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    I'm known mostly by ChloeRhiannonX, but calling me Chloe is just fine with me. I am a seventeen year old girl who celebrates her birthday on September third and lives in a place called Swansea. For those of you who don't know where that is, it's in Wales. Still not ringing a bell? Try the United Kingdom then. Though, I am originally from Texas, I have been living here for the past eight or so years. I am just your average girl who has just started college and is trying to get by in life. I have been described as boring by one person and crazy by another. I guess it all depends what day and what mood. I aspire to become an author and I think it's clear from my Author's Notes that I am quite childish when I wish to be. I can speak maturally enough to write in such a posh and proper way such as this, but I prefer LOL! OMSG! OMG! SMILEY FACE! :) ;) =D =O xD x) And I also swear a lot more than I probably should. I started writing back in June 2010 when I discovered a fiction site called I got onto through a friend on Youtube and I have never regretted it. Fanfiction is where I found all of my friends. Yep, that's right, out here in the real world I am friendless. I pretty much stick to my boyfriend and his friend's side. Why? Because when I left secondary school, each and every one of my friends in out little group split up. We mostly all went to different colleges or six forms and then there was the issue of different courses beneath that. So, my friends all live in America or Australia now. But I have no problem with that what-so-ever! I also have my friend Bec to thank for introducing me to this site ()Though, I was truly appauled to find that it doesn't have a Total Drama catagory!). So far I have enjoyed it....So far all I have done is fill out this registration form and ramble on about myself. That's another thing about me, I ramble. I tend to ramble even more after a drink of pepsi or coke, so do be warned about that. I am a proud Total Drama ADDICT! A proud tribute from Distric four. A proud Demi-God from Posideon/ Neptune. A proud Ravenclaw. A proud GLEEK! And, as you can probably tell now, I am addicted to water! Always have been, always will be. I used to beg to go siwmming as a child, my favorite place was always a swimming pool. As I've gotten older I have become less addicted to it...But I still stand around in the shower for three hours when I only needed to be ten minutes. And what color is associated with water? BLUE! Blue is my favorite color in the whole,w ide world! No idea why...I just LOVE it! And I'm lucky enough that my house color is BLUE! hehe! Glee has been with me since the start! Hunger Games is a new found favorite which I do NOT plan on giving up anytime soon! Harry Potter since the first movie! (I was six...Too young to read the books before that!) Percy Jackson since Febuary-ish 2011! Total Drama. This is the topic you don't wanna get me started on! I will more than happily sit here for hours telling you about each and every characters. Why I like them, why I'm not too fussed. Though, I can hardly say anything...I do like all the characters. Why? Because it wouldn't be Total Drama without them all! Least favorites such as Eva, Ezekiel, Beth, maybe even Heather...Can you picture the show without them? I can't. It wouldn't be right. I have loved Total Drama ever since August 2009 when it aired on Disney XD(or was it still Jetix back then/ I am unsure...). My brother introduced it to me and I have been HOOKED ever since! My favorite character has always been Izzy! She a complete PHSYCO! Why wouldn't you love her? And second place is Sierra for now. SHE'S SOO FUNNY AND SOO EPIC!! My favorite couple is Duncan and Courtney. They're at each other's throats one minute and have their tongues down them the next! They love to hate each other! What's not to like? And this is not me saying that I HATE DxG because I don't! I LOVE DXG TOO! Seriously! No word of a lie! I LOVE IT! Duncan and Gwen suit each other! I guess...I've had more time to get used to DxC being together :D Well, I think that is my ramble over and done with now :) hehe! Thanks for reaching the end of this page for me :) Love, Peace and may the boy with the bread be topless in my dreams tonight :D Chloe xx

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