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    Hey everybody! My name is slickboy444. I really don't consider myself all that interesting. I'm just a regular guy from Washington DC and an avid lover of comic books and cartoons. My hobbies include video games, comics, and writing. I love being creative and I love using words to tell stories. Besides writing, I really don't have any other art skills. I spend most of my time working on whatever stories I dream up in my head, watching TV, reading my vast comic collection, playing video games on my Playstation 2 or Gamecube, or surfing the internet. My favorite stuff to write is definitely X-men! I've always been a big fan of them ever since the old X-men animated series back in the 90s! I loved X-men Evolution almost as much, but they just ended that show too early! They stopped it too soon! I really miss that show and I have a lot of fanfiction having to do with that universe. I also use to read the X-men comics...Then the writers at Marvel completely screwed everything up! The normal 616 cannon universe of X-men is crap now. The team is divided, the writers keep killing off good characters, and they keep splitting up couples that shouldn't be split! Now, I am an avid follower of the Ultimate X-men series, which is a very novel, more modernized and rugged take on X-men. That's the only X-comic I read now. But still, I wish that the comics were more like the old cartoon show or X-men Evolution. My favorite character in X-men is definitely Scott "Cyclops" Summers! I just love his character and his overall powerful leadership and compassion for the X-men and the people he cares about. Jean Grey is my second favorite, who belongs with Scott and nobody else I might add, because she's just so powerful as Phoenix and the voice of reason when things get out of hand. My thrid favorite is definitely Wolverine, need I say more? I just love his grungy character, yet big heart! My fourth favorite has to be Storm, who rightfully earns the title of a goddess in my mind. I just really like her powers and I think she's a really neat character as well! The list goes on, I really like all the X-men characters and I don't necessarily "hate" any particular one of them. One thing I DON'T like to see in fanfiction, comics, or cartoons is character bashing by biased writers. I just think that does damage to the overall spectrum of the story and is insulting to those who do happen to like the character. So I implore you people, DON'T CHARACTER BASH! I also am a growing anime addict. I am a big fan of shows like Pokemon, Samurai Jack, Ruroni Kenshin, and Cowboy Bebop. In my opinion, Cowboy Bebob is the best when it comes to anime action! And I don't care what people say about Pokemon, I still like it! And Ruroni Kenshin and Samurai Jack are just awesomely packed with good quality action! As a writer of X-men fanfiction, I am a die hard supporter of Scott/Jean (Jott), Logan/Ororo (Loro or Rolo), amd Rogue/Remy (Romy). Other pairings I like include Kurtty (Kurt/Kitty), Wandurt (Kurt/Wanda), Kiotr (Kitty/Piotr), Jubby (Bobby/Jubilee), Emmy (Bobby/Emma), and Anlock (Besty/Warren). But Scott/Jean is by far my favorite because they have been a main staple of every X-men universe and are just so right for each other in my opinion. With such amazing stories such as The Phoenix Saga, which in my opinion is the best X-men story ever told, I feel that they belong together! Anybody else who thinks otherwise should just read that amazing saga and be proven wrong! I like writing a bit of everything wheter it be action, romance, comedy, drama, angst, and supernatural. I'll probably try to mix a bit of everything into my work no matter what it may be. And I always appreciate feedback from my readers, so if you ever read my story I implore you all to send me reviews via email or post them! Now in summery: Favorites shows: X-men: Evolution X-men: TAS X-men (anything else I that has to do with X-men!) Pokemon Cowboy Bebop Teen Titans Ruroni Kenshin Justice League Ed Edd n' Eddy Samurai Jack Favorite comics: Ultimate X-men Amazing Spiderman Ultimate Spiderman Justice League The Punisher Teen Titans Batman Superman Ultimate Fantastic Four Sonic the Hedgehog Favorite Movies: Cowboy Bebop: The Movie The Matrix X-men 1 & 2 October Sky Spiderman 1 & 2 Favorite Bands: Linkin Park (They ROCK!) The Offspring Evanescence Nickleback AC/DC KoRn Green Day Limp Bizkit I hope that you all like my stories! This is slickboy444 saying peace out!

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