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    Ohayo! I am the almighty (my ass) Luna Blu! NOW BOW BEFORE ME! I COMMAND IT! ...please? Name: Luna Blu (Luna being the last name) Aka: Blu Species: Fox demon Gender: female Writes: Zelda, Trigun, Detective Conan/Case Closed, and Jak and Daxter Anime character/s most like: Mori Ran/Rachel Moore (DC/CC), Whinry (FMA) Best Described in one phrase: Confusion Incarnate OCs: TK- He’s my conscience and muse at the moment, and my one and only OC. I loves him bunches, even tho he’s kinda bitter about constantly being pelted with shoes. I think he’s finally thrown in the hat because I’ve been stuck in more writer’s blocks than you can shake a stick at lately. My sword boy hates me… Friends at BCC (in no particular order) Name: T9 Bio: Species: Cat/Dog demon Gender: female Anime Character/s most like: Haruko (FLCL), Meryl (TRIGUN), Faye Valentine (COWBOY BEBOP), Izuma (FMA), Nina (TRIGUN) Best described in one phrase: A hug with teeth Description: T9 is one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, but if she heard me phrase it like that, she just might kick me for being so mushy. She's tough, kinda thick headed, and likes to wrestle when she knows she'll win, which is pretty much anytime, anywhere. She is probably the biggest pyro I've ever met, which makes the forth of July very interesting to say the least, and truly, compared to all my other ones before meeting her, I really wouldn't want it any other way. Although she hasn't written much, and has apparently vowed never to write again, she is extremely funny and helps me a lot in more ways then one with my own stories. See, this is where I would give her a cyber hug, but that would just lead to me being physically punched XD OCs: Legato: Legato Bluesummers (TRIGUN) Perverted and unusually hyper for him, but then again, he went and married my best friend, T9, so what else would you expect? He's very clingy and out of character most of the time and enjoys walking around in his hotdog boxers when he thinks no one else is home o_O Name: Hustino Bio: Species: human (or so we think) Gender: Male Anime Character/s most like: Hideki (CHOBITS), Vash (TRIGUN), Hige (WOLF'S RAIN), Jimmy Kudo/Kudo Shinichi (DC/CC) Best Discribed in one phrase: Will dance 4 hugs Description: Hustino-kun is one of my very few male friends, making him very close to me. He's very kind and understanding, but if you happen to get in argument with him, you are going to lose. BIG time. He might act like he's nothing but a happy-go-lucky otaku with nothing on his mind but bacon and video games, but he's very intelligent as well as gifted author. He enjoys playing video games and I've gotten him addicted to a few web comics I enjoy, although he apparently doesn't like new things very well, which is a load of bull, if you ask me. OCs: Diablo: Perverted side of Hustino who also likes to walk around the house in his boxers, although he really doesn't mind if anyone sees him while doing so. He's a smart ass, annoying, overconfident, and a hentai to boot. To put it simply, we all hate him, but if we killed him, we'd kill Hustino, so that rules that options out. Luckily, torture with pipes is okay... Name: Kenny Bio: Species: Human (as far as we know) Gender: Male Anime character/s most like: Lt. Col. Hughes (FMA), Naota (FLCL), Piro (MEGA TOKYO) Best Described in one phrase: Hopeless Romantic Description: Oh Kenny-kun. He’s such a sweet guy -huggles- Kenny is one of my best friends in the world. I love staying up late talking with him. Tis cost me my normal sleep pattern, but what’s a little insomnia between friends? Kenny-kun’s a shy guy, but once you get to know him, he’s really fun to be around. He’s usually quiet and keeps to himself, which bothers me at times, but when tis just he and I in an IM window, he can be quite lively. We’re still working on getting him to talk to us more tho. We miss our Kenny-kun… OCs: Asako: Kenny-kun’s shoulder devil. I don’t like her all that much because she usually only pops up when Kenny’s mad and starts taking it out on me and TK. She’s the force in Kenny’s life that usually leads him down the path of leaving the chat when he’s pissed… Makoto: Kenny-kun’s slightly nicer shoulder angel. She also only pops up when Kenny’s mad over something, but is a little less violent about it. Hopefully in the future, Kenny will bring out his shoulder companions to talk instead of strap people to ceiling fans… Favorites: Favorite Anime/s: (ALSO in no particular order) Trigun Detective Conan/Case Closed FLCL Fruits Basket Inu Yasha Wolf's Rain Cowboy Bebop Full metal Alchemist Lupin the Third Favorite Male Anime Character/s: Nicholas D. Wolfwood (TRIGUN) Father Anderson (HELSING) Jimmy Kudo/Kudo Shinichi (DC/CC) Edagawa Conan (DC/CC) Edward Elrich (FMA) Lut. Col. Hughes (-SOB-) (FMA) Greed (FMA) Kyo (FB) Aya (FB) Ritsu (FB) Dog-dude (He doesn’t have a name, I swear) (FMA) Barry (FMA) Eyebrows (FLCL) Ryoga (RANMA 1/2) Mousse (RANMA 1/2) James (POKEMON) Sanosuke (RURUONI KENSHIN) Favorite Female Anime Character/s: Millie Thompson (TRIGUN) Rachel Moore/Mori Ran (DC/CC) Lt. Elizabeth Hawkeye (FMA) Sensei Izuma (FMA) Whinry Rockwell (FMA) Lust (FMA) Haruharu Haruko (FLCL) Samaji Mamimi (FLCL) Other: Aladdin (DISNEY'S ALADDIN) Link (LEGEND OF ZELDA) Sheik (LEGEND OF ZELDA) Jak (JAK AND DAXTER/JAK II/JAK 3) Daxter (JAK AND DAXTER/JAK II/JAK 3) Tess (JAK II/JAK3) Danny Finten (DANNY PHANTOM) Favorite Pairings (in no particular order): MilliexWolfwood (TRIGUN) MilliexKnives (TRIGUN) MerylxVash (TRIGUN) DaxterxTess (JAK II/JAK 3) Ran/RachelxShinichi/Jimmy (DC/CC) BarryxHawkeye (XD) (FMA) KyoxTohru (FB) KafeixAnju (LEGEND OF ZELDA)

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