not to mention a little thick at times," he grinned. "The woman is Hermione Granger, now known as Hermione Malfoy. She was the one who kidnapped me. She was my best friend too, and the main reason I left the Wizarding World. Someone had attacked her because she was my friend. They did some serious damage, but luckily, it wasn't permanent. It was then that I decided to leave. I needed to protect my friends, those who I considered family," he explained.

Jack had walked up behind Daniel as he was explaining and he looked over Sam's shoulder at the picture. He chuckled before looking at Daniel, a grin on his face. "Wow, you sure were scrawny."

Daniel rolled his eyes. "Thanks, Jack."

Jack grinned brightly. "You're welcome, Rock boy," he piped cheerfully.

Daniel snorted and leaned over to grab the other book that was lying on the console. He handed it to Jack and said, "Here, I brought this for you. This book will tell you anything and everything you want to know about Hogwarts. I figure you might want to get to 'know the enemy' as it were," he explained.

Jack grimaced as he took the large book. "Hogwarts: A History," he read. "Wow, Daniel, I don't know what to say. It means a lot that you would make me try to read." He frowned and handed the book back to Daniel. "How about I let you keep this and you can tell me anything that I might need to know about. You know me, Daniel, I don't do that book reading thing," he said, distaste coloring his expression.

"Right," Daniel replied sarcastically. "I forgot about your book phobia."

Jack grinned. "That's why I leave all that book learning to you," he said cheerfully.

Sam looked amused. "If the General doesn't want to read it, I will. I'm interested in learning about Hogwarts."

"All right," Daniel replied, grinning. "You know, Sam, you and Hermione would probably get along very well." He put the book down on the console and grabbed the two bottles. Turning to Snape, he grinned. "I thought with everything you've learned today, you might like to have a drink. Normally, I wouldn't do this and I'm sure Jack wouldn't allow it, but there are mitigating circumstances. I have a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle of Firewhiskey," he offered.

Snape looked interested. "Pour me a glass of Firewhiskey," he commanded.

"Yes, sir," Daniel replied sarcastically.

Jack gaped at Daniel, and then looked over at Snape. "He called you sir," he blurted out. "He never calls me sir. Not in the ten years we've worked together. How in the hell did you do that?" he asked, his face filled with awe.

"Jack," Daniel said with exasperation.

Snape looked smug. "I scared him into it," he answered.

Jack looked at Daniel thoughtfully. Daniel snorted and said, "Don't even think about it. I know you too well, Jack. You couldn't scare me if you tried. You're not scary enough."

"Am too," Jack pouted.

"Are not," Daniel replied. "You may be scary to the recruits, but to me, you're just Jack."

Jack sniffed indignantly. "Fine, I didn't want to be scary anyway," he replied.

"Hmmm...I'm sure," Daniel said absently. "I just realized I have no glasses. I hope you don't mind passing the bottle around," he said to Snape.

Snape sighed loudly. "Are you or are you not a Wizard?" he asked sarcastically. "Surely ten years as a Muggle couldn't make you forget that fact." He pulled out his wand, grabbed a few items from around the room, and transfigured them into seven shot glasses.

Daniel looked sheepish. "Right. Sorry, it's been a while since I've really used magic," he explained. He looked at the glasses and glanced up at Snape, a curious expression on his face. "Seven glasses?" he asked.

"I didn't know if the er...alien...drank," the Potions Master explained.

"Which one?" Jack quipped, winking at Teal'c.

Daniel blinked at Snape's reply, ignoring Jack. He looked over at the small gray alien who was watching them as if they were one of his experiments. "Would you like a drink of whiskey, Thor?" he asked.

Thor walked over to them and glanced at the bottles curiously. "What is whiskey?" he inquired.

"A fermented drink made of barley and yeast. It's quite strong and it has alcohol in it," Daniel explained.

"Most curious. I would be interested in tasting this human beverage," Thor inclined his head.

Daniel look at Jack, his expression worried. Jack tried to explain. "Thor, buddy, understand that alcohol can impair humans. I don't know what it will do to you."

"I understand the concept of alcoholic drinks, O'Neill. I do not believe it will have any effect on my metabolism, but I have never had the opportunity to try any. I am most curious as to what it tastes like," Thor said.

"All right, just as long as you know," Jack said. He looked at Daniel and nodded. "Go ahead." He glanced over at the rest of SG-1 and asked, "Would you like a drink?"

Mitchell took a step forward and replied, "Hell yeah, sir. If you're buying, I'm drinking." He looked at the bottle that Daniel was holding and asked, "What is Firewhiskey?"

"It's a popular drink from the Wizarding World. It's pretty strong," Daniel explained.

"Well, fill 'er up," Mitchell said exuberantly.

"Sam? Teal'c? Do you want any?" Daniel asked.

"Maybe a small glass," Sam said. "Just to try it."

"T? Buddy? What about you?" Jack asked.

"I would be most interested in partaking of DanielJackson's alcoholic concoction. I am curious to see if I am affected by the Wizarding alcoholic beverage as am I the Muggle beverage," Teal'c replied.

"Teal'c, Firewhiskey is a lot more potent than regular alcohol," Daniel warned.

"Indeed," Teal'c replied with interest.

After Daniel had poured everyone a glass, he held his own up in the air. "Let's have a toast. To the truth," he said quietly.

They clinked their glasses together and took a sip. Daniel sighed with satisfaction, as he tasted Firewhiskey for the first time in years. He remembered the times he had gotten drunk with Ron, Hermione, and the twins, drinking nothing but Firewhiskey.

"Damn," Jack gasped, coughing. He wasn't the only one. "That stuff is potent."

Daniel and Snape smirked. "I am certain there is nothing in the Muggle world to compare with a good glass of Firewhiskey to get one through the day," Snape said, lifting his glass again with a slight nod to Daniel

"Most unusual," Thor murmured thoughtfully as he savored the taste. "Do humans really drink this for enjoyment?" he asked as he glanced down at the glass. He had a faint look of disgust on his face.

"Only Wizards drink this. Regular whiskey isn't as strong as Firewhiskey. You might like that a little more than this drink," Daniel replied.

"I think not," Thor replied as he put his glass down on the console. "I'm afraid that my tastebuds are no longer working and I feel a little...odd."

"Thor, buddy, you okay?" Jack asked, concerned.

"I am fine," Thor answered. "Strange," he murmured.

"What's strange?" Daniel asked.

"The room seems to be spinning. There must be something wrong with the gravity on this ship. I must resolve the problem," the gray alien replied. He turned around and began to walk back to his computer console, weaving back and forth.

Jack looked over at Daniel with surprise. "He's drunk!" he exclaimed.

Daniel nodded. "Or at the least, really tipsy."

"But how? He only took one sip," Jack said, exasperated.

"Asgards have a different physiology than humans. Even though Thor thought he wouldn't be affected, he said he'd never tried it. It could have very well made him drunk," Sam commented. She stared at her drink suspiciously and then set it down on the console. "I think I'll make sure that he's all right. I wouldn't want anything to happen to him. I don't know enough about Asgard technology to even get us off the ship."

"Understood, Carter. I guess that means we're not leaving any time soon, then," Jack replied.

"Somehow, I doubt it, sir," Sam said as she went to Thor.

Jack sighed. "Well, I guess since we have nothing to do, pour me another one, Daniel." He held out his empty glass.

Daniel had a feeling things were going to get very interesting now.

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