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    'Ello love. *waves* Name's Savannah. Not much to say. I love writing, I adore it actually. Writing is my life and without it I would be nothing. I would cease to exist.

    If you would like to know more feel free to contact me.

    I don't bite.
    Too hard. *smiles innocently*

    I bid you a fond farewell. (^_^)/

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    Music and rainbows go together well. :]

    PS: I am also very sorry that I cannot be on to update my stories more. I'm swamped with schoolwork and such. So please, if you can bear with me I'll update as fast as possible.

    Have a great day darling.

  • SilverWolf7007

    Wolfie currently writes fanfiction in the Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist fandoms, and has also begun to develop the tendency to refer to herself in the third person. She is not sure why.
  • Gking

    Wats up!!! My Name is Smoke! I love writing stories and I hope you guys like my works.
  • Crimsonsorrow

  • MyVengefulRomance

    I keep my stories up because 1) people seem to still like them, and I hate it when my own favorite stories are deleted; and 2) it's a massive stroke to my massive ego when I get a good (or bad, rea...
  • TheBlackParade

    Hi I write MCR fics mostly but I may do other stuff. My friends call me Gerard, and you can call me that if you wish. I'm new to fic writing so please be gentle.
  • MikeyWay

    Hi, I'm male. I was born in New Jersey. I have a pet cat who I love. Everyone calls me Mikey. I could eat my own bodyweight in sushi. Popsicles and hula-hoops make the world a better place. Th...
  • A_Chemical_Tragedy

    Kysa's Music Codes Hi, I'm A_Chemical_Tragedy as you can probably tell I'm and MCR fan. I also like: Panic!At the Disco AFI Green Day(the first rock band I ever listened to and liked) The Mi...
  • Clinga

    My name is Erika. I've wrote more than just 2 stories. The bad ones were deleted. You should thank me ;) I started writing in 2006 at age 11. Which I think is unhealthy, lol. PLEASE ignore my stup...
  • StripesCO

  • indie_chicky

    I love music and writing fanfics! IM me if you want to know more!
  • xXlifesapartyXx

    If you know me YAY for you. Basically it all ends up being that I love writing and listening to music. I have no real life and enjoy getting the reviews and ratings. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!...
  • deaths-destruction

    'Ello love. *waves* Name's Savannah. Not much to say. I love writing, I adore it actually. Writing is my life and without it I would be nothing. I would cease to exist. If you would like to know...
  • GoGothGirl

    Um... Uh... I got nothing.
  • artistelamore

    I'm jessica or jess, which ever one is fine. I'm 13 years old and live in australia. I live in my cargo pants and mp3 player in my ears. addicted to art, writing, music. i would say i'm your normal...
  • thelaughinghermit

  • Rae_She_Writes

    I've Already given up on myself twice. Third time is the charm.
  • Saijumi

  • DuFreak

    I am 17 years. I live in Paris, France. It is nice outside here and all… but I would like to move in America. I can speak Swedish, German and a American (though it is not good as you see.) You d...
  • Lollipops_n_Gumdrops

  • mooniexmisfit

  • Diviniti

  • PopeNinja

    my names brandon im in 11th grade im tired as crap right now my feet hurt and r rubbed raw so yea thats me at the moment
  • XxMy_Sweet_RevengexX

    Consider this my deletion of this account. Peace out.
  • padfoot_001

    blah blah blah and a stick of gum and burnt pizza. :) :) :)
  • PatbtrthnPete

    Hiya!! I like writing! (Who would have guessed??) Hmm well if you don't like slash then I suggest you don't read my stuff cuz that's mostly it =) Oh and I'm 20... yeah I have no life... =D ...
  • handsomegreenlady

  • TheChemicalRose

  • panic_at_the_disco

    tori. loud. smart. single&striaght. brendon urie obsessed. panic fanatic. sarcastic. gnarly.
  • SinsNotTragedies95

  • reptilia28

  • foxfangs

    Hey all! The name is Kendyl (Pronounced Ken-Dull). I'm just your average girl, living in a small town and trying to write to my very best. I love to write and draw, but I think I might have more...
  • aelytl

  • demolition_funeral

    Random-ness forever!! My name's Nicholas, but everyone calls me Nicky. I love My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. Guitar and fanfics are my obsession. I write slash and other...
  • burndownthedisco

    hmmm.... hello, world of ficwad. what to say, what to say.... well, pure boredom created me, words keep me going, music restrains me, people repel me, and living kills me. i write, tho not a...
  • ThisbeHecate

    Well, I have had many people inquire as to why I have not put my short stories as one long fic. It is because I do not view them as one. It is for that reason that I will not post any new stories o...
  • areyounormal

    Hi! Sassy here. It's my FOBfics account. Just seemed easier that way.
  • reversethiscurse

    Hello personas! I'm Maddi. :] let's outline some of my likes and dislikes, for a short analysis of my personality. KAY? okay. likes~ Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Escape The Fate, Chiodo...

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