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    Name- Miranda Age- 14-16 Hair- Blond Eyes- Icy blue Favorite animes/cartoons- Naruto, Bleach, Beyblade, Xiaolin Showdown, and lots more, just too lazy to type them down. Favorite characters- Rock Lee, Gaara, Gai-sensai, Renji, Rukia, Jack Spicer, and Chase Young I have stories that I'm typing right now, but I wont put them up until their done, and updates will be on Fridays (When I get them up). I will have oneshots. I have some characters that I have (two are me and my best firend)for Beyblade. The Bey-Foxas: Name: Miranda Barger Family: Richard Barger(father), Eve Barger(mother), and Kit Barger(brother) Ages: Seson 1-14, seson 3-16 Hair: Bloud, down to her wasit Eyes: Icy blue Nationality: Germany Bit-Beast: Dagger, a black fox, with the tips of the ears, tail, and feet white, and a white crytal on her forhead Attact: Dark Ball Position: Captain Crush: Robert Jurgen Bio: When she froud out she was living with her anut and uncle, who she thought to be her mother and father, she want to her birth-place: Germany. As soon as the bulter, Jeffey, saw her, he know she was Richard and Eve's daughter. Richard was over joyed to see her, so was her older brother, Kit. But Eve was a diffenent story. When Miranda was born, Eve had rejected her. No one knows why, but she wanted Richard to give her to his sister and her husband. He did. Although, Miranda never forgive them, she didn't want to go back to America. After getting a black beyblade and a staff with a black crytal at the top, and a langer on it. When she frist 'let it rip', the crytal broke, and a black fox, with the ears, tail, and feet white, and a white crytal on it forhead, come out, an went into the beyblade. It took her about two mouths, but she fanally master the black fox named Dagger. About a mouth later, she meet up with her old friend, Lani Polanski. A other mouth went by, and then they meet, Draco McKeith and Denny Maxwell. After a while, they become a team. When she meet Robert Jurgen, all they did was fight. Lani says she has fellings for the purple haired German, but after getting her heart broken by her first love, she beleaves that love is a useless felling. Personality: She's a somewhat distant person, not cold, but not warm either. She's never felt any real trust towards anyone because of past dis-trust(from her family) that has caused her lack of trust towards people. She's actually quite nice and caring deep down, but only fewpeople have actually been witness to that side of her. As for the opposite sex, she lost all trust in them, only very few have her trust. People who lack common sense are immediately put down by her, meaning that she wouldn't even bother spending more than a minute with them (only Lani and Denny, 'cause let's just face it, their too cute!). She's an expert when it comes to masking her true emotions, such as sadness, joy, and especially fear, but on the inside, she can really break down and go into deep states of depression. However, if there is one person that can break through that ice, it's the one that has stolen a place in her heart, something that hasn't been achieved since a very young age. . . Name: Lani Polanski Family: Bruno Polanski(uncle), Michelle Polanski(aunt), and Oliver Polanski(cousin) Ages: Seson 1-14, seson 3-16 Hair: Brown, down to her waist Eyes: Light blue Nationality: Franch Bit-Beast: Diamond, a white fox, with the tips of the ears, tail, and feet black, and a black crytal on her forhead Attact: Light Ball Position: Blader Crush: Enrique Giancarlo Bio: Before she moved to Franch, she lived in America. After Miranda left for Germany, she went to live with her cousin, Oliver Polanski. After she moved in with Oliver, she meet his friends, Robert Jurgen, Johnny McGregor, and Enrique Giancarlo. Robert and Johnny seemed nice, but Robert alaways said 'How uncouth!' she was, and Johnny was SO sarcastic. Enrique flited with her any change he got, but he alaway got a buris in the prossess. When her uncle, Oliver's father, give her a French sword, with a lancher on it, and a white beyblade, with a picture in the middle, of a white fox, with the ears, tail, and feet black, and a black crytal on it's forhead, she was so happy! When she first lanchered her beyblade, she couldn't controll it. It took her about two mouths, but then she fanally got controll of the white fox named, Diamond. When she went to Germany, she meet up with her best friend, Miranda Barger. One mouth later, they meet, Draco McKeith and Denny Maxwell. Soon after, they become a team. At first she hated Enriqie for all the fliting he did with other girl. When she talked to Miranda, Miranda said it sounded like she REALLY liked him, all she did was blush and say she would never like a play-boy. Personality: Lani's a very fun girl to be around, she's almost always happen and always has a smile on her face. She doesn't like to have people worrying about her, so she tries her best to keep on a smile and make everything seem alright. There are many times when she's very emotionally unstable and sometimes just brakes down, whether it's through sadness or anger. She can throw quite a temper tantrum, so people close to her have learned better than to get in her way when she's angry, for they could be her next victim. Even though she's a rather bright person, she can really go into strange mood swings, one minute she's happy and singing and the next she's throwing random things at random people. All in all, she's always willing to give someone a chance, even if they are considered an outcast. Name: Draco McKeith Family: None Ages: Seson 1-15, seson 3-17 Hair: Black Eyes: Icy blue Nationality: Soctland Bit-Beast: Damian, a dark blue fox, with the tips of the ears, tail, and feet grey, and a grey crytal on his forhead Attact: Blue Ball Position: Co-Caption Crush: Denny Maxwell Bio: Not much is known about Draco, only that his mother and father died about two years ago, and left the family castle to him. Almost eveyone knows he's gay, and is in love with Denny Maxwell. He's had Damian sense he was ten. He learned to controll the power of his bit-beast at a very young age, and did by himself. He's known Johnny MGreger all his life, but doesn't like him at all. When he frist meet his team mates, all he did was glare, and look at Denny's ass . But after a while he got used to the idea of having a team and working together. He's one of the very few boys to get Miranda's trust and respect. Personality: Most people see him as quite a cold person, a keep to yourself kind of guy. But, The people who know him, know that his not as cold as he always seem to everyone else, they know he's a good-hearted person on the inside. His one of the most loyal people you'll ever meet. He'll never show his true self around other people, other then his team mates. When around them, he's always doing something pervered to Denny, weather it's grabbed his ass, or just kissing him, he's alway doing something, and leaveing Denny to wonder weather Drace likes him or not. When his beyblading, his as cold as anyon you'll ever meet. He doesn't care about his oppent, he only cares about winning. Name: Denny Maxwell Family: Rosario Maxwell(father), Teresa Maxwell(motherdead), and Anna-Maria Maxwell(little sister) Ages: Seson 1-13, seson 3-15 Hair: Bloud, all spirked to the right Eyes: Forest green Nationality: Rome Bit-Beast: Drogo, a grey fox, with the tips of the ears, tail, and feet dark blue, and a dark blue crytal on his forhead Attact: Ghost Ball Position: Blader Crush: Draco McKeith Bio: 'When in Rome. . . Beyblade!' Thats what Denny says. Born and raised in Rome, Denny can be a flit, but only to guys. His longest and oldest friend, Enrique Giancarlo, doesn't care that he's gay, as long as dosen't kiss a guy in frout of him. The only person who has a problem with him being gay is his father, Rosario. His father says he is dishorroning the family name. Before his mother, Teresa Maxwell, died she had no problem with her son being gay, and was the only one to stand up for him, but after she died, that all change. After he meet Draco MeKeith, he really couldn't bring himself to flit or go on dates, for the feeling of betrying him, but the thing is their not even dating. When he meet Miranda Barger and Lani Polanski, he didn't get along with Miranda very well, but with Lani, they become fast friends! He did flit with Oliver Polanski once, but didn't do it again when Johnny McGreger give the dirtest look he had ever gotten. He's one of the very few boys to get Miranda's trust and respect. Personality: Denny's really an out-going person, and loves being the centre of attention! His friends love being with him (as he and Lani 'lighten' up the mood), and he loves being with them. He's never really gotten a real kiss, only on the cheak. Most find it hard to beleave, 'cause of all the dates he goes on. His frist real kiss was from Drace McKeith. You NEVER see him without a smile on his face, but if you do, you better not cross his path! He can be dangerous if he's mad. He has his depressing moments, but when he has them, he's alone, with a picture of his dead mother, Teresa. She was the only one to really understand him. His fellings tourld his father are hate and anger. He knows that his father had let his mother died, and had done nothing to help her.

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