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    In a nutshell, I'm sixteen, a sophmore in el high school (it's name is Cuba), love my boyfriend to DEATH, and have a serious obsession with Johnny Depp/Pirates of the Caribbean. Hence why the only real fic I've written so far is about Jack Sparrow. XD My name(s) is/are Hannah/Johnny/Pants/Tara/Brad/H... I have a lot of nicknames. You, if you must address me, may call me Hannah or H. ^^' Thank you for your cooperation. And now for some randomness....
    Pirates of the Caribbean - As I've stated before, this = love. Tis also what got me into Mr. Johnny Depp. ^^; I've seen the second one... I think a total of five times now, know when the third's coming out (that goes for a lot of people, actually, but oh well), and... yeah. That's pretty much it. xP The new movie is one of my favorites EVER. o.o Johnny Depp - Also previously stated. I collect and roleplay his movies, and, out of the 20+ movies of his I've seen, I've only seen one that I truely do not like. And that would be Donnie Brasco. Dunno why I hate it, I just... do. 0.0 The Pink Spiders - I love this band, I really do. If you don't know them, go to google or myspace. If you find that you have the slightest interest in them, buy their cd. It's only eight bucks at Target. House - I watch this show religiously. I'm dead serious... So now you know why I'm never on the computer at 8pm on Tuesdays. XDD Criss Angel - I'm seriously starting to think this guy's related to Jesus. 0.0 He's AMAZING. I would say more, but what else can you say about a super sexy illusionist? Matthew Gray Gubler - If you know who this is, chances are you watch Criminal Minds. If you don't, don't worry. No one else does, either.
    You know that story? It's once again a oneshot. Why? --Shrugs-- I dunno. School sucks. Sorry everybody.
    "That... was the worst story... ever." - Jon Decious, The Pink Spiders "Now who does she look like?" "... Mort?" -.- " Turn around." --Hannah turns around-- "Now, doesn't she look like Jesus?" -Catie and Hailee "My hands smell like random." -Alex "It's like a blizzard, but with snow!" -This one was actually me. "I lent it to my brother." "The one that got zapped with the taser gun?" "Yeah!" -Conversation between me and my English teacher "We need to find you a real boyfriend." -Hailee, on my two stalkers "Why did you build a fort in the middle of the bus?" "Why did you build this bus around my house?" -Band Kid vs. Carl "She can be a roadie!" -Emily "It's like some weird southern porno..." -Meh "How will I ever contain them?" -Me, Lynn, Hailee, and Amanda. "Is that a dead pine tree giving out cookies?" -Amanda "It's S to the Picy." -Sonic Commercial XD
    'S alls for now. ^^; More quotes and other stuff coming... soon?
  • RapunzelK

    I don't "make up" stuff, I just chronicle what I watch. That's the best way I can think of to describe how I write. Please remember, characters are people too, treat them as such.
  • Pink_Rapid

    I no longer update on this site. Why? Because the interface aggravates me beyond all possible rationality. I have updated stories all viewabled at my fanfiction.net account. On a last note, no m...

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