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    IWCT stands for "If Walls Could Talk."

    I also have a account as MorriganFearn. However, it hasn't been updated in about a year, because I find Ficwad is a friendlier place.

    I now have a web comic out, which I update more regularly than my fanfiction (er, this is only true because I don't publish anything until I have a whole chapter done, so I can update page by page very quickly -- unfortunately I hate coloring the dratted thing, so currently, no new chapter is done).

    Incomplete Works: That Stupid School Project (X-men: Evolution) - I really need to update this to where writers block has stalled me...
    Torn to Broken (Jak and Daxter) - I'm lazy and don't open this document enough
    Made of Stone (Pokemon) - Writer's block hiatus, as per the usual

    What I write: My fandoms are those of the sweet and light hearted, innocent child-like stories where good triumphs, and evil is vanquished. Then I take them and rip out their hearts and pull down their fortresses of love, and shove them out into war zones. All this to write about broken innocence and lost dreams. Sometimes, I am kind, though, and restrict myself to character introspection, or even better: fluff. I've written two fluff fics so far. Go me.

    What I Read: Insightful angst. Happy gen fluff. Pretty creeping mental horror. Humorous encounters of the Pratchettean kind. Whatever takes my fancy. Anything by iamzuul. Kimi_no_vanilla is my (vanilla) god. Fairady fan fiction forever.

    Hmm, pretentious advice time:

    1. Write decent summaries for your stories, or just pick out a good sentence or two from the story as a summary. If you don't do this, or cop out by saying: "blah, can't write summaries, read anyway" you won't get as many readers. And seriously, spell check and capitalize your summary. People do judge a book by its cover, and around here, the cover is the summary.

    2. Spell check, beta, or whatever, don't publish something until it looks as though someone who actually has contact with the English language wrote it, not a trained l33t monkey.

    3. Drabbles are technically supposed to be around a hundred words or less. Chapters should be 1000 or more. One shots should at least contain 500 words.

    4. Remember: it's not that the Mary Sue is bad, it's the author that makes her impossible to read without wanting to take a spork to your eyeballs. Really. Most of the main characters in all forms of fandom are Mary Sues. The difference is that they are written well enough to make them tolerable.

    5. Flames are funny, because the flamer has preconceived notions about you that are almost always wrong. Besides, someone who takes time out of their day to attempt to make you feel worse is obviously feeling pretty shitty about their lives, and only feels better once they spread the pain. So: pat your flamer on the head and give them a cookie. They must need someone to buck them up and help them bleed out the nasty poisons circling their mental horizons that make them so pointlessly angry.

    6. Ficwad isn't the community of reviewers that FF.N is. There are lots of nice people here, but don't expect instant reviews.
  • trollopfop

    Wow, everything here's really out of date.
  • kimi_no_vanilla

    Yo, I'm Loren. 23 years old, American, lazy college student and devoted fangirl. If you like your reading material a bit on the dark side, you're in the right place. :D
  • iamzuul

    I like to write. It's not obvious, is it? -LiveJournal: -Adult
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  • fairady

    I'm a slash-loving, sugar-cracked writer. My fics tend to the slash side and are often the more unusual pairings, though I do write quite a bit that is gen. Well, not much else to be said now i...
  • Monoshiri

    Lunatic with a peculiar fondness for giant transforming robots who can't aim worth crap, recovering alcoholic watchmen, vertically-challenged state alchemists, and ninja who really need to learn th...
  • Novocaine

    6/17/10 Huzzah for new fics! Sadly, I've pretty much abandoned this account, and anyone interested in reading my more recent fics is encouraged to click on the link to my FFNet account. It's lis...

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