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    Lmfao. God, how I hate these things. Anything to do with talking about me .. I just suck at it. Let's see, I'll take a stab at it, I guess. Umm .. Well, first of all .. what am I doing here? I adore fan fiction. Reading and writing it. And, I'm involved in oh so many ships .. it's not even funny anymore. It's hard, sometimes, to keep them all straight. Well, let's see if I can list the ones I like .. . ships . harry x hermione draco x ginny ron x luna robin x starfire beast boy x raven inuyasha x kagome miroku x sango ed x winry Well, obviously .. harry x hermione, draco x ginny, and ron x luna are from the Harry Potter series. I know, I know .. *haven't you read the sixth book yet? Harry and Hermione don't get together .. none of those ships happen. Your ships are sunk. SUNK . S-U-N-K. Mwahahahaha.* Well, let me just say it before you. I know they don't get together .. any of them, but I don't care. Those are my favorite ships and I'm sticking with them. Don't care what anyone says. They're still my ships. So .. feh. (whoops, im xcrossing here. -giggles-) Anyways, I guess I can give some reasons why I'm a fan. I mean, since I have nothing else better to do & I'm suffering from major writers block and hand cramps from typing all frickin' day. Lol. This probably isn't helping much, but who the heck cares? Not me! Anyways .. on to the reasons .. Harry x Hermione Well, for one thing, this ship is "more-better" than any of the rest of them, in my opinion. I know a bunch of of Herons are snarling at me right now. (Stop it or your face will stick like Snape's. *shudders* And no one wants that.) Anyway, the Harmony sails beyond just friendship and if you can't see that, then you're blind. (I know, Herons, I know .. well, if you can't see all the R/Hr stuff going on, then you're blind! *sticks out tongue*)I believe Jo could have done beautiful things with Harmony, but nooo. smirks But, I guess I'm just delusional, right Emerson? Besides, Harmony is the minority fan base, right Melissa? Heh. Sorry for the rant, just blowing off some steam from the interviews. (Power to the Dark Lord & his Lady *smirks* Voldy's team will succeed in bringing Harry to the dark side .. heh. you don't know what i'm talking about, but that's okay. team voldy members get it) I don't ship what's easy .. I ship what's RIGHT. Draco x Ginny Well, now. This seems awkward, right? I mean, DxG can't happen .. the two families hate each other with a passion that burns deep down in their souls. They HATE each other. smirks That's right .. they hate each other. Which makes it all the more steamy and passionate when they get together. DxG isn't exactly plausible, but it sure is fun to ship. evil smirk Ron x Luna There's not much to explain here. I ship it because it's oh-so-very kawaii. I mean, the way Luna would walk around aimlessly, humming Weasley is Our King to herself under her breath? That's just about the kawaii -est thing. Aww. And, so that's my reason. Oh, and also .. Ron can't be in the way when I ship Harmony. evil smile The poorbloke had to get some action once in a while. So, besides the reason that they're kawaii, I figured I'd give Ronnie-kins a break. Heh. Next up, we have robin x starfire and beast boy x raven from the show Teen Titans. Teen Titans was the first cartoon I got into shipping with. I just loved all the fluff and unresolved tension between R/S and BB/Rae. It was hard NOT to ship it when I first watched the cartoon. Heh. I became obsessed verrrry shortly. I soo into this show & I watched it everytime it came on. And then, what happens? They up & end the series on me. Feh. It pissed me off. Badly. But let's see some reasons .. Robin x Starfire Let me just ask .. have any of you seen the episode 'Stranded'? That pretty much sums up my reasoning right there. It's so kawaii how Robin always has to explain things to her. They trust each other with their lives. Their trust in each other, I believe, runs deeper than anyone on the whole team. They're so very fluffy, but I wish they'd hurry up and resolve this tension. I'm about to go crazy. Heh. Beast Boy x Raven These two belong together. He's (or thinks he's) funny. She's the dark gothic type. Conflicting personalities attract each other. It's a proven fact. What BB and Rae have is natual and it comes naturally. I believe I read a fic one time, where BB turned into a kitty (kawaii, i know!) and snuck in & heard Rae say how in love she was with him. Natually, I squeeeeeee-ed until I could squee no more. So much fluffy goodness, I felt like I was swimming in cotton candy . But, what can I say? I didn't mind. I have a sweet tooth. smirks Mwahaha. On to my favorite ships of all time. inuyasha x kagome and miroku x sango. This is from the Anime/Manga Inuyasha (duh). God, I'm so obsessed. I just ordered Affections Touching Across Time off of ebay. I couldn't help myself. I'm waiting, none to patiently, for it to arrive. But, oh wow. I'm sooo frickin' obsessed with the Inuyasha Anime and Manga .. I can't help myself. I suppose it has something to do with Inuyasha being an Inu-hanyou. Something about a 19 year old boy who has white fluffy ears is just oddly kinky. laughs Wow. I know I have problems, you don't have to tell me. It's evident, hai? Well, that's what I thought you'd say. You see, I'm just a simple hentai at heart. (God, I sound like I should be describing Miroku. *snorts*) Anyways, I guess we shall go ahead with the explanations, hai? Here we go .. Miroku x Sango I'm so sorry. I have to leave Inu-kun and Kagome-sama for last (in this section anyways). It's probably going to be the longest. But, feh. Deal with it. Miroku and Sango are so kawaii. A typical day in their lives .. Miroku : *gropes Sango* Sango : *SLAP* . -giggle- I love it. They're just so kawaii together .. squees. Heh. Pent up squeeing energy. I'm getting it all out, though. -snorts- I can't believe a hentai like Miroku ever became a monk. Aren't they supposed to be pure or whatever? Pshh. Miroku is anything but pure. lmfao. I love these two, though. Their relationship is one of my favorites, next to the one I'm about to do. Inuyasha x Kagome Oh, God. So much to say about Inu-kun and Kagome-sama .. I don't even know where to begin. I love everything about these two. I think it's so cute how he lets Kagome ride on his back and how he watches over her every night. How he promises to protect her always and how she promises that she will never leave his side. (Excuse me if I mix fan fic with the Anime/Manga) I just can't help but squee whenever these two are around. I love the fan fics on ff.net about Inu-kun. They are the best. The BEST, I tell you. Oh, and I have to stick one thing in. I hate Kikyou. With a passion. She can go burn in hell, for all I care. I can NOT stand her. She and Inu-kun? Just ew. She'd dead, Inu, sweetie. Leave it alone and go with a live one. Kagome is right there, and all. I mean, she's nice and pretty and understanding and she does give you ramen. I mean, come on Inu-kun. I don't think your dead kanojo will be very 'fun'. Go with the alive one. She's better anyways. Whew. I agree with Kagome-sama, Inu-kun .. sometimes you are a baka. I don't see why you don't show your feelings. Well, I kind of do, but you should get past it. I know, I know. Things like that aren't exactly easy to forget. I'm not saying forget .. I'm saying be cautious and trust again. I don't think Kagome-sama would EVER break your heart like Kikyou did. -sigh- You should seriously let Kagome in. She loves you, you big baka. Can't you see it? God. Stubborn hanyou. I love you anyways, though. And so does Kagome-sama. With that being said, I have one more ship to do. Heh. I am also sooo in love with Full Metal Alchemist. And, wow. Ed and Winry. So kawaii. (God, I use that word alot. But, feh .. that one too. Lol. What can I say? I love me some Inuyasha. -snorts-) Anywayss .. On to the explaining. Ed x Winry I do hope I'm spelling her name right. I haven't been watching FMA for very long. Only just recently .. since it DOES come on after Inu-kun. Heh. From what I've seen, Ed and Winry have a thing for each other. In the last episode I watched, in fact, Ed says, "I sure wish Winry would pay attention to my human parts as much as she does my mechanical ones." gasp Ed! Lol. That's kawaii. (There I go again. Heh) But, thats beside the point. As soon as I started watching, I became a EdxWinry shipper. They're just .. yes. I know I'm saying it again. Kawaii. They areeee though. Heh. So so so so so so so kawaii. Heh. Well, I sure have accomplished alot for someone who doesn't like profiles, hai? Lmfao. Well, this was great. I actually enjoyed this one. Just a little bit more before I'm done, though. Things That I Don't Like I just want to put this on here. Because I can. Feh. Deal. 1. I don't like when people file their nails. *shudders* Like nails on a chalk board. 2. When people try to be someone they aren't. (I'm guilty of it and not proud) 3. Drunks and druggies. Just no. I have problems with it. 4. Cutters. Not saying I don't like people who are cutters. Just saying I don't like the idea of cutting. I don't enjoy crying myself to sleep whenI hear about my best friend cutting. 5. And, lastly .. I don't like slash. Except for some occasional RemusxSirius. RARELY .. but just that. Yes. And thats me. Sorry it's so long. xoxo, Brittany
  • Dancing For You

    by xKawaii_Kimi

    From his hiding place, he watches her. Her body sways to the non-existant music .. to the beat of the water falling on the rocks at her feet. She's dancing for him. He holds himself back, but he sh...

    Category: Inuyasha - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Inuyasha, Kagome - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2005/08/06 - Updated: 2005/08/06 - 1607 words


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