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    Name: Kyra Age: 13 Date of Birth: 3rd November 1992 Nationality: Maltese (I come from this tiny island in the mediteranean sea) Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Chinese Sign: Monkey Japanese Sign: Monkey Fave Bands: Simple Plan, Green Day, Linken Park, Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, The Rasmus, I will be doing this all night if I continue, mainly rock. Fave Anime/Films: Sailor Moon, Beyblade, Charmed, I also write on under the name Phoenix from the flames 1978 and I write on under the same name. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fanfiction Friends SpiritualEnergy Ray-Tiger-Cat Darksunshine01 Demi-Goddess -Queen Of OCs Fire Nymph1977 Hidden Portrait amnisia nymph -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My OC's Profiles Name: Usagi Age: 18 Race: Japanese Eyes: Blue Hair: Black(down most of the time) Outfit: Jeans, a black top (different everyday), black boots. (Her outfit might change through the story) Personality: Gentle, kind, likes to be alone sometimes. Don’t get on her bad side; make her mad, slim chance your getting out alive. Likes: Rabbits and cute things, she cares about Kai and his team a lot. Dislikes: People who ignore her, anyone who takes pleasure out of seeing people in pain. Stats: She is Kai’s older sister. She is a five time world-champion beyblader and she works for the CIA only Kai and the Blitzkrieg boys know the Bladebreakers just think that she works for the Police Department. She is the one responsible for putting Voltaire and Boris in prison. Don’t let her gentle appearance fool you she is just as fierce a blader. Beyblade: Dark blue, red. Bit-beast: Dranzer a phoenix, her bit beast is Dranzer just like Kai’s, they have the same name, the same attacks and more.Kai’s Dranzer and Usagi’s Dranzer are twin bit beasts, very rare and very powerful if put together. IMP: Usagi may change because she is in more than one story, but if anything changes about her I will put her profile up in the chapter before the story with all the things you need to know about her. Name: Serenity Age: 10 (she ages through the story but her starting age is 10) Race: Japanese Eyes: Blue (the shades of blue change) Hair: Pale-Purple Outfit: Changes everyday (you will know in the fic, so dont worry I will tell you) Personality: Gentle, kind, she can be very fierce if you get on her bad side. Likes: To be free, not to be tied down by whatever someone says. Dislikes: People who hurt innocents. Stats: Not much to say you will find out later because I will spoil the story. Beyblade: Ice-blue, dark blue. Bit-Beast: Luna IMP: Sheis in myfic called Childhood Hell which is up and running at the moment and is still incomplete. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Me On Fanfiction My Stories: In my stories you will usually find a bit of Angst in it, I write a lot of Romance stories and Friendship stories. I love writing stories that have to do with romance or if not romance then at least friendship. Friendship is something I hold the closes to my heart and I like including it in my stories. I write many stories but so far I have only written Beyblade stories but I have a Sailor Moon story planned. I am best known for romance and friendship stories and I write a lot of sibling stories about trusting brothers and sisters even when they could be pains they still care and I love writing about that kind of stuff. My Reviews: In my reviews I always give honest criticism and give ideas and give my true thoughts of what was going through my mind while reading it. I always give long reviews; I personally hate it when I get a review that just says 'Please Update' I mean I never started the fic not to update it so I would like a little bit more informationon what a reader thought about my writing so I always give others a review of my best abilities. I always say what I think about the grammar and style of writing and then the storyline and plot and then anymore information. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Future Stories Angel Of Neglect: A Beyblade Fic. Set back in the time of the abbey. A five year old Kai gets shot and is left in his room alone with the bullet still fixed into his shoulder. No one is there to help him and he starts to think that he'll die when an angel appears. He doesn't trust her at first but then sees that she just wants to help him. She stays by him for some time in the abbey and in time he finds out that she is the Angel of Neglect, a human girl who had been left alon and neglected all her life. Angst. Separated Love: A Sailor Moon/Beyblade Fic. year after Galaxia was defeated, all the Sailor Senshi get into a battle against some monsters but these monsters are automatically killed and somehow all the senshi are reincarnated. Problem is, they got reincarnated all over the world, Usagi is the first to be reincarnated and Kai(beyblade) is her brother, later he plays more of a part but I can't say cause it will ruin part of the story. Setsuna is dating Kai and she is the only senshi with Usagi now, Setsuna has a vision of a injured Uranus and Neptune. Sailor Moon and Sailor Pluto go out to find them but only find a beaten up Haruka. They take her back to Usagi's mansion and leave her with Kai while they set out to find Neptune, knowing that Haruka would be upset about Michiru still being missing. Kai stays behind to take care of Haruka and helps her deal with Michiru being missing. He trys to help her and tries to keep her safe since Haruka wants to go out to find Michiru herself but she is still too weak. Later you see what happens when and if they find Michiru and what happens after that. Romance/Angst. Careful What You Witch For: A Beyblade Fic. Kai, Tala and Bryan are outsideinKai's sisters garden and think about how they wish they could start over and have a better childhood but when Usagi(Kai's sister) goes out to speak to them she finds that they have been turned into kids and she is the only one around to takecare of them.Since Usagiwas a witch-practionershe tries everything to turn the back to there adult-selves. Find out what can and cant turnthemback along with the hell they put Usagi through and test Usagi's mother-like abilities. Romance/Slight Angst/Supernatural. That's Life: A Beyblade Fic. Living with his sister, Kai goes through some tough times. Times that we all go through, like getting sick and not accepting help, arguments with his older sister, living with his older sister, falling in love, dealing with a broken heart and everything that could happen. His older sister works for the C.I.A and Kai often gets stuck in the middle of her missions and how he deals being put under the pressure that his sister goes through. Along the way he learns about things that his sister had gone through when she was younger and how he feels about it and in time learns to trust her. Romance/Humor. Loosing Dranzer but finding Love: Dranzer goes missing and Usagi(Kai's sister) is too busy to help find Dranzer so she sends one of her closest friend to help him. They set out through a forest and go througha lot. In time their feelings for eachother grow but neither one of them would admit to it. Kai's feelings grow more and more for her and hates himself for letting him have those types of feelings. One night after dinner, he walks off to think and when Trish(the girl) comes near him he finally looses control on his feelings for her and shows her that he does love her. He hates himsel;f more for what he had done and runs off. To see what happens next you have to wait for me to write it so private messege me to vote for it. Adventure/Romance. IMP: Please Private Messege me to tell me the order of which you want these fics. When I am finished with my current fic(Childhood Hell) I intend on starting one of these fics so please tell me which I should start with. Thank you!
  • Scars

    by Lunarian-Phoenix 3 Reviews

    Kai's diary; filled with all his thoughts and emotions that he has never dared tell anyone about. Angst. Please R&R.

    Category: Beyblade - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Kai - Published: 2006/04/28 - Updated: 2006/04/28 - 1151 words - Complete

  • The Pain Of My Love

    by Lunarian-Phoenix 1 Reviews

    Another pointless one shot. Michiru's thoughts on Haruka and how she deals with her pain. Slight angst, lots of romance. One Shot! Please R&R

    Category: Sailor Moon - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Haruka (Uranus), Michiru (Neptune) - Published: 2006/04/07 - Updated: 2006/04/07 - 0 words - Complete

  • Tainted Dreams

    by Lunarian-Phoenix 0 Reviews

    A rather pointless fic. Kai is having nightmares and is too stubborn to ask his sister or team for help. This is about his pain through the dreams and how he accepts the love he gets from his older...

    Category: Beyblade - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Characters: Kai - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2006/04/07 - Updated: 2006/04/07 - 0 words - Complete

  • A Pained Sibling

    by Lunarian-Phoenix 0 Reviews

    Kai knows that his witchrelated sister has been depressed, he uses one of his powers to see what she is doing Kai thinks she will kill herself will she? Oneshot.

    Category: Beyblade - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Kai - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2006/04/04 - Updated: 2006/04/04 - 863 words - Complete


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