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    Wow. It's been a while since I've been to this site. Well, I'll get right on it. There are two people who use/own this account. CD 1.0, The One Who Actually Writes Stuff I love collecting things, reading/writing (duh), and psychology. Debates (preferably the non-violent kind) are fun. I really love to hear another's views about everything. Helps me to create diverse characters and decently-supported opinions. If you need a beta or a constructive review, just give me a shout, those are things I'm good at. I find that things have more meaning and provoke more thought when they are darker. Happy endings are, in my opinion, rather unrealistic. Which isn't to say that I don't believe in love. I do, I just have this strange love for writing dark stuff, and overly-happy, perfect endings remind me of this quote "It's like fast food. Fun goin' down, but in ten minutes you're hungry for something real." I don't always write dark stuff, though. I can write happy stuff, they're just... not as great as my dark stuff (or so I think). I try to make everything I write as realistic as possible, so if I'm missing something somewhere, I encourage someone to give me a proverbial bop on the head and tell me. It'll only make the piece better in the long run, and isn't that the main reason why people post on this site? And I think that that was all you need to know to know me... --Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Don't feel afraid to send me a message every now and again, be it to flame my brains out or just say something like "Hi, are you still alive over there?" I'm totally cool with it. I really enjoy meeting/talking to new people. Now I'm done and going to hand it over to my partner in crime/co-author/idea consultant/whatever else she is, CaveDweller the Sequel! --Silence-- Uh... okay, so she's not here right now, but I'll force her to get off her lazy butt and write something here eventually. She's only here for show, anyway... (2 weeks later) ha! HI!! im Cave Dweller The Sequel (Cave Dweller 2.0, CD 2, Sequel, the list could go on and on), sorry for not saying much but there really isnt much to say. No this is not one person with split personality disorder just two people who are a little bit obsessive compulsive. (CD 1.0 gasps, as she's never really taken the time to notice this before. How could anybody think that?) i dont write too much or all that well when i do but i LOVE to read so i just want to thank you all for your great writing and dont flame me if my writing sucks...Cave Dweller 1.0 is the better writer and the one who isnt too lazy to post anything so yeah...umm im being forced to write this so i dont really know what im saying i dont have much to yeah... (back to 1.0) Right. So that's Sequel. And, uh... recently, I haven't been writing fanfiction. I've actually been over at, working on my book and just generally having fun writing original works. Here's the summary for my book, if anyone's curious: It starts out as a small-world story: girl is told that she is "the chosen one" and is responsible for the survival of everything in existence, even the things that aren't of this universe. In fact, she's responsible for the survival of everything that exists in every single one of the uncountable worlds and universes that, by principle, shouldn't even exist. It's all going to be decided when she finds, then either protects or destroys an elusive Blue Rose. The technical term for her position is a prophecy child, and at birth every prophecy child is assigned three guards whose sole purpose is to ensure that the prophecy is correctly fulfilled , be it for good or ill. But of course, none of that is possible. It's all one big joke she's being told the day she graduates high school because her friends want her to loosen up a little. It defies every scientific principle out there and she's not about to have her life screwed up on her again. It's not real, and it never will be. It's all just a joke. Except for the fact that, despite how impossible it all seems, she can't deny its existence any more than she can deny her own. It's all real. And while being a prophecy child and having to keep quiet about it is not easy, being forced to brainwash and manipulate yourself without letting yourself consciously register it's happening is harder. And harder than brainwashing yourself is trying to survive in an entirely foreign world that doesn't give you any slack, even when all you are doing is helping them. And harder than being a foreigner is being the outcast with all the answers that nobody is going to take the time to listen to because you're a failure. And even harder than being a failure is being the person who isn't anything more than the empty shell of a human, with no control over even their thoughts, much less doing menial things such as going to the bathroom. It's not fun, and it's not easy, and it's not fair. It's life, and it's something that people learn to live, whether the odds are in their favor or not. It's called The Blue Rose, and if anyone's super interested, here's the link to the story, So yeah. That's us.
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    Not much to know about me, really. I write a lot of Prince of Tennis - primarily Momo and Ryoma, my favorite pairing.

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