• princessofoyownworld

    Name: to my friends: Sarah to my family: Paige to Rielly and Chase (who are like brothers to me): Reptile to you guys: Princess or Princessofoyownworld...or any of the above but Reptile Ag...
  • horseluvinfreak

  • darks00

    I'm a poet, a writer and a video gamer. My name is Darkness' Kid, but am called Darks for short. Thanks to everyone who reviews my stories. I really do appreciate it. Keep on writing! ...
  • Dessmonda

    In my new story I have decandants of the Seven Deadly sins. My friend and I created dolls that look like how we picture teh sins. I'm adding them to my profile so that you may all see how they look...
  • caity_party_princess

  • Pink_Rapid

    I no longer update on this site. Why? Because the interface aggravates me beyond all possible rationality. I have updated stories all viewabled at my fanfiction.net account. On a last note, no m...
  • meagan123

  • Randog

    i am born and bred in Australia, have natural blonde hair and blue eyes i was born on the 9th of Feb 1992 and am currently in yr 10.
  • RavenChild

    I love to write and draw. My best talents are to create original characters.
  • fall3n-ang3l

  • chickiedeedo

  • ClassoftheTitans_fan

    Likes- writing poems and quotes of my own! And reading them! They're so sweet! especially love ones, and friendship, i lovee writing stories. Horsebackriding. I LOVE soccer, running and volleyball...
  • Always_A_Legend

  • Talia77

    Hey people!! I love Class of the Titans lol!! I'm one of the many who are addicted!!! I love football and sports- Talk soon, Sarah
  • Ace_Fan_12

    Class Of The Titans 4 Life! That's me!!:) Hey guys! Ok so I'm just a regular girl writting stories! Here's all you need to know about me! Hair color: Brown eye color: Also brown...
  • Hellee

    Hello my Ficwadians! Thanks for taking the time to read my spastic profile...I live in Australia and I LOVE to write. I SHOULD write more often, but i have SKOOL damn it.... Looks: blue eyes...
  • Theresa599

    Thought I'd let you know I'm going to mkae a different account entirely, considering this is my old stuff. Hmmm maybe I should say that I am working on an official book. Not a fantasy but Based ...
  • ClandestineFire

    Hi everyone. Well, I found this site just the other day. Amazing huh? I've been a writer at Fanfiction.net for almost three years and I love the site. I saw this one and I just had to join! I ha...
  • qte-pututie

    Hey everyone!! I'm just a normal teenager who enjoys hanging with my friends, playing sports and writing. I'm a MAJOR sports fan and play almost every sport you can think of. I'm in grade nine. ...
  • Shae-Thalia

    I have written numerous fanfictions and wish to post them all over the net. I found this site and found some great stories finding it a good place to post some of my own. Name: Just call me Sh...
  • xXxEmmYxXx

    If kisses were raindrops, I'd send you showers. If hugs were minutes, I’d send you hours. If smiles were on waves, I'd send you the sea. And if love was a person, I'd send u me!!!!! ...
  • Mrs_Theresa

  • twiinklestar

    SEARCHME: FANFICTION.NET *COMING SOON TO FANFICTION.NET(I HOPE)* -(Untitled for now) Is there an eighth hero? Or is it a heroine? According to Hera there is and she's a descendant of the heali...
  • jengrey

    Hair colour and type: chestnut brown and sort of like a mixture of Courtney Cox's long hair texture except more volume and more curly with more layers and Hermione Granger/Emma Watson's hair in the...
  • CompetiveSwimmaChick

    Luv Ya! LOL... your fav reviewer finally got a name. Yup, ya know your proud. oh and had to changer my name a bit cause Competitve Swimmer is too long, but it's still me! I luv ya'll! ...
  • jade_kwl_name_eva

    Email me anytime if you need help with something, I could probably help you. Need a reviewer for your story? Ask me and I'll review for you. Want to write a story with me? Maybe. If you want to con...
  • divachick34

    Fav show- delilah and julius, class of the titans, kim possible, gilmore girls fav books-goddess series,troy, intrests- i absoloutley love greek mythology, and romance stories looks- i have bro...
  • frenchfish

    full Name: Atlanta Evvia Boudreau-Mariano languages: French (first language), i am being taught to speak spanish like my father, but i'm a crummy speller in all languages, and finally english. ag...
  • Angel1307

    I'm from Cape Breton, Nova Scotis. I love to write stories, my favorite show is cott, and I love to go sledding with my brothers. Upcoming stories: *Family Ties 2* *Baby Days*
  • FunkyMonkey

    Full Name: April Cameron Jones (but please call me cameron)lol Hobbies: playing tennis and hockey. Age:14 Family: Have an older sister who is 16 named Veronica, and an older brother who is 15 na...
  • Sk8terGirl

    Hey! My name is Cameron..I have a Punk side and a girly side. Thats all you need to know! Rock on!
  • horsies826CotTluver

    Hey! My name's Alexias and I absoulutely adore Class of the Titans. I also love horses, sports (Especially running) and the outdoors. I hate school (Especially math!) and homework.
  • Honeybee

    Hmmmm..... a bio..... uh well I'm an 18 year old female, I live in South Africa and I love coffee!!!!(random, I know, but my friend sitting next to me thought that you guys needed to know that I'm ...
  • Mrs-Urie-Ross

  • Theresa1

  • crazy_chik

    description:brown shoulder length curly hair,ummm...rectangle shaped glasses,brown eyes hobbies: reading,swimming, bike riding,drawing, sleeping( teehee),surfing da web, watching cott, travel a...
  • irish_ping-pong

    Age:13. Height: 5'3 or 4...
  • Dream_Force_One

    Heys Everybody, This is Jess and Brittany . Jess: We decided to make our own username and email. There isn't much to say. Thats just about all you need to know about us. Britt: Yeah wh...
  • Draykor

  • Korikian

    I'm a bit of ...a mystery
  • DD-Volcom

    Aboute me: Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Friends on here: Ariane (Riane46) And that's all I can say for right now about me. This is me in my friend Ariane's fanfic "Long future and p...

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