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  • Real name: Amber
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    I'm not gonna tell you my age, but you can guess by reading my stuff and reviewing. I live in a dismal little town in the US and it SUCKS SO BAD!!!!!!! Writing and music are my escape. And yes, I mostly do MCR stuff and poetry. I don't know why. But Helena changed my life :D I'm actually friends with Mikey on fb and yes, he is awesome. I will work with you if you ask, but I'll have some requirements about it. So if I don't wanna work with you, don't get all huffy. Just review or contact me on here and I'll tell you what to do.
  • Aphe

    ... Would it reflect badly on me if I admitted that it took fifteen minutes for me to find the "edit profile" page? Hello. Bonjour. Konichiwa? I only write in English, unfortunately. I'm your av...
  • MCArmyWife

  • AstroZombiee

  • stabmysanity

    Fav Flavour: chocolate Fav Food: mashes potato's Type of Music: Rock Fav Bands: Good Charlotte, simple plan, my chemical romance, Black Veil Brides, alesana, alkaline trio, fall out boy, o...
  • TakeThisToMyGrave

  • unitedsuck007

    Hi there. **tips hat** My name be Lorna, and I am shamelessly addicted to writing fan fic using the wonderful boys of My Chem. I'm eighteen, naturally blond and hail from the murky depths of Belfas...
  • emo-girl

    Hey, im a english fanfic writter, i love to write MCR fan fic, mainly slash and romance. Like bands like MCR, Avenged sevenfold, mindless self induglence, fall out boy, panic at the disco, athrax, ...
  • MirrosO

    I am mainly using this for archiving purposes. My profile in AFF is
  • i_bleed_neon

    I am weird. I am random. I am mean. I am sweet. I am confused. I am crazy. I am open-minded. I am not a people person. I love music. I hate judgmental people. I love books/stories. I hate close-min...
  • beautifully_chaotic

    Hi!! I'm Cassidy! I love My Chemical Romance and I love Frerard. I like to write Frerard fanfictions. I also like to read,watch movies, crochet, watch the history channel, and sing. Music is my life.
  • -impervius

    I write whenever I get inspired. I have this terrible problem with making my characters incredibly damaged and unhappy. I write about My Chemical Romance. Mostly because I've never found a band I l...
  • KilljoyKitten

    Sixteen. A budding lovechild of Ryan Ross & William Beckett. Or in other words, a tall emo girl with bad hair. I like to write ryden and gabilliam but most of the stuff on here is really old frera...
  • cup-full-of-blood

    HELLOO PEOPLE OF FICWAD!! seriously what is with the name ficwad are they trying to say we are fic *gets baseball bat* XD naaaaahhh can't be XD :)i'm 16 and i am an english writer living in birming...
  • CosmicZombie

    Lucy/CosmicZombie. 17. My Chemical Romance, Fearless Vampire Killers, Ashestoangels, The Used and LostAlone enthusiast. Writer. Freak. Aspiring bassist with anxiety issues. History geek. Technology...
  • IsisBane

    I love writing and hate my life... it's pretty much my only escape. That and listening to music.
  • MerciVenin

  • JamzKilljoy97

    Hello, beautiful, I probably love you.
  • theblackitachi

  • microwavedhamster202

    Hm, not sure what to put here... but hell, I'll have a go. I'm Christy, I'm 13 years old and I love My Chemical Romance. (My fav band!) Some bands I also listen to are: The Used, Green Day, Ave...
  • deannagoodenough

    im weird funny and im very dark and kinda depressing to listen to but hey thats me
  • Lizzeh

    My name's Lizzie, I listen to MCR, MSI, the used, the All-American Rejects, Blink 182 and a lot more. Uhhh I don't really write much but if I do it's going to be Frerard! It's the only thing I ...
  • ZombiexCupcake

    I'm izzi. I'm different. I'm in love with Frank Iero. I like music, alot. I'm a straight girl that supports gay rights. Gerard Way taught me everything I need to know about n...
  • CourtneyAlerion

    I like weird things and scary things. If it's unusual I feel attracted to it. I love to write and draw. I'm obsessed with music it's rather unhealthy. I'm self conscious like everyone else. I seri...
  • XFrankIeroismyheroX

    Updated everything on 27/4/13 because I have no life and haven't been on this site in quite a long time lol :-)) (No story on here will be updated again so are labeled as completed.)
  • AirCATX

    A writer. An Artist. A.k.a. the weird art girl in the corner. Military brat and trivia buff, I'm a California Girl but a Southern at heart. Coincidentally a Gemini, I'm split in half between the ...
  • ZombieSlayer13x

    I'm 17, a senior in high school, art junkie, alternative/rock music addict, and sometimes I over indulge in my guilty pleasure: pop music. I have a passion for writing even though I don't do it muc...
  • ShadowSouls

    Ahoy, I'm Ivy. I sing, poop, and read fanfic for a living. Criminal Minds and Dexter are basically my entire life. Myself:
  • CatscanFlyy
  • gunpowderandlead

  • ShakeyHatred

    Well, I have a interest in writing. I'm - so far - not very good at it, so review honestly and please read my stories. I love My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, Hollywood Undead, Avenged Sev...
  • OhmyGee

    Email me at Nerds_assemble and I have shared virtual blood. She's Mikey; as in the ninja turtle.
  • Bella_Jinxx

    Huhm. Hello there. I go by a lot of names. But yeah. I know this one girl on here, she writes an amazing fic and she might be sort of my girlfriend now. It's, like, 5:00 AM over here so this is jus...
  • XxNightmare_NightxX

  • Katrina_Everlong

    Hi! The name's Katrina! I have a very strong passion for writing, and I decided I'd finally make an account so I could review your stories (at your request). You can email me at AsSnowFallsOnDes...
  • NotKissingYouGoodBye

    So I’m a teenager in Australia,I have an obsession with energy drinks, Horror movies and 'My chemical Romance', Frank is my fav band member. LOVE music of all kinds-mainly Punk/Rock (Volume turne...
  • CaptainAmerica13

    Well hello there my lovely's My names America yes as in Captain America :D He's my favorite so yeah... Im not into politics or anything its just my name 'America!' Birthday: January 13 Current...
  • hollybellbleach

    A Nube anime nerd who loves many things mainly books, and has also started to learn how to skateboard.
  • ExstacyMonroeSGTC

    Um...Heyy...This Is Lucky And Well I'm Here To Tell You That I Am A Artist But I Write....Lol And U'm Yeah Chat Me Up I'll Talk To You LOL

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