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Part III

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Baby, I'm just soggy from the chemo
But counting down the days to go
It just ain't living
And I just hope you know

That if you say
Goodbye today
I'd ask you to be true
'Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.

I wake up then, the story ends,
But the message that is clear.
Four friends who died, one next in line.
I’ll say this now and one more time.
We have this single observation.
We don’t want any operations,
Or no newfound complications.
We don’t want you to have only just two weeks to live,
Because it’s not the most that we can give.
Because life isn’t just a joke,
And because we’re not laughing,
Cause we don’t want to be asking:
“Why are you DEAD!”

Because it’s do or die,
And I know we can’t make you.
But we’re sure as hell going to try.
Stop the world from taking your heart,
Cause quitting just might break you.
But we have it all,
And we’re going to play our part.

So here are the words we thought we’d never speak.
We’re awake and unafraid.
Neither asleep nor dead.
And here it is The (Stop) Smoking Song,
Because you don’t need to be dead and gone,
For your memory to carry on.

Because it rains and it pours,
But you’re not out on your own.
Because we don’t want to see how far down you can sink.
We want to get you the Hell out of here,
Because you are too young to die and my dear.
When the lights all go out and we watch our lives on the screen,
Will you hate the ending or love the whole scene?
We want to clean up your looks,
Without the lies in the books.

We all know a thing about contrition,
We’ve all got enough to spare.
But you won’t be needing our permission,
Cause you’ll always have our prayer.
Sometimes we cry so hard from pleading,
But not from all the needless beating.
Know we want to breathe for you,
Because you are deserving of our sympathy.

We’re not all full of lies,
So stop asking us questions.
We hate to see you cry.
You can’t control yourself because you don’t know how.
Yes, we love you for it,
And honestly we want you here for a very long while.
Cause you’re the kind of human wreckage the we love.

This is the worst that we can say,
And if you carry on this way,
Things will be better if you stay.
Because we know you’re not okay (Trust us).
You can’t always just forget us,
And we won’t try.
Because this is how we’re doing it in the murder scene,
Minus the train to New Orleans.
So here it is The (Stop) Smoking Song.
Because we don’t want you dead and gone,
In order for your memory to carry on.
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