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    Class Of The Titans 4 Life!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic That's me!!:) Hey guys! Ok so I'm just a regular girl writting stories! Here's all you need to know about me! Hair color: Brown eye color: Also brown! personality: Athletic,mostly like Atlanta. Fav shows: Class Of The Titans, Loonatics Unleashed, Full House, Phil Of The Future, The suite life of Zack & Cody, Hannah Montanna. Fav sports: Soccer and hockey all da way!! Fav hocky team: HABS! GO habs GO! fav hobbie: writting stories about COTT! =) Fav Singers: Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, HelloGoodbye, Justin Timberlake,Nickelback and all other punk rock & pop! I'm mostly like: Atlanta, because I'm such a tomboy, a little like Archie, because I'm sarcastic, and a little like Jay, because sometimes I'm bossy. Fav Cott pairings: Mostly A/A!! They're the best couple in the world! J/T, and a teeny tiny bit A/T guess that's all you need to know! Oh ya and by the way there are some new stories comming! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Upcomming Stories -------------------------- ->Once Upon A Time< - The titans and the gods all go to visit Hera' cousin, King Roy. But when King Roy sees Archie, he wants him to marry his daughter, by ANY means necessary! ->The Boy Who Cried "CRONUS!" [[*Currently Working On*]]< - Archie scares everyone by telling them Cronus is attacking when he really isn't. But when Cronus actually shows up, will anyone be there to believe Archie? ->The Return Of Arachne..< - What happends when Cronus turns Arachne back into a spider, and in order for her to return into her normal form, she must get her revenge. But this time, at the place of using Atlanta, she has another pray... ->Before he cheats< - um.. lol no summary for this one either, but its an A/A story! ->Because of you< - Callout to: Greektitan! Dude, you were seriously the best of the best! I'm gonna miss u alot but I'll still be reading all ur Panic! At the disco stories! Luv ya! Also callout to: DRAYKOR && TWINKLESTAR!! You guys are just simply AWESOME! I can't even think of what I would do if one of you guys quit, so DON'T QUIT EVER!! luv ya guys!
  • greektitan

  • ClassoftheTitans_fan

    Likes- writing poems and quotes of my own! And reading them! They're so sweet! especially love ones, and friendship, i lovee writing stories. Horsebackriding. I LOVE soccer, running and volleyball...
  • citrus-lime

    grade nine girl with a passion for wrighting and a love for horses. apperence- im a white girl with shoulder lenght brown wavy hair and bluish-gray eyes and a short slim figure. i have a like t...
  • alliebedallie_marble

    Age : 10 Looks : black hair , red high lights , glasses , natural tan . Abilities : not a very good speller . I don't know if I have a very good imagination , so I want to find out by trying...
  • acting-singing-bella

    I'm Alanna [acting-singing-bella] and i am 13 and i live in ontario. I like to sing act write and direct. feel free to msg me whenever you want!! stories that I have written: Written in The ...
  • Ace_Fan_12

    Class Of The Titans 4 Life! That's me!!:) Hey guys! Ok so I'm just a regular girl writting stories! Here's all you need to know about me! Hair color: Brown eye color: Also brown...
  • fluffypup

    hey guys hope you like my stories i am 14 years old i love class of the titans and my fav caracters are atlanta and archie so guess that means i love the couple too a/a all the way so i have a coup...
  • Mrs-Jay

    Hi everyone, Yes, I know that you haven't heard from me in a while, I can understand that. I'm really caught up in homework and I have major social issues. I know I should have said these ...
  • kool_kat 14 going on 15 in October Eye colour:Honey Hair colour: Brown Im about 5'1 and well i ABSOLUTLY LOVE NEIL!!!!!!!AND COTT !!!!!!!!!! fave sport:SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fave...
  • twiinklestar

    SEARCHME: FANFICTION.NET *COMING SOON TO FANFICTION.NET(I HOPE)* -(Untitled for now) Is there an eighth hero? Or is it a heroine? According to Hera there is and she's a descendant of the heali...
  • CompetiveSwimmaChick

    Luv Ya! LOL... your fav reviewer finally got a name. Yup, ya know your proud. oh and had to changer my name a bit cause Competitve Swimmer is too long, but it's still me! I luv ya'll! ...
  • jade_kwl_name_eva

    Email me anytime if you need help with something, I could probably help you. Need a reviewer for your story? Ask me and I'll review for you. Want to write a story with me? Maybe. If you want to con...
  • DJessie

    SEND ME A MESSAGE ANYTIME!!! I'd love to hear from you!! MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO! YOU'LL LAUGH YOU AZZ OFF!! And these are some vidoez my brother and his friends did! My br...
  • Mrs-Urie-Ross
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