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    Call me Becky. Or Rebecca. Or, to compromise, Rebecki. Becky is best. I live in the city of Sarnia, in Ontario. I have an absurd passion for the TV show Corner Gas that may or may not be caused by the fact that my country now has a sit-com to it's name, and a good one at that. Either that know, I like it. I love Lord of the Rings. As in LOVE. As in, obsessed for as long as I can remember. I think it might be because it's so completely amazing that I can't live for long without thinking about it. I love the Legolas/Gimli relationship. I love Elladan and Elrohir. And Arwen. Ooh, and Imrahil, my hero from Dol Amroth.In fact, I love everyone from Aragorn on down. Even the Witch King holds a special place in my heart, even if it was only to get chased of by Glorfindel the Almighty. But back to Legolas and Gimli. Friendship fic is where I have go with them. Slashing them is so abused, even if it's not as bad as the whole Aragorn/Legolas ship (Please. Like Legolas would give up beautiful, clean Elf women for a mere Man - who was spoken for, I might add). Some writers are not meant to slash. Some authors, of course, are insanely gifted at it. I love their work, I won't deny it, and sometimes I'm tempted to write Legolas/Gimli myself. Then I snap out of it, and get back to my cave where I'm stuck in the world of Gen. At least in the LotRs fandom. Woe is me. On to my other loves. MASH, for starters. Slash, gen and canonical het are the best here. Please, please, please, no OFC's that fall in love with anyone. I really don't mean any offense, your het may be the best the internet has to offer, but I just can't think like that for MASH. Or any fandom. Het with any OC is my squick, if the OC takes a leading role. Or a backseat role. Or is a one-line wonder.I promise, I will hate her. Now slash, that is a totally different matter. MASH is the king of all slashable fandoms. I mean, just watch it and you will see that every line has a double meaning to it. I love it for that. I love Hawkeye/BJ, adore Hawkeye/Trapper, can stand Frank/anyone, and only Radar slash with anyone older that 25 squicks me a bit. It strikes me as more hero worship that actual love. The other fandom that I can't live without is Harry Potter. Sirius Black rules all! Lupin has his moments, though, and James Potter can steal a scene if he's given even a tinny cameo. I like to obsess over all three. My other favourite fandoms include the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell. If Sharpe were real, and wouldn't be 200 by this time...mmm. Mmhmm. I drool thinking about it. I also like the King Arthur worlds, especially the one created by Gerald Morris. His has Terence. That makes it aaaall good. And House, MD, the TV show. It's so...amazing. So much like CSI, but more realistic and character-driven. Like when CSI tries to give characters personal lives, it bugs me, but on House the personal lives make the show great. Good books are the Sharpe's, obviously (I must have read each book a dozen's gotten to the point where I just bookmark all the good parts and skip to those, without bothering with all that stuff like plot and character development.), and Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn by Tad Williams, Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, The Princess Bride by William Golding, and all things Terry Pratchett. Now, some nice links: Lord of the Rings fanfiction: Some good MASH links: And, if you like drabbles, I recommend the mash100th community on Well, that's about it. Have a fun life.
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