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    ...wishing to be the f(r)iction in your jeans...

    first of all please consider this your warning:

    don't take anything i say seriously. i have an insane sense of humor, which gets lost in translation between my mind and fingers most of the time.

    it's true. they own you.

    with that being said...

    i'm completely unoriginal with screen names. sorry. i'm 20 years old and i am obsessed with music. if you want to talk sometime, or suggest a good album to buy, or a good story to check out, or life and stories, IM me. i'm polite, i promise. i do drop the f-bomb like it's going out of style, though. i apologize ahead of time for that one. randoms: -i don't remember the last time i slept until noon or went to bed before midnight. -i smoke close to a pack a day. i have the worst smokers hack known to man. -i don't own a blowdryer, and i hate wearing jeans. -i have one brand of lip gloss that i have been faithful to for almost seven years now. (Victoria Secret's "Once Bitten, Twice Shy") -i will try to stay faithful to this site and updating. my mind has never been very monogamous, however. -if you don't like my story, you will find a hyperlink on this page that will make you fall in love. i promise.

    the Division of Joy Official FicWad Website
    FicWad Meet...

    The Division of Joy (DoJ)

    Alex (aka FrostedGlass) ”Plonk*” Basically Alex rocks the casbah, and she has the best sense of humor in all of fic-land. hands down. Start with The Bass Files before you do anything else. don't even take another breath. seriously. Then prepare yourself for a total 160... the greatest suspense/"supernatural" story on FicWad, Channel Hopping. Katy (aka WhatKatyDid) “Seriously. I Mean it.” I’m in love with Katy and what she did (haha) with her stories. i'm having trouble with which stories of hers to be obsessed with. if you are looking for something refreshing check out Not Looking. if you are feeling emotionally constipated, please read Enough Room For Two. it'll have you crying like a pre-pubescent girl at a N'Sync concert. Emma (aka Bandgeekfreak) “Mistress to FrostedGlass” she is a couple chapters into a fantastic Patrick story: I Am Patrick Stump's Twin. It's original, funny… there is a character named Zebidiah. need i say more? CeCe (aka LOVELA) ”Grand-dame of Drama-Rama” she writes drama that makes me green with envy. i have a love/hate relationship with her work (especially her new one, Cloak and Dagger). in addition to sharing the same name, we also share the same major. pretty nifty, huh? Kyle (aka MMMRamen) ”That was so terrible, I think you gave me cancer.” (former) rookie of the week,, Kyle’s story makes me want to give up writing. it is dark, entertaining, original....i could keep throwing around descriptive words, but it would waste your time. may i refer you to Addict For Dramatics. (not only is she a sweet writer, but she also listens to Taking Back Sunday. 'nuff said.) Sarah (aka howshesews) ”giving Red Bull a run for it's money” okay, her new story Sets of Three, They Say... makes me as giddy as listening to new FOB. Seriously. and it is pretty much the cat's meow. so much so, that i can acutally use that phrase and not sound like a douchebag. oh, and the cat's name is woof. how do you like them apples?

    my current eye candy:

    Loves Punishment by DetectiveDaughter. if you want a refreshing read, please check out this story. reading the first chapter will have you begging for more. This is the Last Time by riaryder. i am so in love with this story. i have been pimping it all over (ask Alex).

    A Chance Acquaintance by Tawney. i honestly can say that (if given the opportunity) i would marry this story. it wouldn't even have to wear a dress or anything. i'd just sign the papers. if you aren't listed here, that doesn't mean i don't love you and/or your story. it just means i'm lazy.

    look at that smile. -complete swoon-
    hat rack. how cute.
    this one is here strictly because everyone (i.e. me and sarah) is waiting for a patrick/greta hook up
    if you would like to sign the team patrick and greta sex petition, please see me or sarah. we'll hook you up.
    i'm leaving you with this picture because i like to think that is what patrick's "o" face looks like... and joe looks like a douchebag


    Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

    Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

    Summary: Anabelle Stumph is a childish, dependent, over-all happy 22 year-old, juggling her ever-present love life, personal life, and acting career. But what happens when an accident sheds her of her innocence and morals? Who will be there to put the pieces back together? And, more importantly, who won't? Characters: Anabelle Stumph, Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Greta Salpeter the chapters that are in this story are completely bare, because i have a tendency to over-describe things. i'm feeling close to "okay" with it, and i came to the conclusion that it's never going to be perfect. I originally posted it because it was late at night when my courage was at an all time high. I don't want anyone to read this story and give up on me as a writer. Once i start to feel comfortable, the writing will get better. at least that's what i keep telling myself.

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    I am a baseball loving (Go Twins, particularly number 18), starbucks drinking (you will never see me in a hoodie without a coffee stain), music fanatic (see below). As if my life couldn't be any ...
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