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  • brynn_parker

    Name: Katryn Occupation: Student Location: U.S.A. My Favorite Animes: Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, s-CRY-ed, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Wing, Naruto, Eureka 7, Escaflowne, F...
  • moocow

    It's called a Jay-Z retirement for a reason. Cult following. Pen pals. Potroast. active stories pevie: forever eds: forever bros&hoes: 8 more chapters moocow: forever
  • duckapple

    I'm a 28 and from Baton Rouge , Louisiana. I've been writing Fan Fiction off and on since the days of Hanson. Yes, I am that old. I'm currently working toward a teacher certification to make my Lib...
  • prettypoizon

  • LovelyxMistake

    I'm Rhyanna I've been here since there were like ten PATD stories. -------
  • patrickdance4me

  • punkypromqueen

    .:.insert superhero theme music here.:. I'm a nerd and I'm okay with that. I love to laugh. I get sidetracked easily. I'm a lover not a fighter, you know, "make love,...
  • MusicxisxHearts

    Yeah, I'm working on it.
  • XTinkerbellX

    I'm Hannah. I'm 22, and I haven't been on this site in an extremely long time.
  • youngandreckless

    For the record! we are not writing for grammar and all that other shit. Its for fun. Have a problem with that then dont read them! Thanks These are stories written by Laura and Stacey. We are kn...
  • whatkatydid

  • Frenchie189

  • howshesews

    i'm very reproductive. take that how you want to. i love the DoJ. i'm in it. we're the girls you should be checking the news for. we're taking over the world. FicWad Meet.....
  • thexrealxme

  • kissxthexbullet

    I'm Gone. The End.
  • Playing_With_Fire

    im just a little me dreaming of making it big in the big picture which being with my band Playing With Fire we will be big when we get noticed... just we haven't found the right song yet... or gott...
  • FrostedGlass

    Yes, I do get asked to model a lot. Mostly for "before" pictures for anti-frizz hair products. And other "before" pics... FicWad Meet... The Division of Joy (DoJ) Crysta...

    I am a baseball loving (Go Twins, particularly number 18), starbucks drinking (you will never see me in a hoodie without a coffee stain), music fanatic (see below). As if my life couldn't be any ...
  • xxlaurenxx

    Lauren motha fuckin Jo --- yeh well hmm. i really dont have much to say. i was a big fanfic reader, and then kind of took what i saw and formed my own writing style, making way too many fic...
  • radioactive

    Just that girl whose mind is filled with fantasies that will most likely never come true.
  • luckysgc921

    I'm 29. I've spent the last 15 years working in and around the music scene. I write to decompress. Panic! At the Disco/Fall Out Boy Love is only Love Complete Inspiration: The Moll...
  • xtearcatcherx

    I have dark brown hair that looks black and an electric blue streak, and golden brown eyes. I love talking to people so if you want, you can add me at shooting-for-love-in-the-dark@hotmail.com ~so...
  • cowpatty

    moo.dance.cow.patty. err body in the club get tipsyyy this joint account is runned by: evie. [moocow] casie. [patrickdance4me] capish? kapoosh let's get frisky!
  • datwoKCs

    Holla! It's Casie and Casey. we love you all and want to make you cookies. but we dont know where all you live and they would get cold before the got there. so accept our story as a token of our ap...
  • xmixedxtapex

    Soo I write stories..i think we all do if were on this site. read mine! i take my stories from real life expeirences(sp) and books i read frequently i usual go on everyday or try to because writi...
  • ViolaMonster

    I'm Kara♥ I'm in a band so I should be writing lyrics when my emotions go crazy but fan fiction is much more fun I'm not a great writer, but I really love fan fiction. I'm i...

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