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  • Real name: Jeff Strauser
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  • Quillian

    Hi, my name is Quillian! I originally started fanfiction at, but after some of the changes they've made, I moved here! Also, I often make references to other fanfiction peopl...
  • ShadeDancer

    Hey! ShadeDancer here. You can find me here and on, feel free to email me anytime. I know I haven't updated here in ages, but I just don't have the time to work through the coding to get...
  • vash_the_unholy

  • Oldwolf

    Hiya folks. Well, let's get the important stuff out of the way first eh? For purposes of sex scenes, I draw a hard and fast limit at age 15. You won't find a story posted by me featuring young...
  • twistedmic

    I got my start on, at the beginning stages of their recent regime change and subsequent rules & regs about types of stories, ratings and the use of lyrics,and have decided to movr all of m...
  • Ariss_Tenoh

    Most of my stories are slash/yaoi aka Homoeroticism.
  • kiayea

    I'm fan of Harry Potter and few animes such Inuyasha. I love writing, reading and sleeping. Most of my works are currently published at Fanficion . Net. I NEED A BETA READER URGENTLY. Cont...
  • cearrae

    Middle aged computer analyst who is addicted to Severus Snape
  • IP82

    FICWAD NOTICE: I've decided to stop uploading new chapters to this site, as wresting with its document manager takes just too much of my time. You can find my new chapter at an...
  • HonksAholic

  • lantana

  • gregthebunny2005

  • Olliegami

    Hiya, You're either reading this because you stumbled upon it, or because you were actually looking for my work (A Girl can dream). Either Way, You're here now and I guess it wouldn't hurt fo...
  • fash_101

    Hey... im 18... love HHr and HATE H/G, R/Hr.... well thats about it i guess... Luke
  • Mrriddler

    ATTENTION: The stories contained under this profile at this site will no longer be updated.
  • overkill

  • DarthBill

    Hi. I'm William. I enjoy Harry Potter and Danny Phantom fanfics. And Dr. Pepper.
  • Kincaid_Revan

  • apocalypso

    Click on my website to read my profile...i don't want to type it out again.
  • coronagirl69

  • Cypher3au

  • DarkSyaoran

    Administrator at DarkLordPotter. Dark Harry Author. Dislike's various pairings including, but not limited too, Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione. Like's such pairings as Harry/Luna, Harry/Bellatrix,...
  • Shanastay

  • JBern

  • pheonix_iceangel

    Hey My name is Elle And i live in Sydney Australia and i use my nick name of Phoenix Ice Angel Call me Pheonix ;) Thankx C ya ;) Pheonix ;)
  • whatareyouevensaying

  • Neil

  • Omni_Black

    Was looking for fiction one day and found this, go figure.
  • hayeth

    Harry Potter and the Templar Status. Chapter 1 planned out, finished, posted Chapter 2 planned out, finished, posted Chapter 3 planned out, finished, posted Chapter 4 planned out, finished, pos...
  • scyllablue

    I never know what to write in these little white boxes. Erm, I write slash, mainly unusual pairings. I post completed stories to Adultfanfiction, WWOMB, Beyond Canon and on a restric...
  • HermanTumbleweed

    Because the owners of this site have made it very difficult for non-techie authors like me to post stories here you will find my writing on my Yahoo Group and on other fanfic sites. Vern/Herman
  • tigra19

    Hey, My name is Rajiah. I'm 20 and in college. And just so you know I'm a girl. People tend to think I'm a guy because of my name. I hope you enjoy my stories and I will try to keep you very entert...
  • SamStone

    Just a guy writing a story that some people like. I like HP, Ranma, BTVS and recently Naturo fanfics.
  • loralee1

    I've been writing little stories for a while now and really want to improve the quality. Constructive critisism is weclome. I have stuff on fanfiction net under the same pen name and a couple...
  • Tygerlily

  • haymak

    Hi everyone! I have been reading fanfiction for almost 2 years now and have finally gotten up the guts to write a story of my own. I have written the first 4 chapters to start and am hoping to ad...
  • red_jacobson

    I'm 51 years old, living in Nashville, Tennessee; and; when I'm not writing Harry Potter or Buffy-verse fan-fiction; you can find me writing my own information products. My favorite Harry ships ar...
  • adolf3

    Ok, I'm just a 24 year-old College student who has no ambition to be a writer, but I read a hell of a lot. I can promise you that any story I do post will be finished, but probably not for several...
  • Selector11

    Just a reader hoping to be a writer someday
  • AncientzDream

    Click to join Lair_of_the_Ancient_Dreamer Age: 32 Sex: Female Formatting issue solved!!! Woohoo!!! I live in the sunny, hurricane prone southwest florida panhandle and love the t...
  • CrimsonRogue

    Biggest single piece of information about me: I like the darkness. Seriously. I like fanfics where the protagonist's morals are iffy to start with or where the "Golden" hero's morals are corrupte...
  • bobsaqqara

  • cloneserpents

  • ElizabethSpiegel

    Hello, there's not really much to say about least that I really want to share with people...I like to write, poetry, songs, stories (both adult and some childrens for my neices and nephews)...
  • DrT

    Writer & reader of Harry Potter fan fics when not being a History professor.
  • Nanaea

  • Dark_Mage

    I'm having touble with my stories at the moment as you can probably tell from the lack of updates posted. I'm in a pickle with the pairing for my Harry Potter/LOTR crossover. Here are the new o...
  • swaypippin

    My name is Sway, and I've been writing for a while now, though I am only 20. I've decided to post some fanfic here and see what people like and dislike about my stories. I hope to gain something fr...
  • ladylaughalot

  • chemic1

    Name: Joseph Delgado Age: 20 Sex: Male School: National University Philippines Hobbies: Music, gaming, reading, writing, and sports Favorite Color: Blue Element: Water If you want to be my...
  • GuardianOfLight

    I am a relatively new author, I can be seen on Twisting the Hellmouth, HP Archive and AFF, my yahoo group is at:
  • sailorchick321

    i'm a graduate student at ETSU... and i am a certifible HP Freak... ok i know you're all waiting for me ot update the Rebirth of Hope... and I will soon, but i got bit by a new bug and will be ...
  • madnesspersonified

    Information on my Stories: Heart of the Warrior Book I: Origins of the Warrior AU Ninja Turtles Harry Potter crossover. Leonardo and Raphael disobey their Master Splinter and go to the surf...
  • black_spot

  • SecretlySnape

  • Ham

  • selenepotter

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! I have moved to a different continent. If you are interested in keeping up with me, I will be publishing my adventures on Livejournal under the name: expatjournal ...
  • Try_This

  • Chaos666

  • ShadowGryffindor

    I am an avid Harry/Hermione fan and ~Harry Potter: The Silent Halls of Hogwarts~ is my first venture into writing fanfiction. (I'm abbreviating it as SHOH) It is an AU story that looks at what migh...
  • APotter

  • ProjectDarkOverlord

    I have been writing fanficts on for two years now and decided to branch out. Things that I enjoy: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, anime/manga, Stargate, Fir...
  • PerfesserN

    Married with three cats. Guitarist and occasional sketch artist, painter. Writer of things seen and unseen.
  • stnssydny

  • Huntresss

    I am a 43 year old woman working steadily towards my first degree. I quit school in my senior years and didn't get my GED till 2000... since then I've dedicated myself to getting a degree in the IT...
  • corey123

    love harry potter

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