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  • It Takes All Kinds

    by divideshox 0 reviews

    Friends who have been friends for a long time embark on funny situations and adventures. Follow these friends through their adventures and outlooks on life with five different friends with all diff...

    Category: Humor - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Published: 2015-04-19 - Updated: 2015-04-19 - 3530 words

  • State Line

    by divideshox 0 reviews

    Ashley and Clare dive into an unknown virus attacking the state of Florida while visiting a friend, Kimberly on vacation. Miles and state lines from home the virus is making the dead walk. Follow t...

    Category: Horror - Rating: R - Genres: Horror - Warnings: [V] - Chapters: 8 - Published: 2015-04-12 - Updated: 2015-04-19 - 28923 words

  • Orange Blossom

    by Noizchild 0 reviews

    Eleventh book of "Ghost Doll." After the virus massacre, everyone is trying to pick up the pieces and recover to normal. Who is Hisoka's new "friend?" Shichiro's soul goes on trial. Anna's kistune ...

    Category: Yami no Matsuei - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Erotica,Romance - Characters: Hisoka,Tatsumi,Tsuzuki,Watari - Warnings: [V] [X] - Chapters: 50 - Published: 2012-04-11 - Updated: 2015-04-19 - 37460 words - Complete

  • Which is my love Book One.

    by howarand 0 reviews

    Kyle and Amanda and Jessi love Triangle

    Category: Kyle XY - Rating: G - Genres: Sci-fi - Published: 2015-04-19 - Updated: 2015-04-19 - 533 words

  • The Sharpest Knives - Frerard

    by banditseven 0 reviews

    Frank, along with the rest of the nation, has feared the notorious murderer Gerard Way for years. Gerard Way has feared nothing since birth. So when a kill and run leaves him with a boy he just can...

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] [R] - Chapters: 12 - Published: 2013-08-31 - Updated: 2015-04-19 - 6976 words