• Username: toni_baloni
  • Member Since: 2012-05-28
  • Real name: toni
  • Bio:
    Hello I'm toni. I absolutely love love love MCR (I saw them in concert once...hopefully more to come) and p!atd, red jumpsuit apparatus, the used, city sleeps, chiodos, and more but I can't name them all (: what else? Oh yes I love reading as you can see.
  • XxlovefrankieroxX

    "Outside of a dog a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it is too hard to read." I lust for music. Writing is my passion. Art is my first love. I'm an optimist who adores exploring the p...
  • kassiepooh

    hey people, I'm a vegatarian I love my black belt with spikes on it I'm IN LOVE with rock!!! I don't know what I'll do with out it especially my best friends
  • God_Reads_Ferards

    You can call me Heidi With a Z My trade is writing, obviously, and I'm known for my wild, twisted plots and mindless, spastic characters. I am the ink slinging spaz Debauchery is my specia...
  • SaaRawr

    hai :] im saarawr. "just so you know, you dont play guitar with your neck bro.. you play it with your bum bum" -synyster gates i like rates&reviews so please: make my day?
  • Space

    FRERARD. I’m not a native English speaker, I’ve already tried my best to write, don’t be so critical on me please. :P xxx
  • RyanRossLuver

    Emmi likes: Panic At the Disco My Chemical Romance Fall Out Boy Paramore The Academy Is... The Used Simple Plan Cobra Starship Frerard Ryden Joncer Frikey (Wayro) ...
  • Harrow

    i totally adore gerard and frankie from my chem. they rock as well as frank and all the others i love rock music and is totally hooked on making new friends so please introduce yourselves to me.
  • GerardWayisSex

    My name is Finch and I love Frerard. To me, it's like crack. I can't go a day without reading or writing it. If you have some Frerard for me, send it to me. I'll be happy to have it. But, I'm afrai...
  • EvolHexx

    Lizzie 15 Green Day Freak Straight Edge Vegggiiieeee! :) Frerard Lover. (WOOHOO!)
  • StandardToaster

    Hey. I'm Finch. : D Portland Oregon is the place. . Hit me up bitches.
  • forgottenlostsoul

    LMFAO at this one XD
  • padfoot_001

    blah blah blah and a stick of gum and burnt pizza. :) :) :)
  • ipanicdaily twitter: @itabi hit me up if you want. I take requests.
  • caitmonsterrr

  • E-JayLovesGerard

    Welcome to hell :) My name is E-Jay, though most call me Zacky.
  • reppingMychem

    So my names Frankie. Not my real name. Its what everyone calls me though. Im Bi. If I can accept that then so can you.
  • xDcee

    TO HELL WITH HUMANITY! OH THE PAIN! Okay. Here's the deal. I'm weird, depressed and maybe a little too fucked up to be walking around the streets of my town. My name is Max. Or Chris. Or, well,...
  • IcyBlues

    I murder to 'You're Beautiful' by James Blunt I fuck kids, in my head. I don't even know what I'm typing.
  • hannahfrerard

    Hi, I'm Hannah. I wrote all these fics a couple years ago, and even though I've passed the stage where this interests me, I'm leaving my fics up for nostalgia purposes, haha.
  • emo-girl

    Hey, im a english fanfic writter, i love to write MCR fan fic, mainly slash and romance. Like bands like MCR, Avenged sevenfold, mindless self induglence, fall out boy, panic at the disco, athrax, ...
  • TheForgottenMCRmy

    Well, I'm Kerri (pronounced like "carry") I love My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Evanescence.My favorite colors are black-and-blue. I like to write stories, ESPECIALLY MCR. ...
  • Theoneonandonly

  • cup-full-of-blood

    HELLOO PEOPLE OF FICWAD!! seriously what is with the name ficwad are they trying to say we are fic *gets baseball bat* XD naaaaahhh can't be XD :)i'm 16 and i am an english writer living in birming...
  • CosmicZombie

    Lucy/CosmicZombie. 17. My Chemical Romance, Fearless Vampire Killers, Ashestoangels, The Used and LostAlone enthusiast. Writer. Freak. Aspiring bassist with anxiety issues. History geek. Technology...
  • Katrina_Adams

    Hey, I'm Katrina. Katrina Adams is my pseudonym. Therefore, it means it's not my real name. But I prefer using it for my stories. I play flute in HS Marching band. I play guitar in a band with my f...
  • theescapist99

    Fact: My name is not really Myren. Any questions may go to the askbox in my tumblr, as it is the easiest way to reach me. Thanks. :)
  • ParanoiaDestroyah

    Currently Terrehbau5. What the fuck are you doing here and not on that account?
  • Unicorns-are-real

    Hey. This is mine and my friend's account. My name is Sara, I am 16 years old. As you have probably figured I love My Chemical Romance. They are my all time favourite band they inspire my stories ...
  • XFrankIeroismyheroX

    Updated everything on 27/4/13 because I have no life and haven't been on this site in quite a long time lol :-)) (No story on here will be updated again so are labeled as completed.)
  • ChloesGreenDay

    Wooo I write stories and stuff. 9/10 of the stuff here is angst. I also have an account on and on (ChloesGreenDay) ...
  • ONotz

    I have been banned from this site and anything related by my father. Any further uploads will be uploaded by RyanCyanideKiller. Okay guys. I am no...
  • Broken_Feathers

  • ilovefrankieieroxx

    I live in the oh so wonderful country of England (note the sarcasm there), my obsession with MCR has returned with a vengeance, I uses explanation marks WAY (haha way) too much, i have a learning d...
  • PrisonRiot

  • emocutter91

    i have a barely hopeful future, a dark present, and a fucking beyond-nightmare-ish past... Torture, all kinds of abuse, and shit back then... Shit happens... But I'm working on it:) xoxo Jamie I...
  • secretive

    All i can really say about myself is that i really enjoy writing. I love fanfiction and i find it funner to write than other sroties. Ficwad is a place i can express myself and also i can read othe...
  • I_am_a_Graveyard

  • warsweater

    Hola babies, I write panic! at the disco fan fiction and you're all fabulous.
  • _acidMonster

    As you can guess love my chemical romance. so olot of my stories and going to be frerard fanfics. i'm also working on my own novel, which involves some and a couple o' zombies, cuz i'm cool like th...
  • Sarahkilljoykid

    I'm Sarah. I know I'm a bitch, I don't care, that makes me a horrible person, but guess what? I still don't care. I write mainly my chem fics (some extremely dirty) and I would love it if you told ...
  • DoctorDeathDefy

  • gerardiero

  • KateyLaurenBell

    My name's Katey. I'm like in LOVE with MCR, so like I WANNA WRITE FUCKING FANFICS ABOUT THEM hehehehhe:D I'm crazy, also;) haha!! xxx
  • monstrice901

    . . .
  • SatelliteHeart

    Just a warning, I write a lot of smut and Frerards. If you don't like that sort of thing, then you should run fast and far away from me. But I don't believe in Frerard. I just like reading and writ...
  • ThanksChemVenom

    About Me: -Im Adrianna and I live in Miami -I wish I lived in New York -I'm 4'11'', which most call short, but I don't really care anymore. -I'm 15 -My email Talk t...
  • Humanwreckageyoulove

    I try to make my fanfics original.. that is all..

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