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  • The Magical School of MogenHeld

    by corey123 34 reviews

    Beginning of the summer Moody gives Harry many magical books that start our Wizarding hero on his adventure. Then he leaves the Dursley's to stay at Grimauld place but finds out about Sirius's will...

    Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Bellatrix, Dumbledore, Fleur, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Narcissa, Ron, Tonks, Voldemort, Other - Warnings: [!!] [V] [X] - Published: 2007-05-29 - Updated: 2007-05-29 - 1439 words


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  • Prime Effect 5

    by Apollo-XL5 0 reviews

    This is the finale of the Prime Effect Series. 'In a time when the Galactic Community finds it's foundations fracturing as a Darkness casts it's shadow over the whole Galaxy, a young Woman may ...

    Category: Transformers - Rating: R - Genres: Crossover,Drama,Sci-fi - Warnings: [V] [X] [?] - Chapters: 24 - Published: 2015-08-18 - Updated: 2015-10-06 - 164170 words

  • Suave Music

    by CLASSICDUH 0 reviews

    Erik holds Christine to the kiss she gave him in the cellars and steals her from the life she wanted with Raoul. The true journey will be accepting and knowing Erik for who and why he is who he is.

    Category: Phantom of the Opera - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Erotica,Romance - Published: 2015-10-06 - Updated: 2015-10-06 - 29 words

  • Forever and Always: A TMNT Drabble Fic

    by Flyer16 0 reviews

    From the 2007 movie. PG-13 for cussing and violence (in later chapters) just to be safe. Just a collection of drabbles about Raph and Carrie's relationship starting from where they met. WARNING: no...

    Category: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Chapters: 15 - Published: 2015-06-08 - Updated: 2015-10-06 - 12504 words

  • Hoofs Reflection

    by Spoonsie2 0 reviews

    [Part 4 of my Transformers AU "Space Vagabonds"] Cyclonus pays a visit to Swindle only to find he's already in trouble.

    Category: Transformers - Rating: PG - Genres: Sci-fi - Warnings: [V] [?] - Chapters: 6 - Published: 2015-09-27 - Updated: 2015-10-05 - 12909 words

  • Twilight Key

    by kog6943 0 reviews

    As the battle ends with no victors, a decision must be made. Someone is needed to protect the balance of the worlds from the threat that looms before it. This person will be chosen by Kingdom Heart...

    Category: Naruto - Rating: R - Genres: Crossover - Characters: Naruto - Warnings: [!!] [?] - Chapters: 2 - Published: 2015-09-30 - Updated: 2015-10-03 - 14261 words