• Username: pinkfroggie06
  • Member Since: 2006-09-05
  • Real name: Unknown.
  • Bio:
    I wish to remain unknown.
  • Kitana

    In the way of an introduction: Hi, I'm Kitana. I'm a 21 year old African-American college student/technical support specialist. I also happen to write fanfiction. NOTE: I probably will not be up...
  • Annwyd

    Primary fandoms are Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Bleach. Most of my writing will be done in the first of those three. Of late I have gotten into D.Gray-man and begun to consider writing more fo...
  • kimi_no_vanilla

    Yo, I'm Loren. 23 years old, American, lazy college student and devoted fangirl. If you like your reading material a bit on the dark side, you're in the right place. :D
  • starcrossed_lover

    Uhhhh i put up my stories in another site cuz this site is a little low in the supportive side and this other site has plenty of other stories. Strictly Naruto, Just contact me if you want to know ...
  • MarkPoa

    IT auditor by day, aspiring writer by night
  • thuykhanh

    First-time fanfiction writer- Please be gentle! ATTENTION: Shards of Glass on Hiatus because of heavy revisions to the plotline. back after long period of absence.
  • Tsukashi

    All of my writing is on HIATUS until further notice due to serious personal issues. I apologize to anyone who was waiting for an update.
  • Maldoror

  • ShadowLilly

    Eh, just like reading...
  • questofdreams

    I have removed all of my stories from this archive. However, everything I've written can still be found at my LJ: :D
  • Sonamae

  • HakuRules1424

    Hey I'm Richard ummmm well i like mostly Naruto thats where my name comes in and Harry Potter is definatley a favorite Also i have been drawn to the Avatar fic's as well so thats the general i gues...
  • Kakashi_lover

    Alyssa&Cassie: We love anime and wrote a couple fan fics for Naruto and Fruits Basket. Some other Anime We're interested in is... Full Metal Alchlemist, Inuyasha, Fruits basket, Case closed, Han...
  • zeez5

  • des_butterfly

    I write fanfiction for the Naruto and Harry Potter series. I write het, slash, threesomes, and crack pairings.
  • Saami

    Hi all. I love to write! I'm 20 and live in Georgia. I write mostly non-con, angst, and romance. So a lot of my work is dark and deal with sensitive issues. But sometimes parodies may be thrown ...
  • Inuyonas

    Before you reead any further I am 18 now.... much more mature than I was when I was 15..... supposedly Hey why must people write about two men doing it? How bout 2 women sometimes. I am 1...
  • Blackraven

    I'm Kelli. Pete wentz is possibly the hottest man on this earth, followed closely by Alex Evans. I'm writing a book before I turn sixteen
  • Deidara

    :¤.·º·. ALERTS .·´º·.¤: I'm being lazy again, I'm starting to hate myself for it and always being bored and doing nothing. I'll see what ideas I can come up with, with Eira ( ...
  • Bitter-Irony

    Hello, everybody! Just a short blurb about me, since I'd rather you read my stories than my biography! Likes: Editing, SF, editing, Fantasy, editing, rhyming poetry, editing... Dislikes: exce...
  • Fallacy

    For those PWP-bunnies that just won't leave me alone. For everything else, see my FFnet page.
  • Keiara

    i love naruto, and manga, and my gamecube. And i enjoy writing stories! You scored as Sasuke, You are Sasuke, the cold, lonely ninja from the elite Uchiha clan in Konoha! You are obsessed with...
  • Naruto_lovr

    Yo. Naruto_lovr here, but some of you know me as 'FireX-2'on Anime lover here, like the rest of you. FireX-2/Naru Age: 21 (for now) Hair color: Black Eye color: Brown F...
  • pen_name

    I'm terribly sorry for abandoning this awesome place. But after those changes to the HTML coding stuff, my fics were ruined and I just don't have the time to fix every single one of them much less ...
  • Zoey_was_here

    I hope you enjoy reading my stories. And thanks for reading them.
  • Toko-Yami

    Well there's not much I really have to say about myself. I'm turning 17 love anime a lot. Dream of finaly owning the full Naruto episode collection and I love to cosplay, not to mention I am super ...
  • SasukeFangirl101

  • kristinia

    if you want to know then ask.
  • Kisame4ever

    I love writing and I refuse to say no to a review or two.
  • PoIsOnOuS-rOsE

    ummmm wat to say??? well how bout hi im emma but u can call me emyloo im 13 yrs old! i go to pipers corner scl nd well ummm im single [hint hint] so thats it toodles!!!
  • shuffie

    Hi, this is me living it yep im just your average highschool girl. . . . .not just kidding im actually a super hero in disguise yep im annoying girl yep thats me but dont tell anyone because they m...

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