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    Let's start this off by saying I'm a semi.serious writer. That is, I love to write, I have a passion for it even, but sometimes I lack the time (& my muses are quite contrary sometimes). So I write when I get the chance.

    To sum it up: i am- a daddybat. a writer (sort.of). an assistant director. a student. frontman of a metal band. eclectic. a gothboi. a psych student. kinky. a photographer amateur status! with an odd camera phobia. a slaveboi. hyper. a bit odd. a little shy, at times. easily amused. somewhat obsessive (not stalker.ish, though). moody. sex fiend. angsty. did i mention hyper? a caffeine fiend. not very hard to get along with. not always coherent, either. bipolar (status: functional). multiple. a listener more than a talker. a ghostchilde. johnny depp's boyfriend (coughs). a wishful thinker? haha. sober for about 8 years (yay me!). a (mostly) pacifist. open.minded. i haunt cemeteries. i adore the moon. & beautiful minds. & great music. i'm this & more, but i'm running out of words.

    i am not- disordered. judgemental. defined by any one label.

    Did i mention i adore great writing? i adore great writing, & well.portrayed chars. Even if you OOC a char, i'm groovy with it if tis well.written. I liek original takes/ideas.

    I'm a novice in the fanfic writing area, so i'm still learning the fanfic writing "rules". i've RP'd quite a bit online so maybe tis the same sorts of rules, mm? I write chars as i see them, most often; i can't say that i always get their 'voice' down perfectly, but i make effort (most of the time). If i write soemthing & tis seriously ooc & makes you twitch, you're welcome to comment about it. You're welcome to say 'you suck!' but i would appreciate if you told me why i suck. Concrit tends to work better than flaming. I'll save you the energy if you're going to flame my grammer/puncuation: Yea, i realise my grammer is a bit off, as is my capitalization & punctuation. It's a combination of habit, soemtimes laziness (though not always, soemtimes i just slip up) & how i see the words in my head (e.g. the words like & some - i tend to spell them 'liek' & 'soem' because that's how they're scrawled across my brain, for soem reason. Working on that. Er, except in this profile, obviously).

    A lot of my non.fanfic writings are based off of real-life experiences. A piece may not be a of life events, but there's a 99 chance that it's influenced by things I've experienced in my life.

    My muses are often love, adore, pain, the skies, & obsession.

    As i said above; Love my writing, hate it, want to torch it while dancing around it with malicious glee? Feel free to review it & tell me. I'm always open to critique, suggestions, comments, hatemail, "why the hell are you still writing, you're a tosser who never capitalizes 'i'" mail, etc & so on.


    So that's my rambling for the moment.

    If you need to contact me, email is the easiest way.

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