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WIP AU Harry was sent to Azkaban and was later found to be innocent. With the help of Ron, he will find out who his true friends are. Will he forgive those who betrayed him? Will he be able to le...

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Thanks to Nancy for her help as always!


By Marietsy



Ron gave him a sour look, but Ghistpok ignored it. "If you are ready, then please take a seat."

Harry sat on one side of the table and Ron on the other. He looked at the redhead, who was fidgeting nervously and asked, "You sure you want to do this?"

"Yeah, I'm just a little nervous, that's all." Harry nodded in understanding. "You think Sirius would have wanted this?" Ron asked.

Harry thought for a second then nodded before replying, "Yeah, I think he would. You know he loved anything to do with thumbing his nose at people, especially his family. Plus, he liked you as well."

"I wonder why he never went through this Rite," Ron wondered aloud.

Harry laughed before saying, "Probably couldn't stand the thought of leaving all that money."

"Yeah, that was the least of my concerns. Hell, when you think about it, I'm moving up in the world," Ron stated with a grin.

Harry snickered and watched as an old goblin came walking up to the table.

"I am Felkin, Shaman of my tribe. I will be performing the spell. Do you have a preference?" the goblin asked.

"Excuse me?" Ron asked. Harry looked at Felkin, confused.

"The spell can be done in four different languages; Latin, French, Italian, and German. Do you have a preference?"

"Does it make any difference?" Ron questioned, confused.

"Well, no it doesn't. Some of the families are picky about the language that is used," Felkin explained.

"Well, then, you choose whichever language you want," Ron suggested.

"Very well, I will go with French. I find the language fascinating. Do you wish to change your given names as well, Mr. Weasley?" Felkin asked.

"Mmmm ... I've never liked Bilius and it's a family name, so think I'll just go with Ron Black. Ron, not Ronald - no one ever calls me Ronald unless they're lecturing me," Ron grinned at the thought of his new name.

"Now, shall we begin?" asked Felkin.

Felkin stepped up to the table and picked up the cup that had been sitting there. He picked up the vial that was filled with a white liquid, opened it, and poured it in the cup. He put his bony hand over the cup and muttered a couple of spells. Harry watched in fascination as the liquid in the cup glowed briefly then changed colors. Where it had once been a cloudy white color, it was now a dark rich purple. For an instant, Harry could see a bright white aura surrounding the cup. He realized that his ability to see magical auras was kicking in.

Felkin gave the cup to Ron to drink. "This potion will help with the transition of magical signatures. It will ease the way."

Ron took the cup and swallowed it down. He looked at the cup in surprise. "That tastes good. Whoa, I feel really invigorated."

"Good, that means the potion is working," Felkin said.

The goblin knelt at the table and took Ron's hand. He closed his eyes and began to whisper softly. Harry suddenly yelped and covered his eyes. Ron looked at Harry, concerned. "Harry, you ok?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, but Felkin is glowing. He's surrounded by a bright white light and it caught me off guard," Harry explained, blinking his eyes to get rid of the tears that the light had caused.

Felkin opened his eyes and looked at Harry with an apologetic expression. "I am sorry. I did not realize that you could see magical auras. I would have warned you otherwise. I had to release my magic in order to do the spell," he said.

Harry waved the apology aside. "It's all right, I was just surprised. Please continue."

Felkin nodded, closed his eyes, and began to whisper softly once more. Harry watched as the goblin glowed white and saw the light surround Ron, blanketing the red aura that he could now see surrounding Ron. Felkin opened his mouth and began to chant,

Par la magie que nous appellons,
Pour échanger quelque chose contre une autre chose,
Que cela soit fait par ma volonté,
Unis-toi à un nouveau nom,
Pour que cette magie sera coupée en morceaux,
Par ma volonté,
Remplace-là par une autre,
Libère-la des anciennes façons,
Remplace-la avec une nouvelle
Par ta volonté, par ma volonté,
Ne laisse plus cet enfant s'appeler Weasley,
Avec la permission de la nouvelle magie,
Remplace son nom par celui de Black,
Cet enfant ne sera plus connu sous le nom de Ronald Bilius Weasley,
Maintenant il le sera sous le nom de Ron Black,
Qu'il en soit fait ainsi, qu'il en soit fait ainsi, QU'IL EN SOIT FAIT AINSI!

Harry felt the magic rising in the room; his hair was standing up on the back of his neck. He noticed that a red ball of light had gathered above Ron then dissipated. An arrow of white light suddenly shot out of the room, through the ceiling, and past the wards. Harry was confused; he'd thought the wards were supposed to suppress the magic. He was probably seeing things. A few minutes later, Harry had to close his eyes as a bright blue and white light surrounded Ron. The light was suddenly gone and Harry cautiously opened his eyes.

He looked over at Ron and noticed that his aura had changed from red to blue. Harry assumed the Rite worked since Ron's aura color changed. He watched as Felkin slowly withdrew his aura from Ron. When it was finally gone, Felkin and Ron collapsed. Harry got up and hurried around the table. He knelt down and grabbed his friend, making sure that he was all right. He noticed a young goblin hurrying over to Felkin.

"Hey, you ok?" Harry asked, concerned.

Ron groaned weakly and his eyelids fluttered open. He stared at Harry a second. "Harry?" he asked.


"What happened?" the redhead asked, confused.

Harry smiled at his friend. "You went through the ritual. You kind of slumped over at the end. Remember, Ghistpok told you that the ritual was going to take a lot out of you," he explained.

Ron nodded weakly and closed his eyes for a second. "Yeah, I remember. Still it's worth it," he said as he opened his eyes.

Ghistpok walked over to them, a rolled up parchment in his hands. "If you like, we can take you two to a room and he can rest," he said as he nodded towards Ron. "I will leave the papers for you to sign and once you are done, we can file them with your Ministry. It should take a couple of days before they notice the papers, if they even do."

"Thanks, Ghistpok," Harry replied. He leaned down and helped his friend up from the floor. Ron leaned against him as they followed Ghistpok. The goblin opened the door and waited for them to catch up. Harry pulled Ron into the room and looked around briefly. He was more interested in finding the bed, as Ron was heavy.

He walked them over to the small bed and helped Ron lay down. He pulled the redhead's legs up on the bed and patted him on the arm. "You rest, Ron. Get some sleep and we'll eat when you wake up. As soon as you feel up to it, we can do the blood Rite."

Ron nodded tiredly and slipped into sleep. Harry turned towards Ghistpok and said, "I'll take the paperwork. You can bring us some food in a couple of hours if that is all right with you. Make sure you bring a lot of food. My friend here has a huge appetite."

Ghistpok nodded. "I will. There are some books and magazines in the sitting room for you to read until the time comes to eat."

"Thanks, Ghistpok. You've been a great help," Harry said with a smile.

"It has been my pleasure, Mr. Potter. I hope we can do more business together," Ghistpok replied before giving him a small bow.

Harry smiled at him. "Count on it."

The goblin smiled and left the room. Harry walked into the sitting room, found a book on dragons, and sat down. He sighed softly, thinking briefly of Sirius and what his reaction would've been to the Rite Ron had just done. As he told Ron, he didn't think Sirius would've had a problem with it. His godfather had liked Ron and he would've been proud to have Ron become one of the family. He looked down at the book, opened it, and began to read.

A couple of hours later, Ghistpok came into the room with a couple of strange goblins. There were carrying trays filled with food. They sat them down on the small round table that was in the corner of the sitting room and the two strange goblins left the room.

Ghistpok turned to Harry with a smile. "Your food is here. I will be back in an hour and we can proceed with the next spell."

Harry looked at the abundant amount of food the goblins had brought in. He was pretty sure that Ron would eat everything on the trays. "Thank you, Ghistpok," he said to the goblin.

Ghistpok nodded and left the room. Harry got out of the chair and walked into the bedroom. He ambled up to the bed and grinned at his sleeping friend. Ron was sprawled all over the bed, snoring loudly. He leaned down, shook him, and waited. Ron snorted in his sleep and then rolled over.

Harry sighed. He hated waking Ron up. He knew Ron was a heavy sleeper and didn't want to resort to this, but all was fair in love and, well, waking someone up from the dead.

Harry pulled out his wand, directed it towards Ron, and uttered a spell. A torrent of water fell on Ron's face and he sat up with a yell.

"Bloody hell, you idiot. Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?" Ron bellowed. He opened his mouth to continue the rant, but Harry interrupted him.

"Time to eat," he stated.

Ron shut his mouth with a clack. "Well, why didn't you say so." Harry pointed his wand and uttered another spell, drying Ron off. The redhead rolled off the bed and stood up. "Thanks, mate," Ron said.

Harry grinned at him and walked back into the sitting room with Ron following. Ron hurried over to the table once he saw the food and began to dig in.

"Merlin, Ron, why don't you use a plate," Harry said, a disgusted look on his face as Ron began to shovel food into his mouth.

"I'm hungry," Ron whined.

"Be that as it may, you can still use a plate," Harry stated, exasperated.

"Fine," Ron retorted, as he rolled his eyes. He grabbed a plate and began to pile food on it. Harry shook his head and went to go get some food before Ron ate it all. They sat there in silence as Ron gulped down his food and Harry ate.

After fifteen minutes, Ron looked over at Harry's plate and asked, "Are you going to eat that chicken?"

"Yes, Ron, I plan on eating it. Merlin, you ate all the food on the table and now you want mine?" Harry wondered, exasperated.

Ron gave him a sheepish look. "Sorry, Harry. I've just never felt this hungry before."

"The Rite took a lot of you. You used up most of your energy transferring one signature for another. You're going to be hungry. Other than that, how do you feel?"

Ron checked himself out. "Not too bad. I feel a little strange. I feel more powerful, oddly enough. It just might be that the magic hasn't settled yet."

"Could be, or maybe you are more powerful than before. Remember the Blacks were a powerful family," Harry said.

"Yeah, but Harry, you aren't the true Head of the Black family. While you can give me the name, that's all you can give me. It's not like you had the Black family blood so you couldn't adopt me," Ron explained.

Harry looked thoughtful before replying, "You know, the weird thing is that during the ritual a bright light shot out of the room, straight through the roof. I thought the wards were supposed to suppress magic."

Ron shrugged. "Don't know. You can ask Ghistpok about later."

Harry nodded. "I think I will," he replied thoughtfully.

They talked about Quidditch as they waited for Ghistpok to return. Harry gave Ron the papers for him to sign. Once were signed, Harry rolled them up and laid them on the table. A few minutes later, Ghistpok walked into the room. "Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, if you are ready, its time for the blood Rite."

Ron looked at Harry and grinned. "Mr. Black, that sounds so strange, but really nice."

Harry grabbed the rolled up parchment and gave it to Ghistpok. With a nod of thanks, Ghistpok left the room and Harry and Ron followed. They sat down at the table and Harry noticed a knife lying on the table. Ron took out his wand, grabbed Harry's hand, and looked at him seriously. "I studied up on this Rite so that I could perform it. Are you sure, Harry? This is permanent. Once it's done, there will be no going back. And, if the trust between us isn't strong enough, one or both of us could die," he reminded Harry urgently.

Harry gave Ron a reassuring smile before clasping him on the shoulder. "I'm sure, Ron. Its time for us to become brothers."

Ron gave him a smile and grabbed his wand. He waved it over their hands and began to chant.

Ones not bound by blood call to the magic,
We beseech you to bind us together.

They began to glow and Harry could feel the magic in the room.

With thy cut, we shall bleed

Ron broke their clasp and took the knife. He grabbed Harry's hand and made a shallow cut in the middle of his palm. He then cut his own palm, watching as the blood began to well up. He put the knife down and grabbed Harry's bloody hand.

With the mix of our blood
Bind us together and call us brothers

Their hands began to glow brightly and Harry felt magic well up inside of him. He began to gasp and the wind began to blow through out the room.

May it never be put asunder,
Forever together as one and as brothers.

With the last sentence uttered, Harry felt overwhelmed with magic. He could feel Ron's magic invading his and felt panic. He calmed himself as he realized this is where the others had died. He relaxed and let Ron's magic invade his own. They mixed together and Harry felt a bond snap into place. He began to see images of Ron's childhood, the day that he had first met Harry, the day they had saved Hermione, the years at Hogwarts, Harry's arrest and trial, and his year of torment when Harry had been in Azkaban. He began to feel emotions that were not his own, but they were so very comforting -- love, affection, humor, cunning, loyalty, friendship -- and he realized these were Ron's feelings. He smiled gently.

They stayed like that for several minutes before the glow dimmed and the spell faded. Harry leaned against the table and panted. He opened his eyes, not realizing that he had closed them. He glanced over at Ron and gasped.

Ron looked up and stared at him, his expression shocked. "Blimey, Harry, you look different."

"So do you, Ron," Harry said, surprised by what he was seeing.

Ron hair was still red, but it was a dark, deep auburn, not the bright red it had once been. There were black highlights throughout his hair. His eyes were brown, but Harry could see bright emerald speckles making them hazel. He had less freckles and his skin was a little darker. The change had been subtle, but it was still enough for Harry to notice.

"Oi, you have red highlights in your hair, and your eyes have brown speckles in them. Damn, you have freckles now Harry, and I think your skin is even a little lighter," Ron informed him, his voice filled with bewildered awe.

Harry chuckled. "It looks like we exchanged a few more things than blood." He could feel excitement and realized that it wasn't coming from him. "Ron, do you feel it?" Harry asked, excitedly.

"What?" Ron inquired.

"I can feel you in the back of my mind if I concentrate. We have a bond," Harry said.

Ron squinted his eyes in concentration and a look of wonder spread over his face. "I'll be, I feel the bond, and I also feel more powerful, yet again. I didn't know this could happen."

"It only happens in very strong bonds. The trust between you must be enormous for such an exchange to happen. The bond between you two will eventually settle down. You'll only feel each other emotions in times of great stress or need," Felkin explained. Ron and Harry grinned at each other.

"If you are ready then it is time for you to go. Ghistpok will show you the way out," Felkin said.

"Oh, before we leave, I meant to ask you. During the Emancipation Rite, I saw a bolt of light leave this room through the ceiling. I thought the room was supposed to keep in magic," Harry wondered.

"Through the ceiling, did you say?" Felkin asked, concerned.

Harry nodded and Felkin frowned thoughtfully. "Is there another Head of the Black family?"

"No, Sirius Black was killed several years ago, and I was named Head of the Black family," Harry informed him sadly.

Felkin frowned even harder. "That is odd. The bolt of light that escaped was searching for the Head of the Black family. You are not it Harry Potter, otherwise the light would have encased you and never escaped through the ceiling. Are you sure that Sirius Black is dead?"

Harry nodded his head then paused before saying, "No, I can't be sure. He fell through the Veil, but there was no body. But, if he is alive, then why hasn't he come to see me? I mean he was my godfather and I cared for him deeply. He was a very influential person in my life..." he trailed off and he looked at Ron, his face horrified.

"He didn't! Ron, tell me he didn't! He can't be that cruel!" Harry cried out.

"Who Harry? Who can't be that cruel?" Ron asked, concerned.

"Dumbledore! Think about it. If someone catches Pettigrew, then Sirius's name would have been cleared. He could then take me to live with him. In one swoop, Dumbledore would loose control over his weapon and loose the money he had been stealing. His position as Executor would've ended because Sirius would've been my official guardian. Merlin, Ron, Sirius is alive and Dumbledore has him locked up somewhere. That bastard!" Harry yelled.

"Bloody Hell!" Ron exclaimed.


The dark-haired man sat against the wall and stared out the window, bored. It had been years since he had been outside. That bastard Dumbledore wouldn't let him out because he might be seen.

He flushed with rage at the thought of Dumbledore. For the last several years, he'd been locked up, and for what? So Dumbledore didn't loose control over Harry. He hadn't seen anyone in over two years and he was going mad.

He missed Harry so much and agonized over the fact that Harry believed that he was dead. He felt further despair at the thought of Harry being under Dumbledore's control. He got up and began to pace angrily.

If he ever escaped here, he was taking Dumbledore down. He would make that old fool pay for everything he had done to Harry and himself. When he had asked Dumbledore why he kept him alive his answer enraged Sirius. "I may yet have a use for you. I can control Harry with the knowledge that you are alive. Not to worry, when you're no longer useful to me I will take care of you."

He had thrown a fit of rage like never before. He had destroyed everything in his room. Luckily, Winky, the house-elf that took care of him, was able to fix most of the destroyed things.

He growled and turned to look out the window. He saw nothing but ocean and grass. He didn't know where he was, not that it mattered. He wasn't getting out anytime soon.

A beam of light heading towards the window distracted him. He backed away from the window quickly, but the light surrounded him and he images flashed through his mind. He saw Ron and Harry sitting in a large round room. There was a goblin sitting close to Ron and he wondered what was going on.

~We have been called upon to change nature of the red one,~ a voice whispered softly, filling Sirius with a content feeling. ~Will you accept him as part of your family?~ the voice asked./ ~He loosens the bind kept by another. Will you accept him Sirius Black? Will you make him part of your family?~/ the voice asked urgently.

Sirius was confused for a second until he realized that Ron was going through the Emancipation Rite. That would explain why Harry was there. Harry thought he was the Head of the Black family and wanted to give Ron the name. Well, he could do this for Harry, and he liked Ron, so it wouldn't be a hardship.

"I accept," Sirius replied.

~So mote it be,~ the voice whispered and the light surround him turned blue then disappeared.

Sirius gazed at the wall blindly for a second then began to grin. Somehow, he had a feeling that Harry was not under Dumbledore's control anymore and the thought made him smile.


Translation for the Rite:

By the magic do we call,
To trade one for another,
By my will be done,
Join with a new name,
So that his magic shall be cut asunder,
By your will,
Replace with it another,
Free him from the old ways,
Replace him with a new way,
By your will, by my will,
Let the child be called Weasley no more,
By permission of the new way,
Replace his name with Black,
No longer shall the child be known as Ronald Bilius Weasley,
Now he shall be known as Ron Black,
So mote it be, so mote it be, SO MOTE IT BE!

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