• Username: xXLaylaxX
  • Member Since: 2011-04-24
  • AIM: demolition_lovers@aol.com
  • Bio:
    I've left this site but I do spend quite a lot of time on tumblr http://weapons-in-the-form-of-words.tumblr.com/
  • Popciclegirl

    Sorry people I can't come here anymore. Meaning I can't finish any of my stories. I'm making a new account though. Hint, hint. It's starting with a FFVII story about Reno from the Turks. I a...
  • XxlovefrankieroxX

    "Outside of a dog a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it is too hard to read." I lust for music. Writing is my passion. Art is my first love. I'm an optimist who adores exploring the p...
  • Shank

    Heyy everyone, I cant see why anybody would be looking at this but thanks for checkin me out. I have always loved writing stories and when i came across fanfiction i grew attached to it. I like to ...
  • browser18

    I'm a My Chemical Romance fan. I know far more about their music than their personal lives which I think makes it easier to write them as my own characters. Worship the music, never the musician. W...
  • chicago_fire

    okay, here's the deal. i love music. i love writing. when they have a baby... WHABAM! it's a fanfic! nuff said. i hope you enjoy. rate and review, it keeps me going! p.s. i'll try to keep udat...
  • GerardWayisSex

    My name is Finch and I love Frerard. To me, it's like crack. I can't go a day without reading or writing it. If you have some Frerard for me, send it to me. I'll be happy to have it. But, I'm afrai...
  • GhostOfYouMW

    Well, I'm not so little anymore. 19 and counting. I'm from england, and currently stduying psychology at the university of southampton. I don't write so much anymore, but I do love to read what cre...
  • harlequingirl-x

    → HARLEQUINGIRL-X hello. How is everone? So my names Anita, yeah, I know boring name, but I deal. I'm 18½, nearly 19 YAY Um...I love fanfiction, Frerard's, and Ryden's always tickl...
  • padfoot_001

    blah blah blah and a stick of gum and burnt pizza. :) :) :)
  • shehadtheworld12

    I no longer update my stories. I'm just here to read.
  • xx_eddi_xx

    I don't live here anymore.
  • ipanicdaily

    yournewdejavu.tumblr.com twitter: @itabi hit me up if you want. I take requests.
  • Emo_musik_chick

    Hey hey, I'm Albi, and I'm a total and complete Frerard whore. I can't get enough of that shit. Frerard is my addiction, and if I'm not reading or writing it, I'm daydreaming about it. I could spen...
  • nadialexandra

  • thegayestgoth

    I'm a former MCR fan and I'm really disappointed with Danger Days. Yikes. I never though I'd say it, but for the moment, I'm over MCR. Wow.
  • MCR_Vampire_321

    I eat, I sleep, I write FanFiction. I giggle at the wrong times and at all the wrong things. Cowboy music makes me laugh, my geography teacher is the most depressing man ever but somehow still hila...
  • dollypin

    Hey, My names Eva and as you can probley tell by my stories I am shoot-yourself-in-the-head-awful at spelling. XD I'm from Ireland, Dublin. I'm a vegatairn. I love MCR I'm going to their conc...
  • xDcee

    TO HELL WITH HUMANITY! OH THE PAIN! Okay. Here's the deal. I'm weird, depressed and maybe a little too fucked up to be walking around the streets of my town. My name is Max. Or Chris. Or, well,...
  • MyChemFreak

    I don't write on here anymore. I don't really write anymore, I'm afraid. If you email me, I might be able to write something for you but I won't be posting on here anymore. I'm fifteen, I'm in the ...
  • unitedsuck007

    Hi there. **tips hat** My name be Lorna, and I am shamelessly addicted to writing fan fic using the wonderful boys of My Chem. I'm eighteen, naturally blond and hail from the murky depths of Belfas...
  • CosmicZombie

    Lucy/CosmicZombie. 17. My Chemical Romance, Fearless Vampire Killers, Ashestoangels, The Used and LostAlone enthusiast. Writer. Freak. Aspiring bassist with anxiety issues. History geek. Technology...
  • sourcandy

    heyy im katt or sourcandy but thats my killjoy name :) i love frerard stories and suddenly breaking into mcr songs when someone says a word from one, like today when someone was talking about blood...
  • JamzKilljoy97

    Hello, beautiful, I probably love you.
  • AdnarimSmada

    Adnarim Smada. Guess the pen name won't be famous because I am changing it and all that for when I put professional work out. Probably a wise idea, am I right? 19 as of July 4th. Second year as a l...
  • reynoldssye

    Hello, my names Saskia, call me whatever you like though :) I'm 16 and I've been writing stories/fanfics for about 3-4 years :) Although I'm certainly not the best out there I find that I do usuall...
  • VanJA212

    Hey guys! My name's Vanessa, i'm 15 and obviously bored 'cause i love writing and reading fanfics! :P I love MCR, Panic at the Disco and stuff like that. And i'm really sorry whenever i hurt the gu...
  • GreenDaySavedMyLife

  • Razor2therosary97

    Music that I love: My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, The Fratellis, Green Day, Eminem, Florence & The Machine, Paramore, The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Muse, Nirvana, P!nk, Plan B, Quee...
  • theescapist99

    Fact: My name is not really Myren. Any questions may go to the askbox in my tumblr, as it is the easiest way to reach me. Thanks. :) http://gwaypositivity.tumblr.com/
  • Danger-Taco-Freak

    MCR WOOOOOOO! As you can guess i like MCR, i've been listing to MCR since i was like 10, so in 2006 i started listing to them, wow thats like 5 years i've been a fan. Nearly 6, wow time fly's when ...
  • adrenaline_bomb

    I'm 13. I'm Jackie. I'm gay. If you are agitated and confused, my job here is done.
  • XFrankIeroismyheroX

    Updated everything on 27/4/13 because I have no life and haven't been on this site in quite a long time lol :-)) (No story on here will be updated again so are labeled as completed.)
  • jodiethejodster

    if only i could delete this profile but alas the fucking admins are useless this site is useless i wanted to change my username so it could no longer be confused with me because i never us...
  • onetwentyone

    Chief Executive at Uploading Lorna's Stories Industries.
  • DisenchantedDestroya

    Hey Guys 16 Irish :D Love My Chemical Romance I know it sounds tired and unbelievably clichéd but They've saved me from myself on more then one occasion.Love Paramore Panic Pretty Reckless The Bl...
  • annabel-lee

    I'm a girl in the US. My favorite authors are Edgar Allan Poe and Barry Lyga. I absolutely love MCR and RATM (My Chemical Romance and Rage Against The Machine)and the TV shows Doctor Who and Crimin...
  • ChloesGreenDay

    Wooo I write stories and stuff. 9/10 of the stuff here is angst. I also have an account on http://www.wattpad.com/(WorldOfGreenDay) and on http://www.sullen-riot.com/ (ChloesGreenDay) ...
  • lolhai

    Old profile, new me.
  • xxMetalxFreak69

    Running through the sterilized world, staying beautiful and keeping it ugly with a Bulletproof Heart as the Aftermath is secondary who loves MCR, Misfits, Iron Maiden, Black-Flag, Anti-flag, the Sm...
  • MCRmyAlways

  • xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx

    Lacie here. just your oh so classy zombie slaying pepsi addict. not too confident in my writing skills, but hey, i'll give it a shot. i'm open to anything.
  • ilovefrankieieroxx

    I live in the oh so wonderful country of England (note the sarcasm there), my obsession with MCR has returned with a vengeance, I uses explanation marks WAY (haha way) too much, i have a learning d...
  • chloeandeddi

    Collabo account. ^What she said.^
  • Kid_Vicous

    I like to see myself sorta like fire. I flame. Deal. But please don't mix this up by thinking I hate you. Truth is I love you all, I really do. I'm just trying to improve your writing...for the sak...
  • xomcrxo

    Yello! Brittany here with Alleena! This account used to just belong to her, but I decided that id spice it up a bit~ I'll be writing most of the stories on here seeing as she hardly posts anymore (...
  • Ajay21

    Okay, so my real name's Abigail.. But call me that and I shall kill you! I hate it! :( So it's either Abby, Abz or AJ, whichever :') Not really much to say about me tbh.. I'm pretty boring :-P ...
  • emocutter91

    i have a barely hopeful future, a dark present, and a fucking beyond-nightmare-ish past... Torture, all kinds of abuse, and shit back then... Shit happens... But I'm working on it:) xoxo Jamie I...
  • DarkAcid


    Hi, I'm Steph, I love music, manga, anime, comic books, guitar hero and psychology! I'm in year 12 :O I have a MCR short story, but I've lost it in the confusion of moving, and I WILL! upload i...
  • DeathzAngel

    Alright here goes nothing. I'm Canadian but my dad's in the American Army. I move every three years. I am the oldest of three children and I cause most of the marital issues my parents have. ...
  • MrsWayandIero

  • I_am_a_Graveyard

  • 100608

    Hey tumbleweeds! A bit about me that you should know: I love My Chemical Romance and so all of my stories I post up here will be related to that. Mainly Frerard of course because everybody loves...
  • radioheadisreligion

    just yer typical northern irish eighteen-year-old radiohead fan-girl. my other account is unitedsuck007.
  • Bitch-Bot

    Hey... How's it going? Uhhh... not sure what should really go here, does anyone bother reading them? I dont. ... Follow me on tumblr! http://www.tumblr.com/blog/i-am-the-only-hope-for-me
  • DeathDefying

    What's up guys, I'm Seth, I'm 17 and I haven't been on here in awhile :). I'm from New York and I love going to shows and drawing. I love a lot of pop punk bands (the wonder years being my favorit...
  • iamjazzhands

  • KilljoyLiv

  • Vengefulscout

    Just a 14 year old girl who loves to write stories, poetry, songs and LOVES My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Panic! At the Disco, Lost Profits, Paramore and 30 Seconds To ...
  • -TheGhostOfYou-

    I’m good at writing about the darker, more insanity driven things in life. I try to make my characters so beautifully psychotic that you can’t help but to pity and fall in love with them at the...
  • DisenchantedEnding

    This profile is spectacularly gliched. Please ignore.
  • PhoebeSevenfold

    frank iero is sexy. So is Adam Gontier. and Synyster Gates. i am in love with Three Days Grace and Avenged Sevenfold. Yes i like sort sentences. see? If you R&R my stories i will give you virtual ...
  • Sarahkilljoykid

    I'm Sarah. I know I'm a bitch, I don't care, that makes me a horrible person, but guess what? I still don't care. I write mainly my chem fics (some extremely dirty) and I would love it if you told ...
  • Apocalyto

    Hey! I'm Chloe and I'm a normal(ish??) 15 year old. I love My Chemical Romance, Mindless Self Indulgence, Black Veil Brides, Falling In Reverse, Panic! At The Disco, Blood On The Dance Floor, Foo F...
  • drfeelgood

    Erm, hi. I'm a guy, not really sure what to say...
  • ZombieSlayer13x

    I'm 17, a senior in high school, art junkie, alternative/rock music addict, and sometimes I over indulge in my guilty pleasure: pop music. I have a passion for writing even though I don't do it muc...
  • mcrobsessed99

  • Gerardwayiscute

    This account is closed
  • thesecretgoldfish

    I'm quite boring, but I do like MCR and BMTH. And dark stuff. Yeah, dark stuff's good.
  • StormVandal

    Yo, my name's Kayla. I'm 16 years old and Sweet Little Dudes is my otp, closely followed by frerard. That's what you'll find here, although none of it is particularly NSFW. Sorry. If you want to c...
  • scene_sanity

    UPDATE SOON * * * Facebook: 'Ree Kagayaki Clareburt' from Tauranga, New Zealand * * * Old ficwad username: frerard_is_love * * * That's right it's me * * * WATCH THIS SPACE * * * Love you all n.n *...
  • Tierney6661

  • monstrice901

    . . .
  • Black_Poison_Heart

  • its_not_emo

    Everything you need to know about me is on twitter : @t0theend :D
  • ChemicalKilljoy

  • Frankenstien

    I love My Chemical Romance and Avenged Sevenfold, that is all you need to know about me :D
  • SuicidalMadmen

    Hey there. I'm an 18 year old fangirl. What's new? I write a lot of bullshit on my downtime, mostly Destiel and Frerard because why not. I prefer writing plotless drabbles and whatnots and most of ...
  • xXGiveXEmXHellXx

    I love to write, and I spend a lot of time doing it. I love music just as much. I write a lot of Frerard, just because it's awesome, but I don't believe in it. I just write about it. And so that's ...
  • OurLadyOfSporks

  • ShadowSouls

    Ahoy, I'm Ivy. I sing, poop, and read fanfic for a living. Criminal Minds and Dexter are basically my entire life. Myself:
  • youcanstakemyheart

  • RunAwayWithMe

  • NirvanaCobain

    My name is Nirvana Cobain (Im not related to Kurt Cobain my last name just so happens to be Cobain and my mom is a Nirvana addict and named me Nirvana. I get teased by Guns 'N' Roses fans alot) I l...
  • Love_it_or_leave_it

    Pies, Pancakes, Pandas, My Chemical Fucking Romance, Linkin Park, Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Transformers, Dragonball Z, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, ...
  • akeala1089

    Proudly Minnesotan, muthafuckers (People tend to not know where that is. Right above Chicago or close... I don't even know) I changed my email, BTW. I don't WANT to get kicked out of school. I'm in...
  • yorgismorgi

    Hi. I'm Ellen :P A weird teenager that likes bands, food, and laughing at people in walmart (come on its fun) I hope you enjoy the weird shit I write .-.
  • Otep

    Trapped inside a mental riot. Hate me, and do it again.

  • DisenchatedDestroya

  • bvbrocks

    Hey people of the Internets! My name is Casey, but you can call me Battery Diamond (my Killjoy name). I am proud to be a Killjoy and a bridesmaid. My favorite color is red, I breath music, I love t...
  • TheLittleSinner

    Hey. I'm Linnea. I like meeting new people, so please feel free to email me at ironpointsmile@gmail.com, or message me at doomsdaydyke.tumblr.com I love The Misfits, Bouncing Souls, Black Flag, Sma...
  • crimsonkiss

    Where do I start, where do I begin?
  • WayIeroFan

    Just here to write and have some fun. Don't be hating on me if you are unhappy.
  • mychemicalbitchbot

    Minnesotan, a bitch, if it's all the same to you... I'm an (annoyingly) blunt person (Or so I'm told, I've never noticed)I'm also a "metaphoron", meaning all metaphors are lost on me DX So here...
  • MatthewMorin

    Aspiring writer in the midst of constructing his manuscript.
  • friday13th

  • c-o-c-a-i-n-e

    I am really shit at describing myself, but I'll try. My name is Hana. I'm Libyan-Egyptian. I'm really antisocial and whatnot. I live in Cairo, and I play guitar and sing. I'm 15 and a heavy smoker,...
  • StakeMeBitch

    IM A GUY. I know like 99.9% of you here are girls so I just felt like that was something I had to say. I'm sickly obssesed with My Chemical Romance. But I mostly like old punk bands such as THE SEX...
  • Ben_Is_Alive_Again

    Oh Lord. Not again. The name's Ben, honey. I'm telling you this because you'll be screaming it all ni- *THUMP* Nathan: Finish your profile, Ben, like a good boy. Ben: Yes, dearest. Anyway, I'm gay....
  • NateTheGreat

    Occupation: Part-time ninja and Ben's boyfriend. (Both require tiger-like reflexes).

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