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    Hello, I'm Leena or you can call me Salya... since I'm Salya on FFN. XD
    I'm was born in the year of 1988, meaning I will post sexual stories... whenever I can do them. >.< I suck at sexual parts and I am learning. so nah. If you want to help me with those kind of parts, just let me know.
    Now I'm going to tell you a bit more about me, myself and I. XD I'm very shy around a lot of people and most of my ocs are as well. I can get pervy in role-plays and might be in a few stories. Anyways... I'm nice most of the time and can be a bit carefree. I get hyper a lot and it might show in a few fanfictions that I do. Other then that, I do have a bitchy side when pissed off. I get annoyed with some pairing that I don't like yet read about... which is just weird for me. lol
    Likes: yoai, anime, games, fantasy, sexy fox demons, Gundam Wing pilots in their black space suits ^///^ , mangas, and a few more that I don't feel like listing.
    Hates: some Yuri... Don't ask, jerks, Yusuke paired with Keiko, and others.

    Lovers for this month. I got a few guys that I really love but I can't always have them all the time. So I change lovers once a month. lol
    Anime Lover: Youko Kurama
    Why?: He has soft fox ears and a fluffy tail.
    Game Lover: Crocell
    Why? His fire like attitude. Plus he is soo hot. xD
    Book Lover: Sirius Black
    Why? Do I need a reason to love someone who gets killed why his own cousin. >.>
    Movie Lover: Jareth
    Why: I'm not sure myself... >.> Maybe he used some kind of magic on me.
    All time lover: Albel Nox
    Why? I just really love him. He's the only character that I can't share with anyone. -hugs on Albel-

    Favorites of the month. Here I'm just going to list a few of my favorites.
    Original: none yet Fanfiction: none yet

    Poetry: none yet
    Game: Tara X Dante (I like how I made Tara a bitch who loves annoying Dante to the point, he does something to her.)
    Anime: Seneca X Red (Pervy things happen just to piss off Green. lol )
    Book: Yulie X Ron (I like the hyperess she has as her and Ron annoy Rose most of the time.)

    I'm stopping here. I'll update favorites and lovers, at the start of each month if I remember. If anyone want to remind me, I would really like that. ^_^

    Other then Black Roses Red and the Truth or Dare fanfics, I will be posting only one-shots of random couples that I like or just for fun. Also I would like do to a few request for one-shots.
    Go to my website and go to what I know page, after reading all of that then go to Request page and request an one-shot. I will only do one-shots of males from the animes/books/games/whatever that I know. If you want a story with a few chapters then I might do it but it will be posted on fanfiction.net or if it's original then it's will be on fictionpress.net

    My Fanfiction.net profile
    Fictionpress profile: I share it was my brother's girl since she likes doing stories. More original then fanfiction but whatever.
    My Quizilla
    My profile on HP fanfiction site

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