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  • The girl with the wings

    by Mette598i 0 reviews

    My name is Lilly. I know it doesn't sound like a name that suits me but I didn't choose it, my dead parents did. Since my real parents are dead I live with my Autobot named, Ironclaw who I love dea...

    Category: Transformers - Rating: G - Genres: Sci-fi - Chapters: 3 - Published: 2015-05-20 - Updated: 2015-05-24 - 1655 words

  • Concrete Jungle Gym

    by SADIS 5 reviews

    Full Update - 5/24/15 “Fine go! No, I mean it. Nobody wants you here, least of all me, so get the fuck out of my life!”

    Category: Guns n' Roses - Rating: R - Genres: Crossover,Erotica,Romance - Warnings: [!] [V] [X] [R] - Chapters: 16 - Published: 2013-03-10 - Updated: 2015-05-24 - 51171 words

  • No Control

    by StarbucksTumblr 0 reviews

    Season One: Escaping from Charlotte, NC, Adelle ends up Beacon Hills. She planned on having a normal Freshman year- free of catty hormonal teenagers like Suzanne Liacson. However, that plan goes...

    Category: Supernatural - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Romance - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2015-05-24 - Updated: 2015-05-24 - 163 words

  • Good Clues and Suggestions for Selecting The Appropriate Removal Firms for Simple And Easy Relocation

    by anjanajain727 0 reviews

    Removed are generally days and nights where by relocation seemed to be regarded as the most tough, difficult, time-consuming in addition to tense situations regarding lifetime.

    Category: Mystery - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover - Published: 2015-05-23 - Updated: 2015-05-23 - 711 words

  • Sweetheart Wedding

    by Noizchild 0 reviews

    More anyone? Keisha pushes Pete to marry Rose to make the family legitimate. But knowing the BRM crew, simple is out of the question!

    Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Chapters: 11 - Published: 2015-01-10 - Updated: 2015-05-23 - 6892 words