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    Konnichiwa. This is Nasyki Ikysan on my third account. I am not a n00b to the fanfiction world...actually I have been in it for 5 years, I think. I started writing it the end of 6th I'm in 11th grade. You do the math, I am only proceeding to confuse myself. I have been joined to this site since '04, so that is when I began to upload things. As far as this account of mine shall go it will be dedicated completely to my Xiaolin Showdown fandom. That's the only type of fanfics that will have anything to do with this account. I guess the only other thing I have to say is I'm a female, 16-year-old, I have very bad updating habbits but usually I have my chapters finished, I just forget to get them couples I like from this series are ChasexOmi, RaixOmi, JackxOmi in that order. Or at least those are what I would write, I also like to read WuyaxRai (I blame me liking this couple completely on SilentSniper, her Whispers made the couple grow on me), JermainexOmi, ChasexOmixJack, WuyaxKimiko I'm beginning to write a little in my free time (never seen a fic of it though)...and I have read a couple ChasexJack fics...but...really I don't like it none to much. (That last comment I find pretty funny, as I will be adding in descriptive ChasexJack to Dark Waters in Chapter 10.) There are some more I wouldn't mind reading...but...I'll have to add them as I remember them, humm...other than that that's really all I suppose. I finally got a beta reader! My Beta readers right now are: crystal tears of betrayal and Chaos inducer I love beta-reading (I have 2 beta-writers now) you need a beta for yaoi/yuri fanfiction (or if I offered to), all the way. I live for the stuff. You'll probably never meet another beta-reader that writes as many detailed suggestions as myself. (Glares around the room, looking for a challenge.) You want to flame me because I'm a yaoi fangirl, go for it, but please use for that. It was made to be a flameing account for me on other people, but also other people on me, I've never actually used it for flaming before...never got around to it I suppose...anyway... rival fanfiction author. Read her works too. (She is on adult and ChasexOmi links you should totally go to! Information on Work in Progress (Last Updated: November 24th ) Dark Waters Chapter 2 Summary: (38 pages, Finished Typing!) You get to find out what was wrong with Omi in this chapter, and my basic plot starts to unfold. You get to see their life fall together a little bit, and Chase will NOT take his first steps into the fic in this chapter, he will in scene one of the NEXT chapter. Beware this chapter will be slightly boring, my goal was to explain things, but I'm bord of it...I want to get to the really interesting stuff wich begins in chapter three, darn it! I'm sucking at chapter summaries, but all I have left is EDITING (the longest step in my book, I read though it 10 or so times), and updating. Stay tuned for feature updates. My first scene is with crystal tears of betrayal right now, but due to poor planning on my part I have to wait until she is done to give it to my second beta. From now on Chaos inducer will get if first and I won't have this problem. ---Nasyki Ikysan--- ---Nasyki Ikysan---

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