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    I am aerithbunny, I will be updating stories weekly I love het, yaoi and yuri all I have never been so angry at a manga in my life, until Fruits Basket. I loved the anima, but in my opinion, Yuki x Tohru was the way it should have gone. Oh and Rin needs to never have existed or not have been with Haru, Hatsuharu had balls in the anime to show who he was, and frankly should have been gay. Ayame should have never been portrayed as straight either, hell no! Akito should have been left male, I can't believe they changed the freakin' gender of the character...forget it. Anyway pairings I support(and love): Fruits Basket: Tohru x Yuki x Hatsuharu Yuki x Hatsuharu Tohru x Yuki Momiji x Hatsuharu Hatsuharu x Ayame Hatori x Ayame Pairings I despise: Kyou x Tohru Rin x Hatsuharu Yuki x Kyou Next on my list, is Kingdom Hearts. After some reconsderation I really just despise Xion x Roxas. I do think Leon x Cloud is adorable, but it's not the right pairing. Cloud is meant to be with Aerith! I don't care what anyone else says, he is NOT meant to be with Tifa! Aerith is Cloud's light, she is the reason he fights Sephiroth, this was made obvious in FF7, and even though she may have been with Zack at some point, her feelings fir Cloud ran deeper then her feelings for Zack, and Zack probably was groping Cloud anyway, the way he acted around him. Next is Zexion and Demyx, this is one of the cutest pairings I've ever seen. If you watched Zexion, the only time he ever showed remote emotions was around Demyx, not to mention Demyx seemed depressed in KH2, gee I wonder why, his boyfriend wasn't around. Though Marluxiacould've been with Vexen as well, the way those two bickered in Chain of Memories, and the way Marluxia was in general(and the pink hair) means he probably wasn't straight. Anyway, I know the only real pairing I like are: Aerith x Cloud, Axel x Roxas, and Riku x Sora. (and anyone who argues these pairings will probably be ignored by me.) Hayner and Seifer, the way they fought was reminiscent of how Zell and Seifer fought, however unlike Zell, Hayner seem fit for Seifer in the Kingdom Hearts series to some extent. Pairings I support(and love): Kingdom Hearts Series: Sora x Riku Kairi x Sora x Riku Axel x Roxas Axel x Roxas x Namine Zexion x Demyx Leon(Squall) x Cloud x Aerith Aerith x Cloud Cloud x Sephiroth (look at the FF7 portion of my profile to see why) Leon(Squall) x Sephiroth (even though it's a completely impossible pairing) Marluxia x Vexen Pairings I Despise: Roxas x Xion Alright my next victim is Yu-Gi-Oh. I love the Abridged Series (LK is the best!) And he is dead on about Theifshipping! Has anyone ever watched the actual series and gone wait...what happened to Yugi's feelings for Tea? After the date, and after her basic rejection of Yugi for Yami, Yugi officially fell for Yami, the way they were in the anime was definitely more then "partners" they were lovers. And this also explains why Yami came back after the actual series ended and he was supposed to be gone. Yami probably was with Seto back in ancient Egypt until Kisara came along, why was Seto always hating Yami and trying to defeat him, that obsession? Because his own feelings betrayed him, he wanted to take Yami down because of his own regret for his own feelings for Yami, and how he had betrayed Yami so many years ago. It carried over into his future life and therefore his obsession with Yami comes from unresolved feelings for him, and they are haunting him because Yami is now with Yugi. Bakura, not Ryou...Bakura, had feeling for Marik (and yes I mean Hikari), Yami Marik is none other then Seth trapped in the rod and being used through Marik's body, Yami Marik is not an actual character of his own! Yami Marik is Seth, otherwise the Rod would not have gone off around Seto...anyone who argues this I will probably ignore, because Yami Marik can't be his own character, he has no actual backstory, his backstory is generated from Marik (Hikari). Ryou has his own backstory, as does Bakura, which is why Bakura is his own character. I support Theifshipping, and angstshipping (Ryou x Marik). Onto my next subject, Amelda...yes Aster. Amelda had this weird obsession with Seto, and what surprised me was Seto reacted. Seto reacted to Amelda because Amelda was like him, Amelda had lost his brother someone he cared for deeply, and Seto wanted revenge for Amelda vs. Dartz because he felt a kinship with Amelda. Feeling for each other could have been developed this way, and for once with Seto he could have had a relationship with someone he didn't rival. Zigfried...ah pink. Zigfried's sick obsession with Seto, could have been out of a love obsession, and the only reason why Seto wouldn't have had any chance to return those feelings is because Zigfried went about it the wrong way, if he had instead gotten Seto's attention by playing fair and beating Seto at his own game, Seto's obsession with winning would have easily turned into an obsession for Zigfried. (though Zigfriend beating Seto is highly unlikely, and Seto's deck is one of the most potent beat-down decks I've ever seen.) Jou was meant to be with Mai, not Seto. I know this is going to confuse a lot of people. but Jou was not into the kind of rivalry with Seto that Yami had with Seto. The way Jou felt was not meant to be taken in a sexual connotation, but was meant to be taken as a feeling insecure and as a lesser being then Seto. However another pairing stemming off of Mai x Jou is Varon x Mai, and Varon x Jou. Varon did love Mai, but she rejected him for Jou, and Jou's feelings towards Varon were of compassion and understanding which could have developed, and this could have been made into a very strange threesome relationship which I support. Pairings I support (and love): Seto x Yami (prideshipping) Yami x Yugi (puzzleshipping) Zigfried x Seto Amelda x Seto Bakura x Marik (Hikari) (theifshipping) Ryou x Marik (hikari) (angstshipping) Ryou x Marik (hikari) x Bakura Jou x Mai Jou x Varon Mai x Jou x Varon Crack Pairings I love (but are absolutely not possible in the actual series): Seto x Ryou (Euroshipping) Seto x Bakura Ryou x Seto x Bakura Pairings I Despise: Tea x Yugi Tea x Yami Jou x Seto (puppyshipping) The next subject is Yu-Gi-Oh GX. First of all Zane was the sh*t, he was amazing. But Syrus could just go ahead and die. I mean I understood why Jaden was in the series, but Syrus was just kinda not needed. Zane and This doesn't work for me, Zane was too twisted of a character for Alexis. Zane had the commonality with Atticus and Yusuke instead, and frankly should have been with them, or one of them. As well as Atticus and Yusuke, the way Atticus cared for Yusuke (if you watched that far into the series) was purely out of love. Edo or Aster...was meant to be with Satorious or Saiou. The way he felt about his friend and his dire need to save him made more sense to me then most things in that show. Chazz...ugh his But as a character he could have been a lot more decent then he was. No he does not belong with Jaden, and his crush on Alexis was unrequited. Jaden and Alexis are a really sweet couple, and to a degree I agree with them. But Jesse and Jaden is just too damn perfect, yes Yubel was mixed into that mess, but unlike Yami and Yugi, Yubel was not with Jaden, Yubel's feelings of rejection and hate were built out of rejection from Jaden, meaning Yubel may have loved Jaden, but Jaden did not love Yubel, and Jaden wound up being able to come to terms as friends with Yubel in the end. Pairings I support(and love): Atticus x Zane x Yusuke Atticus x Zane Zane x Yusuke Yusuke x Atticus Edo(Aster) x Saiou(Satorious) Jaden x Alexis Jaden x Jesse Pairings I Despise: Zane x Alexis Syrus x Anyone I do not like Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's, and refuse to watch it, though Yusei is a decent character, the rest of them...hell no. Final Fantasy Series: Alright my biggest pet peeve...Cloud x Tifa. NOOOOOOOO! He was meant to be with Aerith, after how much they've been through, the way he obviously felt for her, and the way he continuously runs off on Tifa proves he can't get over Aerith, and will eventually die to be with her. Death does not end true love. However, if I am going to put Cloud into Yaoi, it is going to be with either Kadaj, Vincent, Zack, or Sephiroth. Kadaj proclaimed Cloud to be his brother and Cloud is a clone of Sephiroth. BUT, and this is a huge but...Cloud's genetics are so fuzzy and unclear, he could easily not be related to either of them, it could just be a metaphor for their mental connection to each other. The way Cloud's obsession with Sephiroth works leads me to believe that he was probably felt up by the general back in the training camps, and who wouldn't have molested Cloud back then, he was freakin' adorable. The way he held Kadaj at the end of Advent Children, and the way he was trying to get through to Kadaj that he was merely a puppet led me to believe that he felt that Kadaj could have been saved, and he could have made things better for Kadaj. Vincent is Sephiroth's father(or should be), but like I said the genetics are so spliced that by the time he gets to Cloud, there's probably no relation. Next off, is that Vincent and Cloud share something in common, their loves both died. Lucrecia was Vincent's love, Aerith was Cloud's, they could come together in comfort for each other to make a great couple between this bond. Zack loved Cloud, the way they were back in the military, Zack died to save Cloud, which showed how deep their bond was, and it had to have been more then friendship. Zack also was around Sephiroth quite a bit, and it was easily hinted that those two could have been a couple. Cid is meant to be straight, Yuffie can't be with Vincent, she's 17...he's probably in his 50's..not to mention, her personality is too hyper in contradiction to his melancholy personality. Personally I hate Tifa when she's around Cloud, her entire life seems to center around him, and he just doesn't seem as interested or enthused, she needs to move on from him, because his feelings for Aerith run too deep for her to interfere with. Reno...yes he had a connection with Yazoo. They are a CUTE couple, I love them, they're perfect, the way they would play with each other's words and taunt each other was much like Kadaj and Cloud. However, Reno could just as easily be with Rude, the bomb scene...that's really all I need to say. Pairings I support (and love): Cloud x Aeris Cloud x Kadaj Cloud x Vincent Cloud x Sephiroth Aerith x Cloud x Kadaj Zack x Sephiroth Cid x Shera Yazoo x Reno Reno x Rude Cloud x Zack Tifa x Barret Pairings I Despise: Cloud x Tifa Vincent x Yuffie Final Fantasy VIII, or FF8. Seifer and Squall, yes this is a pairing. A past tense pairing maybe, but still a pairing, they hate and love each other, the obsession between these two is really very much there. Rinoa and Squall, yes she melted his heart, he loves her, and she loves him. Rinoa is NOT a shallow bitch, she is a wonderful warm person. Irvine x Squall, this works because of their connection as gunmen, and if Rinoa died or some tragedy...Irvine most likely swings both ways the way he chases after tail like that, and Irvine is strong and kind, able to help Squall through understanding and compassion. No Quistis and Zell are not together, and never will be. They are left single for a reason. Pairings I Support (and love): Squall x Rinoa Squall x Seifer Irvine x Squall Seifer x Squall x Rinoa Irvine x Squall x Rinoa Pairings I Despise: Zell x Quistis (note that I left Irvine and Selphie alone, I don't disagree with this couple, but that doesn't mean I love it.) Final Fantasy X and X-2. Ok, this is the one Final Fantasy I can't F*ck with. Tidus and Yuna FOREVER!!!! They are so cute together. Lenne and Shuyin...yes, perfect. However I can make Yuri appear in this, Rikku and Paine would make an awesome couple, the way they argue is like an old married couple, and Paine just simply has to be a lesbian. Pairings I Support and Love: Yuna x Tidus Lenne x Shuyin Rikku x Paine Next subject is Final Fantasy XII or FF12. Frankly I have come to the conclusion I hate FF12 too much to care anymore. Final Fantasy XIII: I LOVE Snow x Serah!!!! So cute! Others I love: Vanille x Sazh Vanille x Fang Fang x Lightning Snow x Serah ones I'm not fond of: Serah x Noel Alright my next subject is Avatar: The Last Airbender. Never have a I hated a fanbase so much in my Zuko is not meant to be with Katara, Aang is. Zuko and Mai are meant to be together, Suki and Sokka are meant to together, Toph is not meant to be with Sokka, and Aang is meant to be with Katara. However, some other pairings I am ok with, such as Zuko x Jet. The way they interacted with each other, if Jet had tried to understand more, he could have easily developed feelings for Zuko had he swung that way (which as a yaoi fangirl, no man is straight unless we want him to be). Toph could have easily been transformed into a lesbian for Suki, and therefore could be involved into the relationship she has with Sokka somehow. Mai could be bisexual as well, and Ty Lee could easily be brought to her, as they did seem closer then Azula was to them. Zuko could have also had a thing with June, the way they fought. Pairings I support and love: Zuko x Mai Jet x Zuko Jet x Zuko x Mai Ty Lee x Mai Jet x Zuko x Mai x Ty Lee Zuko x Mai x Ty Lee Sokka x Suki Aang x Katara Sokka x Suki x Toph Sokka x Yue (water princess for those who forgot) Mai x Zuko x June Zuko x June (if Mai was dead or something awful like that) Zuko x Mai x June (yes this is put this way for Yuri) Jet x Zuko x Mai x Ty Lee or June Zuko x Jin(it's adorable) Pairings I Despise: Azula x (anyone) (she's too crazy for me) Zuko x Katara (NOOOOOOO! It's not meant to be people.) (any incest possible couples such as Zuko x Azula or Sokka x Katara) Aang x Toph (no way) Sokka x Toph (yeah, no way in hell) Okage: Shadow King Anyone who has ever pkayed this game knows just how amazing it is...but frankly you could choose between either Roslyn or Marlene for Ari. I prefer Marlene and believe she and Ari were meant to be a real couple in that game. However Epros was just so pretty that as a crack pairing it would have to be him and Ari. Pairings I Love: Marlene x Ari Epros x Ari Pairings I Despise: Stan x (anyone) (no...not gonna happen) Roslyn x Ari Shadow Hearts Series Alright I don't care who liked Karin, she was not meant to be with Yuri. In fact if you get the correct ending, she is his mother after meeting his father after being transported into the past. (Creepy, right?) Yuri was meant to be with Alice, plain and simple. Pairings I Love: Yuri x Alice Pairings I Hate: Yuri x Karin Princess Jellyfish: I LOVE: kuranosuke x tsukimi I hate: Shu x Tsukimi (more to be added later) The Legend of Korra: I HATE Makorra, it's a terrible ship, the way they've written it, the love triangle, it's BAD. I am a Borra all the way! I also like Masami still, don't care how it ended, it was cute to begin with. Pairings I love: Bolin x Korra Pema x Tenzin Asami x Mako Pairings I Despise: Mako x Korra Alright so here are a few rants of mine on characters/pairings: 1. Why I hate Tifa Lockheart: 2. Why I hate Kagome: 3. Reasons why I support Yuki x Tohru even now:
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