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    Hi... I'm Aku. Go ahead and call me that. I'm becoming more, and more disappointed with the management on FF.net, so I figured I would branch out and try a few more different sites. I'm not sure if I'll end up posting anything, though. :\ Sorry, but if you actually care that much... head over to FF.net. I'm BloodStained4ngel there. That's subject to change, by the way. So far the only problem I can find with this site is that it'll be a bit more annoying to fics I would like to read. A pairing means alot to me, and can entirely ruin a whole fanfiction if done wrong. (To me, at least.) For example, I can't stand a Naruto fic that pairs... Oh, I dunno... Yugao with Sasuke. I will never... ever.. ever read that. Then again, I ain't too fond of slash, either. Mslash disturbs me. Alot. Femslash, however... As a great man once said... "Femslash is like a train wreck. You wanna look away, but you just can't." On to me, though. I'll keep my age t'myself, sorry. I'm from Georgia, if you haven't noticed by my accent. I have a bad habit of typing strangely when I'm in the right mood, and it makes my accent obvious. I don't really have a favorite color, though I do dislike some colors. (Yellow. White. Ugh...) I hate hypocrits, people who judge what they don't understand, idiots(99.8% of the human population.), and above all.. rapists. If you, for some reason, are curious about me, then PM me. If you can do that on this site, anyways. Once I know you aren't a creeper(Doin' the creep outside my window is NOT cool!), then I'll probably tell you. Be seein' you- Aku
  • A Different World, A Different Hero

    by AkuTenshi 1 Reviews

    Naruto/GoW Xover Naruto Uzumaki lost everything in order to save his own world. 10,000 years later the world is hanging on the brink of destruction yet again. Marcus Fenix will try to save it, but ...

    Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Naruto - Warnings: [!!!] [V] [?] - Chapters: 2 - Published: 2012/07/07 - Updated: 2012/07/07 - 1441 words


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