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    There are those of us whose imagination isn't as rampant as your average sci-fi reader/author. For them I give you these set of pictures that I have gathered from around the net. These are images I have saved on my HD because when I ran across them I was like, "Hey! This image reminds me of (insert Harry Potter character here)! I knew that if I was to ever going to write a fanfiction, I would use various character art as my visual aids. There are many characters I have not, or probably will never, list with a link to an image. Reason being, I do not intentionally search for these images, I just happen run across them.

    Art is a big hobby of mine, like fanfiction! If anyone is willing to share their collection, and hopefully have some posted here, please PM me! I don't know about you all, but putting faces to all these names helps immensely. So, now I share these images with you in hopes that you are all inspired as I once was. Please note however, I do not own these pictures, and that they are copyrighted by their original publisher.

    FACES and PLACES!:

    Harry Potter (Lord of War Version) Yes, Harry character in Lord of War is based off of Vin Diesel, both visually and mentally. All will be explained as the story progresses. How sad the explanation will be is your say! XD

    WOMEN I WOULD PAIR HARRY WITH: These are pretty much the only characters I feel I would ever write as to having relations with Harry.

    Narcissa Malfoy xXxXx Bellatrix Lestrange (younger, pre-Azkaban) xXxXx Fleur Delacour xXxXx Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davies xXxXx Cho Chang xXxXx Nymphadora Tonks xXxXx Su-Li xXxXx Hermione Granger

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Just more images of character concepts that I've managed to gather.

    Shirah: Furyan Preistess (Lord of War Character) xXxXx Albus Dumbledore xXxXx Ginny Weasley xXxXx Charlie Weasley xXxXx Gabrielle Delacour xXxXx Draco, Nott Jr, and Lucius xXxXx Fiona Parkinson xXxXx Pansy Parkinson xXxXx Neville Longbottom (older, post-Hogwarts) xXxXx Susan Bones (older, post-Hogwarts) xXxXx Padma and Pavarti Patil Twins xXxXx Burke (of Borgin and Burke's) xXxXx Lily Potter xXxXx Nicholas Flamel

    FOUNDERS OF HOGWARTS: This was the begging. I think this is where all my 'Harry Potter themed’ image collecting began. When I saw these CG images for the first time there was no doubt in my mind of who these guy's were. I mean, it's like the artists read my freakin' mind and created the founders EXACTLY as I imagined them in my head. Many of you may draw different conclusion as to how the founders may have looked, but to me, the images below ARE, without a shadow-of-a-doubt, the Hogwarts founders.

    Godric Gryffindor xXxXx Death of Godric Gryffindore xXxXx Helga Hufflepuff xXxXx Rowena Ravenclaw xXxXx Salazar Slytherin

    RANDOM (FUTURE) OC CHARACTERS: This is my second favorite folder of images.I have hundreds of images that relates to what I’ve labeled 'Harry Potter Verse'. These are just a few that I decided to post.

    Religious Ministries Instructor (Salem Academy, America) xXxXx Japanese Technomancers xXxXx Hunters (Department of Occult Warfare) xXxXx French Hitwizard/Assassin xXxXx Samuel Hobbs (ex-Navy SEAL, Blackwater Merc) xXxXx Sweepers from the Underverse xXxXx Ancient Japanese Golem

    SCENES: Ever wondered what all those huge, grand, and expensive mansions in fanfics looked like? Well here's an idea. I think I'll be able to use most of these concepts in pretty much all of my stories. Readers can check back here and see with their own eyes what is described in my fiction, instead of just skimming the entire descriptive portion of the chapter, like I usually do.

    Salem Academy of Magic xXxXx Potter Manor xXxXx Malfoy Manor xXxXx Parkinson Manor xXxXx Nott Manor (in ruins) xXxXx City of Atlantis (Uninhabited) xXxXx Azkaban Prison xXxXx Department of Mysteries

    For the pleasure of readers who love good art, enjoy. Borrow images at your own digression.

    - Afro

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