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    I have been writing for a couple of years now and I have been published. Endings are hard. Any chapped-ass monkey with a keyboard can poop out a beginning, but endings are impossible. You try to tie up every loose end, but you never can. The fans are always gonna bitch. There's always gonna be holes. And since it's the ending, it's all supposed to add up to something. I'm telling you, they're a raging pain in the ass. -Chuck Shurley, Supernatural Just to let all of you know, I am a beta reader, so please I'm willing to take work just have a look at my other profile and see if I am the right person fcor you!! About Me... My name is Amy, I know in my writing I go out there but yeah I am weird and that is just it! I have one cat sadly after two of my other cats passed Tabby Kat is the only one left and now he is greedy, lazy and fat and I think he has gained all the traits my other cats had and trust me that is not a good combination! My birthday is on the 3rd of August and trust me I spent that day watching all my fav tv shows but of course I had two parties when for my pals here where I live and another for my old pals who between you and me are wonko! Luv u ALL and the people who review you all get a cookie *hint hint* So I guess from the name you know what most of my stories will contain... the adorable Dr Spencer Reid (MMG)! He, in my opinion, is the best character on the show. The show wouldn't last long without him. I may also do some crossovers but I'm not really sure I will. I may also write about Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis (Never really got into Stargate Universe...), The Vampire Diaries ( which will most likely be focused on the deliciously hot Damon Salvatore and his soon to be lover Elena Gilbert!), Teen Wolf (Derek Hale all the way here!), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Come on who doesn't like bad-ass Spike here!?), Angel ( Unfortunately they killed off Doyle after what five episodes! So I will properly resurrect him from the dead! If not him then... Cordelia or Lorne, I love that green guy!), Charmed (Piper was the best of the sisters and I loved her handsome son, not Wyatt, Chris!!), Being Human (The UK version not that US version! But I loved them all but I am more on the George and Nina side here!!), Supernatural (Castiel! Love that angel) and of course Criminal Minds! So you got a sneak peak into my television like, I wish I was apart of *tear falls down cheek* but hey that's what dreams are for! So I'm into writing other then fan fiction but I thought I might as well give this a try! So I am around that stage in my writing were you just can't stop and you're in bed wide awake, drenched in sweat, staring at the computer, resisting the urge to hack away at the keyboard and spilling your head onto the screen! Honestly it can be a curse! But we all have our problems, some more then others *coughs*. Things that will drive me insane when reading fan fiction!!!!!! 1. A pointless and mind numbing ending! Come on guys you have conjured up a good story and then you end it with 'and then they escaped' or 'their lives were never the same'. What the hell!? End with either a cliffhanger to a sequel or give something that rounds it off on why it happened and how their lives are after whatever the hell happened. Not just a stupid that's it ending! 2. Changing the Character way too much! This is something that I truly hate! It doesn't even feel like it's the same person anymore. They change the character way too much so it has nothing really to with the actual person anymore! That's it my hate ranting it over... for now... So anyways... hope you guys enjoy my work and I enjoy reading all your super fantastic stories, mainly the torturing Reid ones but you gotta have a hobby right? If you guys have any suggestions or want me to write something feel free to PM me! I always love hearing from you guys and love writing fanfic! Fandoms that am writing at the moment... Supernatural - Gotta be my favourite right now, it is very close with Criminal Minds. MY GOD! Why is it sooo hard to choose! Criminal Minds- LOOOOOOOOVE that TV Show and got my friends hook, so now I am not the only crazy at school but still the most crazy! My thoughts of various TV shows and Movies The Twilight Saga Now many people maybe twilight fans but I must say I see many faults in this movie and the books, first of all vampires do not in any way sparkle, vampires burn. You can't make vampires sparkle in the sunlight it is against the myth of being a vampire. They are creatures of the night, when turned in immortal they trade over the sun and become creatures of the night. Honestly you don't change the myth to suit your needs of writing. Another, what is the obession in it? Why must we lower vampires to become sappy! It is wrong, vampires are hardcore and in the event they do become in love they don't make a huge deal of wanting nothing but her but not being able to have her. Turn her for godsake! It isn't that hard and then spend the rest of your immortality with her, it could have all of been done in one movie without making such a big deal about it. See I just turned a saga into one movie, it wasn't that hard! Supernatural The best TV show ever, I have watch every single one and I am of course a Dean Girl all the way man. But I must confess the only reason why I actually watched it was because of my adorable Castiel!!! He is awesome and no one can deny it! I loved him in seasons 4&5, 6&7 were a little bit effie because they portrayed him so badly! I hated how they did made him so different!!! It killed me so much I felt like not watching the show anymore but than they made him finally help Sam and go mental and I would have loved to him naked and covered in bees!! It would have been a sight to see!! Anyway I now officially hate Crowley!!! He killed Meg! What The Hell!!! I hate him. When Cass and Meg start sharing their love for one another, he kills her!!! Then Cass takes off!!!!!! And Naomi starts saying she is innocent in all of this, saying that she didn't want Cass to kill Dean, that she is there to help them! She is a lying Bxxxx! All those things she did to poor little Cass! Anyway, hopefully, Dean will be able to see past her facade and if he still is being stubborn I will literally walk over to him and slap him so hard! But away from my little hissy fit, I do hope Sam will be able to get through the trails and it was good to see Bobby again. Poor Benny though, I actually liked him, he was soo cool and than he goes and sacrifices himself to save Bobby and Sam, it made me cry. But not as much as when Meg died and well I am sorta used to Cass dying over and over again but I still cry a little. But my hope for the end of season 8 is that Cass finally goes back to Sam and Dean. Meg some how lives ( Doubtful though because I can't get what I want anyway). That they kill Naomi! That Crowley gets what's coming to him and that Lucifer makes an appearance. Now I know Lucifer won't come back but come on I miss him. I loved the way he was when he was in Sam's head, I couldn't stop laughing, it was so funny. Of course many of you were properly very very sad for Sammy but come on! It was funny! So, do you guys still think I am normal??

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