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Two Villains

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The first time Reeve felt like a villain. [In-Game Reeve/Rufus.]

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Two Villains
by dilly r

When he used Cait Sith to hand the Keystone over to Tseng: that was the first time Reeve felt like a villain. He realized he even looked the part. The beard, the hair, the dark eyes. All he needed was a black hat and a scar over his eye.

"That went quite well, don't you think?"

Reeve nodded. He didn't want to look at Rufus, and he didn't want the self-loathing to show in his voice.

"A brilliant idea, really. My father would have never considered it." Reeve heard Rufus set something down on the table, probably a paper weight, and walk closer to him. Slow, calculated steps. "He surrounded himself with people he trusted, and he didn't trust you I'm afraid. I don't have that problem."

"Right." Reeve rubbed his forehead. He wanted nothing more than to be with his alter ego in that cheesy themed hotel. If it was haunted at all, its spirits had nothing on the Shinra building.

"Don't be confused," Rufus continued. He was very close now. "I don't mean that I trust you. I mean that I've no desire to trust. You have what those idiots do not. Scarlet, Heidegger, Palmer... They are easy to control because they are idiots. The Turks are easy to control because they have the excuse that heartlessness is an aspect of their job. You are different, Reeve. You have a conscience."

Rufus's hand on his shoulder was light, deceptively gentle. An icy wave of energy went through Reeve, but he stood very still.

"It's a devastating thing to have, isn't it?"

The words came before Reeve could stop them. "How would you know?"

A sickening pause. Then, Rufus's hand tightened on Reeve's shoulder, and he pushed Reeve around until they were facing each other. "You underestimate me," Rufus said slowly.

Rufus narrowed his eyes at Reeve and waited. He did this. He gave Reeve the chance to push, to speak, to defy. He opened his mouth to do what Rufus thought he couldn't. Tell him, finally, that he quit. That it was over. He wouldn't see that horrible expression on the face of Cloud or Aerith or any of them ever again, even if it was only through a damned view screen.

Then, as he always did, he remembered Midgar.

He closed his mouth.

Rufus smiled thinly, his eyes twinkling in the buzzing office light. He was attractive. Blond hair, blue eyes, smooth face. He looked exactly like the idealization of an ambitious young man in a world where ambition was considered, of all things, a /virtue/.

Rufus did not look the part of a villain. Perhaps he wasn't. Perhaps he was only being honest -- true to himself. Reeve was the liar.

"Your fear is intoxicating, Reeve," Rufus whispered. He was leaning closer to Reeve's face. Reeve could feel his breath against his lips.

Reeve wanted to lean back, to get away, but he couldn't move. "I don't want..."

"But you will," Rufus said. He put his hand on the back of Reeve's neck and pulled him closer. He pressed his lips against Reeve's until Reeve could feel his own teeth cutting into his mouth.

Reeve moved back then, but only slightly and only to open his mouth and let Rufus have what he wanted. He even unbuttoned Rufus's suit jacket and put his arms around him when Rufus pressed up against him.

This was fitting, Reeve thought as Rufus bit his neck. They were villains. This is where they belonged.
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