• Username: LgoesBANG
  • Member Since: 2010-11-23
  • Real name: Lindsey Seals
  • Bio:
    I'm the prestigeous LgoesBANG, otherwise known as Lindsey, applaud me. Only not really. I'm 17 years of age. Facebook- www.facebook.com/LgoesBANG Twitter- @SealsMachine
  • Laylah

    This account is not active, as you can probably tell by the last date I've uploaded any fiction. I just don't really have the time to keep up archiving on multiple sites, and my primary home is els...
  • darkinferno

    Name: Darkinferno Nationality: British Email: Mountfordlewis@yahoo.co.uk Favourite Movie: Underworld Favourite Book: Game of Thrones Blog: http://authordarkinferno.blogspot.co.uk/ ...
  • cloneserpents

  • des_butterfly

    I write fanfiction for the Naruto and Harry Potter series. I write het, slash, threesomes, and crack pairings.
  • GenocideHeart

    Hmm... nothing to say for now. I'm just your average anime fan who likes to write fics. Later! ATTENTION: For some reason, one of my fics (Shadow Leaf dance, specifically) doesn't show up at all...
  • LilyChan

  • Motherwar_13

  • lisa_lou

    Hey i live in the south of England which is fairly boring, and i have been reading fanfics for years, normally MCR stuff. I have recently started writting myself. Add me on msn if your bored, I li...
  • xxYourStar

  • JusAnothrFaceNThCrwd

  • Antiquity

    I'm sorry to say that I'm calling it quits in the MCR fanfic department. I've made some incredible friends along the way that have encouraged my writing and inspired me immensely but It's past time...
  • AshTheDeathBat

    If for one minute you think you're better than a sixteen year old girl in a Green Day t-shirt, you are sorely mistaken. Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band. You ...
  • shehadtheworld12

    I no longer update my stories. I'm just here to read.
  • House-Of-Wolves

  • TheShadowFantasy

  • RestlessStars

    This site sucks and I'm not writing any more crap on here.
  • Im_Not_Okay

    Hey guys! I'm 16 years old, come from a little country at the bottom of the world called New Zealand, and I love music and anime.
  • crazyasshats0990

    I like writing, so thats what I plan to do. Im very big into being creative and i can find the beauty in anything. isnt that whats life all about? i have a million ideas. and i will continue to wri...
  • dollypin

    Hey, My names Eva and as you can probley tell by my stories I am shoot-yourself-in-the-head-awful at spelling. XD I'm from Ireland, Dublin. I'm a vegatairn. I love MCR I'm going to their conc...
  • TakeThisToMyGrave

  • NHunter

  • ElenasaurGoesRawr

    My old account was xXi_luv_gerardXx... but for some reason I can't log into it now. I will probably repost my story on here and edit it to make it better haha. I was about 12 or 13 when I wrote tha...
  • SarahSeraphic

    The name is Sarah Veronica Stinson. I'm 21! I like to go out and drink and I am fan of Green! The kind you smoke, the color is my favorite, I am for going green, I'm a vegetarian. Hate on it if y...
  • Zexion_Number_VI

    I'm moving over to my other account - VerticalSkyline. Thanks!
  • LJCarroll

    My stories have been removed from this website as per my publishers request. I do appologise to all of my readers and will update as to where you will be able to buy my new releases.
  • harleyanne

    "When I was gone, I met a man who was obsessed with driving a car around the world in one day. He swore up and down he could do it, and he tried to. Many times, from what I understand.At the end of...
  • Cervello

  • emo-girl

    Hey, im a english fanfic writter, i love to write MCR fan fic, mainly slash and romance. Like bands like MCR, Avenged sevenfold, mindless self induglence, fall out boy, panic at the disco, athrax, ...
  • monochrome_skittles

  • IzzyLawliet69

    Hi! Y'all can call me Izzy for short. I'm 13 and I love it when people send me one shot requests. I'm absolutely obsessed with manga/anime- as you can tell from my stories! Feel free to message me :3
  • i_bleed_neon

    I am weird. I am random. I am mean. I am sweet. I am confused. I am crazy. I am open-minded. I am not a people person. I love music. I hate judgmental people. I love books/stories. I hate close-min...
  • xDinoRawrx

  • Ballroom_Blitz

    Aloha! I'm Panda, I'm 20 and I'm Scottish. :D Also I'm a girl. ;D My Chem are pretty much as is retro gaming. ^__^ P!ATD are the bomb diggity and Green Day make me very happy. Sugar, spice and...
  • xXxKuraYamixXx

  • Vlad_Saturn

  • fabulouskilljoy8_8

    I like writing nitty gritty stories, that arent exactly perfect for the faint hearted. If you wanna be in a story, send me a message or review the story. Proper email: stephaniebhartland@hotmai...
  • MexMyselfxI

  • ShannonEmily85

  • MissNothing

  • -impervius

    I write whenever I get inspired. I have this terrible problem with making my characters incredibly damaged and unhappy. I write about My Chemical Romance. Mostly because I've never found a band I l...
  • Luckystarz812

    Hello. I'm Julia. I'm 15, and I love music and writing. I usually write fanfictions, which is why I'm here.. I usually listen to rock alternative. Total concert weirdo xD Message me sometime ...
  • MotorBaby4

  • AdnarimSmada

    Adnarim Smada. Guess the pen name won't be famous because I am changing it and all that for when I put professional work out. Probably a wise idea, am I right? 19 as of July 4th. Second year as a l...
  • killjoy_frerard

    WHEEE!!! I'm A (at least, that's what most people call me). To others, I am known as Dandy or Gerard. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee My Chemical Romance and...alskdfjlaskdjtg they're AMAZINGGG!!!! I would...
  • theblackitachi

  • NeverYouMind

    Hi! I'm 15! :D x
  • Sarahkilljoykid

    I'm Sarah. I know I'm a bitch, I don't care, that makes me a horrible person, but guess what? I still don't care. I write mainly my chem fics (some extremely dirty) and I would love it if you told ...
  • XxPerfectTomorrowxX

    "Fashion Is A Form Of Ugliness So Severe That We Must Alter It Every Six Months." Online Surveys

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