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Dead Weight

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so wow. i'm done. the ending kinda blows. if you REALLY dont like tell me. maybe i'll work on it i dunno. doubt it

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I probably would have hit his hand away, had my arms not been occupied by Hannah. Nothing could stop him anyway. He already knew. And that was enough. I searched my mind for a lie of how I acquired a large bruise on my side, but I couldn’t think of much other than the real story. A tear rolled down my cheek. I wiped it away and regained my composure.
“Evan...” he said, looking at me with wide, shining eyes.
“Mikey?” I called, my voice cracking.
“Yeah?” he called back, soon entering the room.
“Could you...take her please?”
He smiled, “Of course!” he said, taking her and mumbling some baby talk as he left the room.
Gerard closed the door behind him. “How long?”
I shrugged. “A couple weeks. He just started a new job...he a bit stressed.”
“Please, tell me you’re not defending that jackass right now.”
I shook my head, “Don’t”
“This is all my fault Evan, I am so sorry,”
I stared down at the floor.
“Here’s what we’re going to do okay?” I stayed completely still, “You are going to pack yours and hannah’s shit. And were going to get you the fuck out of here.”
Finally I looked up. “So what? I keep running for fucking ever? That’s not going to solve anything.”
“Yes, it will. ‘Cause I’m going to go with you.”
“Really? And what will that help? So when he finds me you can get your ass kicked too?”
He placed his hand gently on my cheek, “He’ll never find us baby.”
I wiped away the tears that were falling down my face and nodded. “O-okay”
He flashed me a half smile. “Grab just what you need. I’ll go tell Mikey what’s going on okay?”
I nodded and he left the room. I began with Hannah’s things, crying the whole time at the pathetic life I had been living. I didn’t want to run. What kind of life was that for a three month old child?! It wasn’t one.
I threw together her stuff quickly. The minute I opened the door I was pulled into a long hug by Mikey. “If you need /anything/, just tell me okay?”
I nodded into his chest, and he pulled away. “I’ll help you pack okay?”
“Okay,” I said, giving him a small smile.
We arrived at the house and I quickly ran inside to throw a suitcase together, hoping and praying the whole time that I could keep Evan safe.
I dragged my luggage downstairs. “Mikey will you help me with this?” I asked, struggling slightly.
“Are we going soon?” Evan asked.
“Soon baby,”
She nodded.
Mikey grabbed a bag from me and followed me out to the car. Suddenly a car sped up our street and came to a screeching halt, partially on the lawn and partially on the street. Frank jumped out of the car holding something metal...a gun.
“Where is she!?” he screamed.
Mikey approached him first. “Frank, just calm down.”
“Frank put that shit down!” I yelled.
He hit Mikey across face with the pistol and knocked him out cold. I panicked and ran to him, trying to wake him up. Nothing.
“What the fuck Frank!” I yelled.
He pointed it right at me. “I asked you where she is.”
“She’s away from you where she damn well should be!” I yelled. Reaching for the hand holding the weapon. I got a good grip on it, and he tried to push me away. We fell to the the ground. He was trying to fight with me, but all I was worried about was that the gun was pointed away from me.
Then I heard it. The deafening sound followed by the shattering of glass and a baby’s cry. He had shot through the living room window...where Evan was.
I ran to the house. Tears poured down my face upon the sight, and I collapsed, crying like never before in my life. I crawled next to her, and picked her up in my arms. Dead weight. She was dead. And Frank killed her. It was all to much to process. I couldn’t hold anymore, and I threw up. I didn’t even care. I just cried and held Evan in my arms, both of us soaked in blood. My first and only love. Now, never to know that I didn’t mean the things I said. Never to watch her daughter grow into a young woman. Never to be around for me to kiss and hold.
Red and blue lights flashed across the wall behind me. An officer burst into the house, in fire position. When he looked down at me, he immediately radioed for an ambulance.
“Please don’t take her away,” I mumbled. “Please. She needs to stay with me. We’re running away.”

A/N: I really don't know how i fel about the (lack of) writing skills in this chapter. but you will ALL have to deal. muahaha.
please tell me what you HONESTLY thought. and... yeah. thanks for everyone who read. it really makes me feel good that you guys wasted time that could have been spent learning a new language, or building a airplane model on MY story. :)
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