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    Hi my real name is Nathan. I'm a 17-year-old male sixth-form student. I kinda like Phoenix's, and Dragons, well...all mythical creatures really. except for a few. like the Basilisk - it's too powerful! I'm relatively new to writing fanfiction, and I'd like any and all feedback (good and bad). My favourite genre is well writen (I don't like the ones that are undescriptive i.e. 'harry went to diagon alley, harry bought some books at the bookstore, harry went home to study.' i want to know things did he get there? what was his reaction to the entrance way opening? did he need any more money? did he go to any other shops? what book shop did he go to, we all know about Floursh and Botts, but are there any other bookstores? what books did he get and what are they about? etc.) action/adventure with a side helping of romance, many of the stories i've read are either too heavy or too light on the romance, cause lets face it a teenage boy is not going to keep his hands off the girls, no matter what the reason for trying!but i find that many of the stories that get the romance levels right are too low on the action/adventure side for my tastes though. The only ships i don't like are harry/hermione; she's like his sister, and draco/ginny; its like romeo and juliet - and I like ginny too much for her life to end in that sort of tragedy. I don't like badly writen ships that are unlikely i.e. harry/bellatrix, harry/narcissa, but if they are well writen and the story behind it explains how it could happen (like in 'Power of Darkness' by 'Byproduct of evil') i don't mind them. And i HATE slash, i'm not homophobic, it's their life, they can do what they want, its just that I don't want to read about it. I also find harry/cho unlikely as JK Rowling has writen her out of the story for a reason! To get an idea of the amount of romance compared to action that i like in a story, read the Sharpe novels, by Bernard Cornwell, those are excellent books...but not as good as Harry Potter! Another thing i don't like are the 'Harry is married to ginny and he abuses her' stories, mainly 'cause she's one of the few people that would actually fight back! I don't mind superpower fics as long as harry isn't turned into some sort of near-immortal living god, i agree that he has to be powerful though, no average wizard could stand 10 seconds against old moldywarts, and there is that particular line: and the dark lord will mark him as his EQUAL, it kinda points out that he is voldie's equal in power! Oh, something else i find vaguelly annoying is when someone other than Dumbledore is more powerful than harry, if they are more powerful then why haven't they killed voldie yet? Before i go on about my stories, i've got a request, i've spotted a trend amongst the 'the world turns against harry' stories, in that all of the Weasleys turn against Harry, can someone write a story where Ginny stays on his side, those two are meant to be together, and i doubt she would turn against him without ALL of the facts pointing to him being guilty. Work in progress: At the moment i am working on one story, i'm not sure about the title, but i am thinking of calling it 'Fire and Ice', after the two main characters, the fire of Gryffindor - Harry Potter, and the Ice Queen herself of Slytherin, the one and only Blaise Zabini (Female), well you know what they say, opposites attract, well how more opposite can you get than Fire and Ice? NB: I have corrected, edited and reposted most of the chapters, hopefully they are better and easier to read now. I've recently had an idea for a fic, i'm not sure if it's been done before and would like any info on some existing stories if it has; until i have a better name (will accept any ideas you may have) for nowit's called "A Different Bella", it's an AU where Voldemort wasn't the only one present at the Potters on Halloween 1981. Bellatrix Black (for reasons explained in the story) can't have children and secretly renounces the Dark Lord and the PureBlood ideals, after acompanying Voldie to Godrics Hollow she takes the orphaned Harry Potter and raises him. PowerfulHarry (not very showy). Dark-But-LightsideHarry. SlytherinHarry. Pairings to be decided (likely Harry-Blaise or Harry-SlytherinGinny). connected to 'Fire and Ice' in some ways - animagi abilities, metamorph, etc. Fire and Ice Summary: After her parents become Death Eaters Blaise Zabini (femaleBlaise) runs away from home to avoid that fate, running to her headmaster for help, she is sent to the one place that is better protected against Voldemort and Death Eaters than Hogwarts! action/adventure with a side helping of romance - RonHermione, HarryBlaise. I've been told this is a SuperpowerHarry without being too showy - he's powerful but doesn't find the need to show off at every possible opportunity like in some stories. A Different Bella (i'm accepting title suggestions) Summary: Bellatrix Black can't have children and secretly renounces the Dark Lord and the PureBlood ideals, after acompanying Voldie to Godrics Hollow she takes the orphaned Harry Potter and raises him. PowerfulHarry (not show off like some people do - a true slytherin doesn't show their full power/abilities). Dark-But-LightsideHarry. SlytherinHarry. Pairings to be decided (likely Harry-Blaise or Harry-SlytherinGinny). Will end up being several stories following first to seventh years. There will also be a power struggle in Slytherin between Harry and Malfoy. Plug I've been advised to have a go at writing my own fiction, so i've posted on and will be on here soon. My story is going to take a back seat to my fanfiction, so don't worry about me changing my priorities again. i would like some constructive critisism on it, its a Sci-fi action/adventure called The Liberation. Summary: in the past, the human raceruled hundreds of systems, now only five remain, dominated bythe brutal regime of the Repiblican Empire. recently, the most powerful of the many rebel groups that fight for freedom managed to capture a space station. the RE want it back, the US (name of the rebel group that captured the station) want to revive a legend, the true war for freedom has just begun. NB: i'm british and find the americans 'superior' attitude annoying (i have nothing against americans, i just find some of theirsuperiority complexannoying. did you know that the americans didn't built the first supersonic engine? no, you didn't? it was the british that built the first supersonic aircraft. unfortunately it never flew; the project was scraped due to 'budget problems' so we gave all of our design notes to the americans. if it wasn't for us the first supersonic aircraft to fly wouldn't have hade it passed the sound barrier without losing its wings! so all you americans out there, think before you claim something as yours! oh yeah, another pet peeve: the harrier 'jumpjet' is our design!) so i thought i'd clear up the fact that the abreviation US has nothing to with the united states of america! i just find the name fitting. Firsts. on this site (at time of writing) i am the only person to have posted a story containing Blaise Zabini (thus the first on this site to do so) i am also the only person (at time of writing) to use Bellatrix in a story on this site

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