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  • SilverAegis

    If you want to read where I orginated my story or stories, go to the following link: If you can't link to it, i recommend you to just copy and past it to ...
  • overkill

  • apocalypso

    Click on my website to read my profile...i don't want to type it out again.
  • roxbury

  • JBern

  • whatareyouevensaying

  • SamStone

    Just a guy writing a story that some people like. I like HP, Ranma, BTVS and recently Naturo fanfics.
  • loralee1

    I've been writing little stories for a while now and really want to improve the quality. Constructive critisism is weclome. I have stuff on fanfiction net under the same pen name and a couple...
  • haymak

    Hi everyone! I have been reading fanfiction for almost 2 years now and have finally gotten up the guts to write a story of my own. I have written the first 4 chapters to start and am hoping to ad...
  • red_jacobson

    I'm 51 years old, living in Nashville, Tennessee; and; when I'm not writing Harry Potter or Buffy-verse fan-fiction; you can find me writing my own information products. My favorite Harry ships ar...
  • Selector11

    Just a reader hoping to be a writer someday
  • AncientzDream

    Click to join Lair_of_the_Ancient_Dreamer Age: 32 Sex: Female Formatting issue solved!!! Woohoo!!! I live in the sunny, hurricane prone southwest florida panhandle and love the t...
  • DrT

    Writer & reader of Harry Potter fan fics when not being a History professor.
  • Dark_Mage

    I'm having touble with my stories at the moment as you can probably tell from the lack of updates posted. I'm in a pickle with the pairing for my Harry Potter/LOTR crossover. Here are the new o...
  • Fission25

  • Meteoricshipyards

    Just a fan fiction fan, and writer.
  • razz

    17 / Female / Australian Hey creeps. All my fics are up at, where I usually lurk. Here's a link to my profile there: I'm posting them here with ...
  • wimvincken

  • Alorkin

    I am a 47 year old widowed father of one 14 year old daughter. I work as a carpenter and in those precious few moments I have between those two jobs, I like to read and write fanfiction, draw and ...
  • blackshadow

  • LadyEternalNight

  • Try_This

  • scruffy1

    Just an old man with eight godchildren. Working for a company that is restricting personal use of THEIR computer during lunch and before work more and more. Writing FanFic during my lunch time ...
  • Geovanni_Luciano

    Hello all. Just a head's up. I've been working on updating Season of Hell and Quest for Pieces and am currently mapping those updates, however due to real life, not sure when I will be updating soo...
  • TheDeusExMachina

  • tumshie1960

  • Indelible_Raven

  • veraklon

    Well... where to begin? I think I can sum up what I prefer very easily: I want Harry to succeed. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, its amazing how there are so many stories where Harry come...
  • kinoth

  • Wookie13

    Just a avid reader who is dabbling in a favorite universe.
  • Spritestar

    :P more latter
  • Dragen

    About Me! Name: As far as you need to know I’m Dark Dragen or Dragen, depending what site I’m on. Age: So you don’t think I’m a teenager, I’m 33. Gander: Male. Pr...
  • Bratling

  • Shae-Thalia

    I have written numerous fanfictions and wish to post them all over the net. I found this site and found some great stories finding it a good place to post some of my own. Name: Just call me Sh...
  • LordBaphomet

  • Talon

  • dstar

    Vel and I have been writing for several years, but this is our first venture into writing fanfic. We welcome all constructive comments; if you'd like to engage in a more thorough dialog than is pos...
  • angelican

    female. wanderer. daydreamer. romantic realist.
  • OrionScorpio

    I’m a bookworm and an Internet-junkie who’s in his twenties and live in Norway. I was introduced to the world Harry Potter when I saw Philosopher's Stone (the movie). After that, I just had to ...
  • moshpit

    NEWS: January 2007 Aside from Echoes, some of my new work is not acceptable for content reasons over on SIYE. You may find some of the other stories I write at here at FicWad. All of my storie...
  • PerfesserN

    Married with three cats. Guitarist and occasional sketch artist, painter. Writer of things seen and unseen.
  • jeansvenus

    I have put all my stories on what seems like a permanent hiatus while I focus on being a full-time student and full-time girlfriend. Starbucksmocha has adopted my two Harry Potter fics, and I beli...
  • stnssydny

  • snowy123

    I enjoy reading and writing good fanfic and am not tolerant while reading. Any stupid plot or story just kind of pisses me. I dont like slash, nor do like ron, dumbledore, snape or draco. About ...
  • Huntresss

    I am a 43 year old woman working steadily towards my first degree. I quit school in my senior years and didn't get my GED till 2000... since then I've dedicated myself to getting a degree in the IT...
  • corey123

    love harry potter
  • xxsapphireravenxx

  • lancelot47

  • Ezekiel2517

    I'm 46, American male, 28 years since school and slightly dyslectic, longest thing written since is a check or e-mail. Disabled by a bad back, writing seems to take my mind of the pain. I think tha...
  • Anonymus31

    "My" website is my ffdotnet profile where my two fics are located. I may post them here eventually.
  • kingblack

    Hello everybody! Nice ta meet cha! I'm just you're average single guy, doing this in my spare time. And for all you Emerald Blaze fans out there do not worry. I may have dropped off the radar fo...
  • GuitarGurl

    Good fanfiction got me started. Specifically "Family Issue" by PerfesserN. So many good stories out there. Poorly written fanfiction got me to thinking, "I can do better than that." Time will t...
  • dust101

  • GinnyMyLove

    You can ignore the name. My favorite stories are not Ginny centric, I absolutely love Ginny as part of a trio or more. I especially love FlamingNargles (HarryGinnyLuna). I am currently beta for ...
  • Seelvor

    I'm a die-hard Harmony shipper, with the occasional Harry/Multi thrown in. Love lots of different genres, but I only seem to write Harry Potter fanfiction.
  • Concealed-Convict

    I would like to write this only once - I don't own Harry Potter. The only parts of any of my stories I will publish I own are the plot and any original characters I decide to include. Reviews ar...
  • Nightrunner

    Sex: as often as possible Age: old enough to know better Eyes: 2 (4 with glasses) Hair: yes Height: tall enough that my feet touch the ground Weight: nunya bleedin' business! Marital status: ...
  • Blkphnx

  • kiradykes

  • dark-dhampir

  • Seraph_Orion_Black

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